Monday, August 11, 2014

eliminating the compromise

last week was my first week of the 18 week training programme with the tsd squad.  i sucked.  i missed more sessions than i did.  i didnt tell anyone because it is not a good look coming from one of the more experienced members.  i am having trouble staying focused  and sometimes i just didnt want to get out of bed.  fuck it.  i am human.  i had a big day on saturday.  we rode as a group but spread out for three hours followed by a 10 minute run.  the ride was a little windy and had some nice rolling hills.  it was probably a little quicker than i would have maintained considering it was the first long ride.  i felt for a couple of the less experienced whose longest rides have only ever been around three hours.  after this i drove home and managed to scoff six golden crumpets with honey.  pretty fucking awesome.  i then had a 30 minute power nap before heading off to claremont and swim smooth.  paul was going to be taking the session and he always sends out  a blanket invitation so the squad had 30 people and in his words it was a cracker.  i died in the legs towards the end.  

this week i am hoping to stay a great deal more motivated and focused.  the risk is i fall behind and when i really need to be able to manage the work load i will fail.  i will be called out as a fraud.  the work will get tougher.  it will not be so much about the volume but the intensity - although this week is 14 hours.  so i started the week off by actually getting out of bed and going for a run.  i do not like monday morning runs. after work i am heading off to the pool.  then i have to get organised for tomorrows ride which starts at 5.40am.  i get up at stupid o'clock for that.  this week i have smartened up and have all my gear ready to go, work clothes are ironed and food is planned and in the fridge.  ironman training is all about being organised.  

one of our little projects for coach ironman was to put onto paper our goals for this race.  i like this and think it is especially important for me (being my fourth) to have a focus and something to work towards.  i have some time goals and for once i want to get my transition right.  but the big goal is to eliminate the compromise.  i will not be making any deals with myself.  there will be no 'if you do this then you can do  that a little easier'.   there will be a plan and unless the wheels come off completely and there is a huge need to change the plan there will be no compromise.  no matter how much it hurts there will be no compromise.  if i want it bad enough i am going to have to suffer.

i will keep you posted on how training goes this week !

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