Friday, May 29, 2015

catch up before ironman australia

i have really been very neglectful of this blog and i am going to catch up over three blogs.   the training for ironman australia was not easy. i had a great programme but a difficult one.  towards the end of it i was struggling with niggling injuries - my elbow and my left leg hammie/calf thing.  i would have three days great training and then fall over for a couple.  at one point i went to swim squad after a tough windtrainer session in the morning and could barely swim 100 metres.  it was the worst feeling.  i dont want to go to that place again.  i think i was fatigued and just plain worn out.  

however what i did like about my training was the new type of sessions.  more interval running, i discovered i liked the hard spinerval windtrainer sessions, i rode more hills and more rolling hills on the tri bike.  i really enjoyed the time trial races with ATTA.  i want to do more but with fresh legs. they are true time trial races where you set off at 30 second intervals and there is no drafting.  i had a couple of good hit outs.  i did the kalamunda 100 on the road bike.  this was a very hilly ride that lasted close to five hours and was poorly organised.  i actually stopped with another rider and begged some locals for water.  i did a few open water swims and there was the busselton weekend where i did the half marathon and jetty swim.

 i decided i would do a sprint distance triathlon at hillaries just to go through the process and get some transition practice.  however on race day the weather was bloody horrible and i decided i could not risk coming off the bike.  i also had a another brick session to do later in the day anyway.  instead i stayed and watched the real hard core triathletes compete.  these girls are just awesome competitors.  while everyone was out on course i snuck over to the specialized tent and met a true legend of the sport.  i was very nervous but he is extremely friendly and loves a chat.  got some tips on how to deal with the course at port macquarie.

when i think about how i was feeling around this time there is only one word that comes to mind and that is TIRED.  leading into an ironman on a tough course this is not where you want to be. stay tuned for the trip and race report.