Friday, July 1, 2016

what's up

seriously i told y'all i was going to blog more so here i am.  i am going to divide things up by categories.


slow i am.  and lucky that lycra does stretch.  so i am slowly back training and from here on in it has to be a consistent and regular process.  i have a plan.  i am doing ironman western australia at the end of the year.  then i made the momentous decision to visit relatives in melbourne and at the same time do ironman geelong 70.3.  so that is all booked and locked in.  the course looks great. nice hilly bike.  this will then allow me to do the dams ride in late april and not worry about busso 70.3.  i love it when a plan falls into place.  now train i must.


work really sucks and the pressure and anxiety at times is almost too much.  somedays i have to look at it like an ironman.  you know that feeling when you really want to just walk but keep telling yourself you must keep running.  and yet it is so tempting to just walk.  i just have to remind myself that if the shit hits the fan it will not be the END of the world.


i have finally de-cluttered my house and you can now actually walk into rooms.  this weekend the kitchen cupboards are getting an overhaul.  i am back to having to mow my own lawns again but at least it is winter and only weeds are growing.


well fuck me if qantas didnt just pay up no questions asked for my seat post.  i rang them to get a damage statement on the request of  qbe insurance and qantas says dont be silly.  send us the receipt and we will just refund it straight to your credit card.  no need to go through insurance.  i didnt even have to send a picture of the damage.  there must be a flag on my name.


i have new pets.  i think i may have mentioned that my dad's cat jingles now lives with me and he is gorgeous.  he is quite the character and loves teasing the dogs into chasing him.  he has no fear of them.  at the moment we are having a battle about being allowed outside and i am winning.  casey girl is going strong at 14 although i think at times she is disgusted with me for getting cooper.  cooper was a rescue puppy and was first thought to be a staffy cross.  his mum was a staffy cross but as cooper has kept growing and then developed little whiskers it has become clear that he has wolfhound in him.  cooper is a super sweet dog and very entertaining.  he is going to be an awesome running dog.  he is a terror with casey but i think keeps her young and good company.  he loves to play tug of war and and destroying his toys.  he can be very destructive and this week ate my haviannas.  i should not have left them where he can get them.  we ran 2.5k for the first time last week but since he is only 7 months old and going to be a big dog i really cant let him run any further or too often as he is still growing.