Thursday, December 4, 2014

getting ready for ironman number four

farout.  who would have EVER thought that i would be up for ironman number four within two years. well i am and who knows if it will be my very best or not so great and does it really matter ?  i will be out there trying my best and that is all i can ask of myself.  i recently posted on facebook that this ironman will be for the people who do support me rather than me proving the naysayers wrong.  i also want to make the time i gave up to live this ironman dream rather than hang out with my molly dog worth it.  it is time i stop giving energy to people who do not have my best interests  at heart.  there are two big things i have learnt so far from this ironman.  firstly stick to your own plans and do not be swayed by what other people do and secondly i do not like training in groups or with people.  i am not a fan of triathlon clubs.  well not the ones i know anyway. i do not like to be made to feel that what i am doing is not valid or has no merit just because it is different from everyone else.  i get the feeling that some people are more comfortable when they think you are all on a level playing field and you are not sneaking off doing something that may actually make you faster.  i not only like riding on my own i LOVE it.  dont get me wrong.  i enjoy social rides but i like to train on my own.  people may find this strange but then i find it strange that some people will not head out the door unless they have someone with them.

i love coming to busselton.  it is just a beautiful place and a nice little town.  i love race week.  the whole vibe and atmosphere of it.  it is almost worth the training.  i really dont know how i will go.  aside from the usual nerves i am feeling good. my legs are feeling fresh and the taper has kicked in.  i have done enough swimming and my bike is great.  but i am way short on the running which when it is your weakest leg then that is not good.  i will give it my best shot and it  will be what it will be.  the weather should be pretty good at least.  i will  head off shortly to the welcome dinner.  here are some pics i took yesterday and after my warm up swim this morning.  this is the best swim in the world.  crystal clear water.  you can see everything and i just love it.

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