Thursday, October 24, 2013

lessons learned

so here i am.  6.5 weeks away from my second ironman and i dont know if i am ahead of myself or chasing my tail.  i remember after my first ever 70.3  i was so determined that my next one was going to be perfect and i was going to smash my time.  as it turned out i suffered getting the training done with low iron and on the day the weather was crap and the swim a nightmare that set me back over 10 minutes and while i had a great bike to make up the time it didnt pan out like i had planned.  i knew before that day that you have to keep in mind that there are just some things you cannot control. and still, even after that, i keep thinking that my second ironman is going to be so much better blah blah blah. so this is a reminder that anything can happen on the day and  there are no givens.

One of the few nice sunny days.
another assumption that i made was that the training would be easier since i had done it all before.  i think it was foolish of me to think that training for an ironman would ever be easy.  last year the weather was actually very good and i made the mistake of thinking it would be the same every year.  it has sucked this year.  if it wasnt raining then it was foggy, blowing a friggin gale or still raining.  and the most important thing is consistency and you cannot get that when you are having to change sessions around.  i feel like i am only just starting my training when in actual fact it is getting close to the end.  i can feel myself getting fitter but i still have doubts.  i am in the middle of a recovery week before my two biggest weeks start so now is the time to get it right.  
Dead snail from riding in wet weather.

i have learnt more about myself going through this the second time around than the first.  i have discovered if i really am that determined or motivated.  not to mention disciplined.  i need improvement but i think that is what attracts me to this sport.  i am not a naturally gifted triathlete.  i think i am a natural athlete in that most sports that i try i do okay without too much effort but i do not excel at just one thing. perhaps that is why i thought triathlon would suit me.  what i like about ironman is that it generally keeps everyone honest.  if you dont do the training there is nowhere to hide.  gifted people can sometimes rock up and smash a sprint or olympic distance race and maybe even push it at a 70.3.  but ironman will find you out. i have one thing working to my advantage.  this is not my first ironman and i have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  

the weather over the next week looks very good so i am getting excited.  about training and about the race.  i am going to be the most disciplined and organised triathlete.  i am going to get the job done.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

i smell a rat

the current update is that training is going okay.  things have improved but it is hard work.  i am just going to give it my best as that is all i can ask of myself.  i feel guilt, disappointment and frustration for lost opportunities and the fact that i keep repeating the same mistakes.  but i have to just get over it and move on. scary to think it is only eight weeks away.

i am not a fan of facebook.  i like twitter as it is a great way of keeping in touch with people without being too in your face.  i started this blog because i thought it would be fun and a great way to track my journey.  i also thought it would be a great way for friends to keep track of what i was doing.  while it is available publicly on the internet world for all to see i dont tell everyone i know.  if i want people to know i will tell them and if i dont want people to know then there is a reason for that.  there is a difference between reading my blog because you are interested in me and what i am doing and reading it to either mock, laugh, spy or just be a sticky beak with no genuine interest in my life or triathlon journey.  and that is why some people are told and others are not.  it is quite intentional if you are not told.  why am i writing about this ?  i post to twitter whenever i post a new blog so anyone on twitter that follows me and my blog would know.  i recently discovered that someone on twitter who was following me was also only following two other people - both of whom are related to me.  the user name was sshhh @betternottell.  this tells me that the person knows that what they are doing is wrong.  spying on people via social media is pathetic and at the same level as those people who are trolls.  i dont know if they found this blog but if they have they now know that i know and they probably know that i have a fairly good idea who they are and that if i wanted you to follow me on twitter or facebook then you would have been invited and that if i wanted you reading this blog then i would have told you as well.

i dont want to hide this blog away but i have changed my twitter set-up.  i cant stop people being who they are.  spying or hiding your identity just supports why you were not told in the first place.