Tuesday, August 23, 2011

jeni from the blog update

1. a triathletes best food buddy is the banana.  two medium sized bananas cost me $8.41 or $13.98 per kg.  that is close to $9 USD.  we are still waiting for the crops to recover after the queensland floods and cyclones.  even our local crop in carnarvon got flooded out.  i am on rations of 3 per week.

2. thanks evans for cadel.  how GOOD was this.  i stayed up and watched the last three days and then the ride into paris.  it was MAGNIFICENT.  it was cadels to win and he did just that.  he is the complete package.  2 x mountain bike world champion, world champion one day rider and now tour de france WINNER.  drug free.  and the dude flew all the way back to australia for a couple of days so he could ride a 1000m down a street in melbourne so all his fans could turn out to say thank you.  out of habit he set his computer before starting off  and no bidon but i figure he had a domestique for that.

3. just in case you havent noticed but we aussies LOVE our sport.  we also love to win and when you only have 20 million people and you beat the rest of the world it is a mighty, mighty feeling.  we are excited about this guy.  james magnussen.  he is just 20 years old. 

4.  i am not perfect.  this may come as a shock :) but i fuck up all the time.  sometimes i say the wrong thing or i say the right thing but in the wrong way.  i can also do the wrong thing but usually that only happens when copious amounts of booze is involved and that hasnt happened since my mis-spent youth.  overall i am not a bad person so i wish people would cut me some slack.

5. past promises.  i sometimes go back and review my posts and take note of things i have said i would like to do.  the dogs are still FAT.  very bad me.  cooking meals from jamie olivers book sucked as it does not suit one person.  way too much food.  i have since bought the csiro cookbook and i am loving it.  i have also discovered woolworths online.  this is awesome.  no more food shopping.  during the week i plan my meals and gradually select my items - you can save your shopping list.  you book your delivery time and they drop it off.  you save money as you do not impulse buy stuff on sale and you know how much you are spending before you get to the check out.  it saves me time.  i LOVE it.

6. visual brain update.  good news is that i had a ct scan (did you know these fuckers cost $350 - ouch) and they discovered a brain but no tumour.   i still have to see a head doctor as my doctor is very concerned that i had my first visual migraine now - at my age.  apparently this is highly unusual.  i have to wait till november (waiting list) and then they will charge $324 for a 45 minute visit.  at the same time i had a bunch of blood tests and this is the part that really pisses me off.  i eat really well.  i dont eat cakes, chocolate, take away food or crap.  sometimes i have icecream.  i dont eat fatty meat and never the skin on chicken etc, etc.  but it seems i have borderline high cholesterol and triglycerides.  i am still in the normal range but at the highest point.  thanks dad.  it is genetics and if i didnt eat so well then i would be in the high range and on medication.   so i am determined to control it with my diet.  this means NO FAT - especially animal fat.  this means more FISH.  i now stop off at the fish caravan man on the way home from my saturday swim and buy up on prawns and other goodies.  the csiro cookbook is a huge plus.  controlling my shopping is a huge plus.  i will go back in six months and get re-tested.  i have to admit it was a very strange feeling to find out what could possibly limit how long you live.

7. the world is going to crap in hand basket.  is that really a term ?  anyway i have been reviewing my financial position and made some adjustments.  i fixed my home loan just as the banks dropt the rate by 3/4 %.  they may drop further but i am comfortable knowing what i need to pay.  i no longer have a credit card.  instead i use a debit mastercard.  i have planned out my goals for the next 18 months and how i am going to pay for them.
8. holidays.  i figured i needed to decide my racing goals to then plan for holidays.  if i was to do busselton 140.6 in 2012 i would have to sign up this december so needed to get serious.  this would be a great race to do as i would be familiar with the course and close to home BUT i would have to train through winter.  i dont know if i can do that.  i made a mistake after busselton 70.3 when i didnt have a decent break.  so the plan this year is to do the triseries five race event and a few other misc events with the main focus again on busselton 70.3 in may 2012.  directly after that i am going to visit my sister in portland - oregon for a few weeks.  this will be a time of rest, relaxation and shopping with the only workouts being in the swim spa.  kym - i want another tattoo - i just dont know what or where.  in november 2012 i hope to do port macquarie 70.3.  this will be my first event where i will need to fly and a test run for the next event.  i want to do challenge cairns 140.6 in june 2013.  i really, really, really want to ride that bike course.  i can train through summer.  the only negative is the crocodiles and stingers i will need to avoid during the swim.  check it out here. 

thats all folks

Thursday, August 4, 2011

my running nemesis

thanks to a comment and a great link which then became a helpful suggestion from mike at http://www.ironmike08.blogspot.com/ i went and had my running technique evaluated.  if you have read the problem with feet  you will have some of the background.  the good news is that while my calves still tighten up when i run past 10k the issue at the back of my left knee has disappeared.  my feet have been good but i still feel twinges every now and then.

so i made an appointment at the running centre to see a guy who is the state champion in the 1500m, 5k and 10k distance (he runs this in just under 31 mins - i had to ask).  he is also a physio so i should be in good hands and i was.  this was money very well spent.  first up he got me to run for five minutes on the treadmill while they filmed it.  we all have egos so trust me - i look at this video and i see the flaws.  i am the harshest critic. 

they do not film you above the waist for privacy reasons.  i have to try and remember everything i was told.  i have excellent upper body posture so no issue there.  arms and back posture good.  my hips do not drop (my t-shirt stays level)  and my butt muscles etc support what they have to support.  my left foot pronates a little but it is so minor they classify me as neutral.  my foot fall is in the correct alignment to my body position, hips and knees etc and my foot height as the leg comes through to the back is also perfect.  i dont land too heavily.  my feet also land in the correct area in front of my body - not too far out, just right.  i dont land right on my heel but i dont land on  my mid sole either.  if you slow the footage down you get a much better opportunity to analyse every movement.  he did mention that my knees appear to be  slightly off centre but this doesnt have a negative impact.

after this we went into the consult room where i was put through strength and flexibility tests and i was asked numerous questions.  they checked out my hip flexors, itb, glutes, calves, hammies, quads  etc. everything was either fine or pretty good.  all up this took just over an hour.  so what was the end result ?  i am fine.  there is NOTHING wrong with my running technique.  so why the feet problems and why am i now having trouble running further than 10k ?  well marc believes that after the busselton half my body just decided it had enough and didnt want to run anymore.  it needed a rest.  to get past this he has suggested that i use heat, massage and strength excercises and that i also do some beach running and add in 30 second bursts of running on my mid to forefoot during the long run.  the problem with the back of my left knee is also related to my calves as that muscles goes all the way up to the knee and is the exact spot.  most of this will also help with my feet.   when it comes down to it i need to build my body up so it can handle what i then want to put it through.  i have never been a long distance runner.  my feet and calves have never had to do that type of work.  so just like before it is up to me how much work i put in and therefore what type of result i will get.      

so no miracle cure but great relief to know that my running style is just fine and i do not need to change anything.  i need to follow the recommendations and i need the RIGHT training programme.  i must also run my long runs slower.  before the 70.3 i remember saying to a fellow triathlete that after the race i was going to take two weeks off and have a good break/rest.  this comment was mocked and i was told that was a crazy idea.  i will never make a decision again because i feel pressured by what another person thinks.  i will always do what i think feels right. 

one comment that marc made and i believe is true is that triathletes tend to train the hard days easy (too tired) and the easy days too hard (guilty about being tired).  i do the training and now i need to do the training right.