Sunday, October 31, 2010

a dead snake, farewell to the mtb, cairns 2014 and butt biting sharks.

okay so it is wildlife season here.  aside from the dive bombing magpies other creatures are about.  i hate snakes.  really hate them.  i know that they are not trying to hunt me down and they are just trying to defend themselves but i cannot go past thinking that the only good snake is a dead one.  and i rode over one on friday.  lucky i was clipped into my bike because otherwise i would not have remained on it.  it would have been interesting to see what my heart rate peaked at in that moment.  it had been run over, it was brown and about 1.5 metres long.  and being dead it was a good snake.

i sold my mountain bike.  i didnt think it would sell straight away.  ebay is a wonderful thing.  i got a good price and it has gone to a good home.  the cash is the start of the trek mtb fund. 

i have never thought that completing a full ironman distance event would be on the cards for me.  but lately when i think about how far i have come this line of thought is changing.  not one to rush things and i seriously need to do my first 70.3 before getting carried away thinking about anything else BUT i got an email  this week about a new event and i think this would be an excellent mid-life i am turning 50 crisis activity.  so Cairns here i come 2014.

there is a reason why i do not enter the first open water swim of the year.  it is still too early in the migration of ocean going critters, it can be bloody cold and a few years ago a diver was taken in the area of the event.  today the swim was cancelled and this link explains why.  i have my first triathlon in two weeks.  a 1000m swim, 30k bike and 6k run.  it will be the fastest 1000m i have ever swam.  i will be on the inside with hopefully the slower more well built swimmers on the outside.  i may paint my wetsuit bright orange.  and i want the dude who pulled the sharks tail swimming with me.  this was one very lucky girl.

have a great week !

Sunday, October 24, 2010

jedi report 24/10/10

back to the jedi report and the week in review.

i have noticed that when i have a super busy training week then the following week i crash and burn.  the previous week i broke the 10 hour barrier.  on the weekend alone i managed to swim (3.8k), bike (30k) and run intervals (5.5k) on saturday and sunday i did my 45k loop TWICE.  so i kept this in mind all last week and i was tired.  i rested monday, swam 2.5k tuesday, ran 9.5k wednesday, swam 2.5k thursday, cycle 30k friday, ran a fast 5.5k saturday (no swim which is  EXTREMELY rare) and a repeat of the 45k cycle loop for a 90k bike ride yesterday.  so while i was short a few hours i did maintain a reasonable level.  now to increase it back up again this week.  i was hungry all week.

not much else has been happening in jenez world.  work still sucks and i am looking, looking, looking.  i am feeling much better about myself since i cut off all contact with the dysfunctional and nasty people.  they were all truly horrid and i am still dumbfounded as to how badly they all treat and think of one another.  i realised the other day that with this instability i have been unable to even think about taking time off.  i cant plan a holiday.  this  MUST change.

i have been having a fire sale at ebay.  it is amazing what people will buy.  i cleaned up my mountain bike and will put it up for sale.  i have decided that i will buy a better mtb going into next winter.  i am not going to go crazy but just something decent that i can rely on.  so all my ebay earnings are being accumulated into the triathlon and equipment fund. 

the only other tidbit of excitement is that my triathlon club (that i am too insecure as a paranoid newbie to attend) has an experienced person who will be running a novice 70.3 program starting in early january.  you train alone but receive assistance with the training program, nutrition and overall progress, advice and tips etc.  this will be perfect for me.  hopefully it was also mean i may have someone cheering for me on the day.  sounds like i need to grab the violin and play me a pity tune.  i sent off an email and i am in.  apparently i have a good base so kudos to me.  i didnt mention that my times suck.

a big hello to all my followers in the ukraine - dobriy den !!

have a great week !

Monday, October 18, 2010

50 facts about me

1. I have never drunk coffee. I don’t like anything that is coffee flavoured.
2. I was born in Perth – Scotland. My parents were on a very long working holiday.

3. I love diet coke.

4. The last time I got really drunk was at the John Mellencamp concert November 2008. He only played about five hits and the rest was from his very depressing album life, love, death and freedom. What else was there to do ?

5. It took me 10 years to get my commerce degree part-time. This included going back and getting my TEE (final year high school).

6. I love to travel. My scorecard is USA (3), England (1), Ireland (1), Scotland (2), China (1), Hong Kong (1), Singapore (2), Thailand (3), Malaysia (1), Indonesia (4), New Zealand (1), Japan (1).

7. I love golden retrievers. Jesse Dog was my first and her ashes are at our favourite beach. I still miss her.

8. I like chocolate but I don’t love it.

9. I am a West Coast Eagles supporter.

10. I don’t wear matching underwear.

11. I am a lazy cook.

12. True Blood is the brilliant. Porn with a plot. Before that it was Lost and Six Feet Under.

13. I played hockey most of my life. When I was younger people thought I had potential. I didn’t.

14. Best live band is/was Powderfinger.

15. I don’t eat mushrooms.

16. While I do use good skin care products I do not wear make-up. I get my eyelashes tinted and only ever use lip gloss.

17. I have never broken a bone.  Unless you count a fractured hand (hockey).

18. Meat has to be well-done. Cremated. It cannot be still mooing at me.

19. Icecream is divine.

20. I love the colour blue.

21. I have only ever owned four cars.

22. I have a tattoo (doesn’t everyone ?).

23. I can only drink milk if it is flavoured.

24. While I smoked didn’t inhale pot in my surfie chickie babe hippie days I have never touched anything else. Okay so I did mushrooms once in Thailand but that is organic (they were totally disgusting to eat - even in an omelet smothered in tomato sauce).

25. I own over 400 c.d.’s.

26. Favourite item of clothing is my 501 levi jeans.

27. I do not like long fingernails.

28. I remember where I was when John Lennon died.

29. I am very loyal.

30. I have never had anyone really close to me die.

31. Buying my house was the best decision I have ever made.

32. I wish I could sing.

33. I will never go ski-diving.

34. I have tan lines from riding the bike and this looks strange when I am in my speedos.

35. I love being Australian.

36. My middle name is Anne so my initials are JAP.

37. I mow my own lawns.

38. The hottest men are swimmers. 

39. I do not have an I-Phone.

40. I do not want to be cremated in case they find a cure for death.

41. I am a very light sleeper and a cricket farting will wake me up.

42. I was the captain of the school team Red in Primary school and we won the athletics carnival that year.

43. Facebook is lame.

44. I am a dysfunctional middle child.

45. There is a person in my office who whistles and it really annoys me.

46. I love Lush.

47. I cut my finger and had stitches before a major hockey carnival and my mum made me wear a condom on it to keep it dry.

48. When Grease (The Movie) came out I was not confident enough to wear Olivia’s black pants. Now I not only wear them in public but I run in them as well.

49. I want to know if we all go to heaven how old are we when we get there ?

50. I would love to own a book store that also has a wine bar.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi !

We Aussies are slightly sports mad. We love to win. We always think we are the underdog. We have such a big country but so few people in comparison to other countries. So per head of population we are the underdog and that makes winning even more special. I haven’t looked at the stats but I think we have fewer people involved and competing in the sport of triathlon than many other countries. But look at what we have accomplished. Look at Kona this year. What a fantastic result – go Chris and Miranda (and Crowie you are still hot). And we dominate the ITU Olympic Series – especially the women. I look at the level I compete against in Perth and these girls have all worn the green and gold at world championships events (and won !). Something in the water perhaps ?

The Commonwealth Games just finished in Delhi. We won a trazillion gold medals, a zillion silver and a million bronze. You know something is not right when we are dominating in the track and field. I don’t want to take anything away from our athletes who are world beaters and I still like the fact that these games give all athletes a go. But it is slightly embarrassing when even you are sick of your own countries anthem. We beat India in the men’s hockey final 8-0. There is no fun (or glory) in that. My favourite moment was watching the S9 swimmers compete (they are missing limbs or classified at different degrees of disabilities). They swim much faster than me. Amazing.

In posting my prior race results (still a work in progress) I noticed a few things. I am actually slow in transition. It isn’t because I piss fart around (love that term). I keep things simple with no fancy gear. I am slow because as soon as I cross over that mat I slow down as though transition is time for a little rest. This must stop. I can gain at least two minutes here. I also noticed that in comparison to the other girls my best leg is the bike. I always move up the field on the bike. So while I love swimming in reality I have to focus on the bike. It will be worth it. I have to be able to back it up on the run as well. I think about when I first started this adventure which was not quite two years ago and I have learnt so much. I was so green. Still a way to go but I am now at the stage where I can start making my training count. I need to make sure there are clear build and rest weeks and that the training is focused and has a goal. My other learning curve is nutrition. I headed off for a 90k bike ride yesterday after having a banana for breakfast. Even though there is a lot of bugs flying around and I have eaten my fair share this is not enough. I did take two energy bars and felt so much better once these were scoffed.

Friday I managed to get a quick 60 minute bike ride in after work. As I was heading back it was near dusk and I was passing the golf course when a kangaroo came bounding along and was racing alongside me. I think he was out for a long run at an easy pace of about 26-28 km per hour. It was wonderful.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Race Schedule for 2010/2011

i have posted my race schedule for this season.  the advantage i have in planning this years races is that i did pretty much all of them last year.  the biggest disappointment is that - in some cases -  two events are on the same day.  and quite a few open water swims are on at the same time as triathlon events.   then i was really looking forward to doing the three olympic distance events and 'going long'.  but the bunbury event is on the same day as the great bike ride and the point walter event is just not on the calendar at all.  that only leaves the city of perth event and i hate swimming in that part of the swan river.  but i will just have to suck it up (just not literally).  bummer about the bunbury one as that is where the folks live and i may have attracted a cheer squad.  i wont bother with the left bank triathlon as the bike course is too compact and far too many novice and fun competitors out there at the same time.  the swim was poorly managed as well.  i will be doing the hillarys course three times but it is an okay course and if windy can be quite tough.  i loved the cottesloe event and this will be a sure thing again.  there are a few more open water swims that i will probably do but that will be on a 'how do i feel' basis.  then there is the biggie.  busselton 70.3.  what this year is all about.             

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Champion Lakes Duathlon Race (and Medal) Report

this was not a race i planned on doing.  as we all know running is not my strong leg.  rather than having the slight advantage with swimming - and this is only slight but gets me on the bike sooner and then it is catch me if you can on the run.  and as my running improves this is going to get harder for the slow swimmers but good runners.  i am only talking m.o.p.  but i digress.  so starting with a run i am behind from the get go.  this was a 5k run, 21k bike and 2.5k run.  and at my least favourite course which is actually turning out to be my luckiest course.  go figure.

so this week i didnt back off the training.  had a brick session on tuesday and this proved to be a good idea.  swam 3.2k saturday and rode a quick 30k.  early to bed.  saturday the weather was glorious but the forecast was for wet and windy sunday and this was spot on.  it pissed down the whole way there.  i even missed the turn-off and had to double back.  when this  happened i seriously  thought about going home and back to bed.  this was only going to be a good training session anyway.  but then again i thought a race in  bad weather would be even better training.

but the rain stopped and it stayed away until the event finished up.  this was the first time i would be using my garmin in multisport mode and it was a bit distracting because i kept pressing the start/stop instead of the lap button. and it didnt tell me pace on the run and i didnt like that.  training races are great for sorting stuff out.  last year i did the pinkie triathlon but now i am a super ubber athlete this event is more me.  and now i have a third place medal finish to defend.  you read right.  i placed in my age group.  also it was the state duathlon championships so i actually got two medals.  i know. it is un-fucking believable so let me explain how this happened.   

i started off at what i thought was an easy pace.  i didnt want to turn my legs to crap straight up.  but there were alot of fast folks out there.  the run is out and back and the turn around just changes depending on the distance.  the course is flat, boring and windy.  after the rain it was also humid.  time 26.22 pace 5.16.  my quickest 5k in a race EVER... it seems i am very quick in transition.  well compared to a girl in my age group.  she was next to me and i got ahead of her twice in transition - then stayed in front in the last run.  i have no idea what she was doing.  T1 1.29.

the bike was hard work into the wind.  not much else to tell except on the third lap i had this little wippet drafting off me for the whole section into the wind.  i gave him a little lecture on the rules of triathlon.  time 45.12. 28k avg.  T2 1.21.  

my legs felt okay off the bike.  compared to the brick in the middle of the week i was impressed.  not much to tell other than i was glad when it was over.  not nice running into the wind.  i thought it would be slow - felt like 6 min pace.  but happy to see 5.36 pace for 13.45 time.  total time 1.28.13.  okay so in all reality the time is not anything other than middle of the pack.  but who cares - i won medals.   

so maybe a few people did decide to stay in bed.  but isnt it all about who turns  up and performs on the day !  in my age group i was 3rd out of 7.  actually i was 3rd out of 5.  yep two stayed in bed.  but the two who beat me actually came 4th and 6th OVERALL.  they were 20 minutes quicker than me - 12 minutes came from the runs.  i was 49 from 70 overall female.  okay so not quite middle of the pack.  but remember i have two medals and my plan to outlast everyone is coming together.  i just have to get past the 45-49 group as it is the MOST competitive.  i am expecting alot to drop out once they hit 50.  

the event was the WA State Duathlon Championship and is also a round of Triathlon Australia’s National Duathlon Series. the event is a qualifying race for the Australian Team for the 2011 World Duathlon Championships.  this is hysterical.  with my time i will not be waiting by the phone. hence the two medals.  one for general age group and if you are a member of Triathlon W.A. and placed you won the state medal as well.      

i have not had fun swimming at this course.  stinky brown water.  but i am lucky.  last time i won the polar heart monitor in the spot prize.  this event i win medals and another spot prize !!!  wtf !!!  it was only a $30 voucher but who cares.  free stuff is cool.  great training session and being on the podium  (under any circumstances) is very motivating.  

now i am going to see if i can my beat my taco eating record.  

Exhibit A and B Evidence


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

back on the road

training has been pretty good this week.  it did help being a public holiday on monday.  thursday was a short swim due to the super swim they had on for the squads and i forgot about.  i had to swim in lane 6 and i will not even bother next time.  wednesday was meant to be a long run but i was tired.  saturday was a good day.  i was hoping for an interval run session but settled for a pretty good 5k run.  my 60 minute time trial was slightly more than an hour but i am working on that.  for my long ride on sunday i wanted to ride close to home but a different route.  i am so sick of my golf course loops - even with my friendly roos.  so i did the newly invented whiteman park loop.  i dont like gnangara road so i will only ride it very early in the morning.  too many trucks and tradies.  beechboro road was great to ride down and at an even steady pace, a very smooth and wide shoulder.  marshall road wasnt so great.  really rough.  then lord street was very narrow for a bit before getting a wider shoulder and the smoothest bitumen ever.  this loop was around 27k.  i then decided to ride down towards west swan and do my old loop through the vines.  back to the start made it a total ride of  45k.  if i could do this twice i would be a happy girl.  my shoulders were starting to pinch so i stopped, snacked and stretched before doing the west swan portion of the vines loop again for a  total of 70k.  i was averaging around 28-29k per hour but i have dropt off the pace (as you will see !!!).  this is my new focus -  i want a 30k average over 90k.

spring is here and i just love it.   there are quite a few people getting out on their bikes and there seems to be some strange code of acknowledging that we are both on bikes.  i am trying to decide if i should just give a nod of the head or a little wave.  or keep the smile that probably looks more like a grimace or is an attempt at conveying the 'this is great but hurts a bit' look.  after this ride i watched the world championship race at geelong.  cadel put up a great fight but thor won.  i saw the finish of the womens event the day before.  i dont know about testing for tainted meat but they should test to see if the winner was a girl ! 

have a great day !