Sunday, August 29, 2010

City to Surf 2010 Report

last year when i completed this event i had never run 12k.  i had run a bit around perry lakes due to the triathlon training course at challenge stadium so i knew some of the hills.  i remember being very worried about running the distance. i did get some great advice about the course from friends.  i walked only through the aid stations and heartbreak hill got me and i walked the last top section of the first hill.  this event has remained one of my favourites because for me it was the hardest.  my time - 1.18.25.   i was just glad to make it.

so twelve months later and with a great deal more fitness and run training i had certain expectations.  my running has been consistent but not over the top.  i did not do any hill training which considering the amount of tough hills in the course this will be a focus for next year. 

last year i loved the whole feel of the event and while the clothing pick up was a disaster i still had fun.  the start was smooth and the finish was organised.  this year the start was slow and i got held up.  i am promoting myself to Group B next year.  some people are not honest about their abilities.  at the end i was so tired that all the people started freaking me out - it was so packed and like i needed air.  really - is it so hard to put on some deodorant before running.  then i walked past one of the toilets and i still think i can smell it.  this is the only thing i dont like about fun runs - the gross smell.  wtf ??   strange that during triathlons i dont notice it and yet any anti pong lotion has probably worn off in the ocean.  

so how did i go.  well i was nervous and had to keep reminding myself that the only pressure was coming from me and it wasnt because i was concerned about the training going to waste.  more like it would prove that i am useless after all.   turns out my knee issue has nothing to do with my knee but the rest of my leg.  massage work is needed.  that and more effective stretching and hydrating.  another story.   i was well rested with good nana naps and a wine free week.  i had even taken to sleeping in my skins. 

the course was a bit weird this year.  a few spots people went in different directions - like at  perry lakes where they cut through the park.  i choose to follow the normal route.  no short cuts for me. 

i set my play list for around 1.06.  this would be a massive PB on a hilly course.  very ambitious and 5.30 pace.  i had my rocky theme song set to play last again.  i watched my pace most of the way and i dont think i was really believing what i was seeing. but i kept at it.  i think the reason why i dont feel like i enjoyed it as much this year because it hurt a bit more.  i didnt walk any hills and not heartbreak hill either.  my plan was to focus on running up the hill rather than how hard it was.  you can see that i slowed but i made it.  it did take more out of me that any other hill/s.  i think everyone goes to their own private place when the pain builds.

as far as the result goes i dont think it has sunk in and yet to some/most it probably isnt that special.  tonight i am going to enjoy a big fat t-bone steak, a glass of wine (or two before i fall asleep) and some magnificent dark chocolate.  and a huge thank you goes out to garmin.  the time - 1.06.50.  big grin.  official place - 3962 of 13759 runners (71.20%).  690 of 6119 female finishers (88.72%) and 116 of 1048 AG Female finishers (88.93%).  Nearly in the top ten %.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a nervous ninny with a gammy leg

i have become fixated on my garmin calendar.  it is telling me things.  some i knew and others i suspected.

1. i am not doing as many hours as i think i am.  but i never seem to have any free time so i am going to start tracking all my time and see where i am going wrong.   
2. lack of pink squares means not enough time on the bike.  winter doesnt help but training for the city to surf and dwellingup have taken time away from the roadie.  when the bike is close to 80% of the total distance in either the olympic or half events then time spent training should correspond.
3. events take time away from training.  if i do them then i should either be planning for an 'A' race or use them as training 'B' races.

my knee and leg are really annoying me.  and it makes me nervous to put it into words.  i am going to the physio tomorrow morning.  i have friday off and will have a massage.  a bit close to sunday but everyone is booked out.  i think am just being a nervous ninny. 

after sunday i am really going to pick things up and not worry about dwellingup too much.  i will just have fun with it.  winter is running out.  i have signed up for the great bike ride in november.  last year i did the 56k one lap.   i love the course.  but 53k is not far enough while the 106k is a challenge.  so i signed up for the 106k.  i know i will finish the first lap in under two hours and then blend in with the one lappers.  i am a little worried about being a lone rider.  the majority will be guys in groups - working together.  this is another reason why i need alot more time in the saddle.

the dates are out for the triseries events and the open water swimseries.  plans are afoot.  i am going to cover that garmin calendar with a rainbow of activities. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

chances we take

a surfer was taken by a shark this week in gracetown (few hours south of here).  pretty much the same spot as the attack and death in 2004.  the shark took serious chunks out of his legs and he died from loss of blood.  these guys know the risks.  it was early in the morning and an overcast grey day.  it is the time of year that the whales are travelling past and the sharks follow them.  seals had been seen that morning.  this guy was out on his own in a black wetsuit.  i know for my american readers that this is a horror story and your worse nightmare.  something about being eaten by an animal really freaks people (and me) out.  but the truth is you have a much greater chance of being killed in a car accident.  do i worry about sharks ? not when i am out there swimming.  too much else is going on and the events are usually well monitored and patrolled.  would i be out swimming like this guy was surfing.  not a chance in hell. 

you would have to be a mushroom to not know that the federal election is this weekend.  i never want this blog to involve this subject but there is a link between this and my adventures.  i dont understand swinging voters.  i have my core values and beliefs and i have always voted one way.  i dont want to give things away (but i will) and while i think that neither side has any real vision - for our sakes i do hope we get the PM who can call himself an ironman.  that i respect.  last word - it frustrates me that women will support women just because they are woman.  that is an insult to women.  it should just be based on performance.  not race, colour or sex. that is it for politics.

this week i became a card carrying member of triathlon australia.  time to truly support the cause and i do (strangley) feel less of a newbie.  i also chose to join a club but i am undecided as to whether i will actually get involved in training sessions.

my swim on tuesday was bliss.  i could feel the water and it was my friend.  i was gliding past the squad boys.  it is possible to smile while swimming.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


today i set off for a new mountain bike adventure.  the running has been going very well and i have been putting in some excellent hard endurance swims.  i am very much aware that i swim more that i should and my bike sessions are way too low.  but i love swimming so who really cares.  i had sent away for some mountain bike trail maps and for $3o i got these brilliant rip and water proof maps of the munda biddi trail.  i have been totally surprised at just what great trails are out there.  the track covers over 1000k's and goes from mundaring to nannup with the next section to albany under construction.  munda biddi means 'path through the forest'. 

i decided i would start at the beginning of the track which is just off the railway heritage track and located at sculpture park (remember the cute little people pic !).  i planned to ride 20k south and then turn around and come back.

this track is not as clearly marked as the railway heritage trail but has these cute little yellow triangles with sqiggles on them pointing the way.  most of the time they are located on yellow poles and easy to spot.  but other times they may just be nailed to a tree.  which is fine if the trail is flat with no rocks, tree branches, mud holes etc and you are able to admire the scenery.  i missed the trail a few times and while sometimes it just meant i was on a slightly different track (usually a harder one) i missed a biggie and had to double back on a road and up a hill and find the correct track.  it is true that 1km on a mountain bike is equal to 2km on a road bike.  you do not want to be getting lost.

this was one of the hardest workouts i have completed.  it was close to 4 hours out there.  i was climbing huge hills - both on and off the road.  i discovered i have okay skills when it comes to steep descents.  a few times i had no idea if i was heading in the right direction.  from mundaring i headed up to the mundaring weir hotel and then rode down to hackett road via the pipeline trail and took the touring section thinking that i had over-reached my capabilities and this would be easier.  somehow i missed a major trail sign (see garmin below) and had to double back.  finally i made it to the 'Dell'.  this is a picnic area with facilities  and where quite a few mountain cyclists start out from.  i think i surprised some when i  emerged from the bush.  again the scenery was just amazing.  and this time i managed to take a pee without getting caught ! i then turned around and headed back to mundaring.

part of the section at the mundaring weir hotel is on the road and when i was heading out i  passed a few road cyclists struggling up the hill.  suckers.  then i remembered i would have to come back this way and do it on a mountain bike.  only saving grace is my extra gears.  then you climb this mother up past the nice folks sitting out in the beer garden.  you do wonder wtf you are doing just as your legs are screaming at you to just stop.  but of course you cant because everyone is watching you.  anyway i finally made it back to the car and home.  i was totally roo-ted and slept like a friggin baby.  this was way too much fun.  adventure by garmin - i did forget to hit start at the beginning.

Monday, August 9, 2010


this is the quickest 5k i have ever run.  26.12 minutes.  well i may have run faster when i was in high school but i dont recall ever doing that.  i was a sprinter and distance running was just not cool.  i am gaining on my goal of 25 minutes for a 5k but this is after a swim and bike so still some way to go.  but this did get me excited because i wasnt fresh and i had just ran the most in one week probably ever.  when you see results it makes it all worth it.  i did go to the physio this week as my i.t. band was really pissing me off.  i have a roller but that is the most agonising thing in the world.  anyway he stuck needles in it and gave it a good deep massage and after the interval run on saturday it feels super loose.  things are looking good for the city to surf but i dont want to count the chickens just yet.

this week i have been absorbed by the attitudes that people take.  and the judgements.  i am choosing to have a good lifestyle.  is it obsessive and selfish ?  maybe a little but then again it is my life and i report  to no-one.  i get so many raised eyebrows and comments because i swim, bike and run.  are people feeling guilty ?  would they be more comfortable if i was a slob.  i get tired of people saying i am skinny.  i am very sure that obese people do not attract so many comments - in fact it would be the opposite.  the fact that they have no self control, discipline or motivation to look after themselves is constantly ignored.  but on a daily basis i am reminded that i am too skinny and too fit.  i wonder what would happen if i walked up to a fat person and told them - gee you are so fat and you really should stop eating so much and maybe get your fat arse off the sofa and do something.  i dont talk to people too much about triathlons because they really do not get it.  this does make things difficult because it is a big part of my life.  most people that are into triathlons will agree with me.  some responses you get when you tell people are interesting.  however if you ask and i reply then i dont expect to be criticised for it.  people really are happier when you are doing what they want you to do.  i dont want to do that anymore.  ever. 

Monday, August 2, 2010


i need to get over it and just get the fuck out of bed.  i know it is winter that makes me do it - or not do it. 

tuesday am - no bike.
tuesday pm - a good mix of drills and intervals.  2.3k swim.
wednesday - 7k run avg pace 5.40
thursday am - no bike
thursday pm - intervals. 2.5k swim.
friday - no run due to rain.  so i rode the trainer for 60 mins.  yaahhh.
saturday am - 3.6k swim. 400 IM warm-up.  1500m free. 3 x 500 free. 200 IM cool down.
saturday pm - 7.5k run intervals.  this is the first time with garmin.  headed down to the local oval and completed 10 x 400m with 1.30 RI.  i started at a higher pace than planned and by the last three i was running at the target.  this was fun.
sunday am - 60k road bike ride.  first 25k felt awesome. 
sunday pm - needed to do along run as make-up for rain blah blah blah.  ran 3.5k.  my legs were tired and i will not run if anything feels close to aggravating something. 
sunday late pm - radox bath and glass of wine.

approx 9 hrs.

i cannot run two days in a row.  so i am moving the long run to wednesday and intervals to saturday.  therefore i have to give up monday as a rest day and run the tempo.  friday is now the rest day.   bring on summer so mornings become an option. 

i had a busy week at work - driving to meetings etc and i hate it.  i have successfully managed to change over my trainer tyre and road tyre twice now.  i am very good at getting grease all over my hands.  my wine free challenge only lasted 14 days.  will have to attempt this again.  i baked a plum pudding for xmas in july.

still didnt manage to get out of bed and onto the trainer this morning.