Tuesday, June 15, 2010

me and garmin

i have been fucking bad again.  i got myself a garmin and i totally love it.  i just want to ride and run so i can use my new toy.  part of my plan was to join a running group but that also means travel time.  me and garmin are going to do some interval training instead.  amongst other things.  stay tuned.

in a moment of madness i signed up for the dwellingup 100 mountain bike classic in september.  you can check it out here - http://www.dwellingup100.com.au/.  i have a mountain bike i rarely use and love the idea of roughing it through the bush.  you can do either a 14k, 40k or 100k ride.  the 40k is the first loop of the 100k and that is what i signed up for.  dwellingup is 90 minutes from here and i will be heading down there in the next few weeks to check out the trails and get some training in.  in the meantime i have the tyre for my road bike and trainer and think it will be good for me to start learning how to deal with bike issues.  so i will be changing the tyre over every sunday night so i can use it during the week.  we are 15 days into winter and i already fucking hate it.  while it has been blue skies every weekend so far i just hate it.  dark mornings and cold nights suck.  took my bike in for a service and turns out the problem pedal i thought i had was not the issue. the whole thing wasnt tightened enough - the crank arm thingymajig.  you know the thing that is attached to the the bike and then the pedal.  luckily it didnt come flying off and it wasnt damaged.  pricks that sold me the bike did a lousy job of putting it together.

i have ticked off one of the things i wanted to do.  i signed up for 10 personal training sessions.  organised it for monday and wednesday over five weeks.  no cardio - just strength training.  yesterday was my first session and i have puppet arms.  i am a weakling.  i shaved under one arm last night and had to do the other one this morning - i could not lift my arms.  went swimming tonight and only managed 2k and i havent been that slow in a long time.  tomorrow is legs so i hope at swimming on thursday i dont drown.  i think this is going to be a huge step forward .  i love it when a plan comes together. 

i have taken up a 30 day alchol free challenge.  this is day 10.  it is not that bad.  i do love a glass of wine - especially after work and to chill out with.  however there is something in wine that stops me for sleeping well.  i want to see if this makes a difference.  it now means i have only one bad habit remaining.  diet coke.  i have never drunk coffee and this is my caffeine fix.

it has taken me awhile to get back on track after the HBF 14.5k run.  i jumped back into things at full speed and that was bad.  i am heading back to my old training ground at point walter this weekend for a hilly bike ride and a change of scenery.  me and garmin will let you know how it goes.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

smoke free zone

how times have changed.  you can still buy these lolly (candy) smokes.  they are now called fads. and yes we called ciggies fags.  very pc.  

it is about two years ago that i stopped smoking.  i remember it was a friday and around the end of may.  people who have never smoked do not understand.  the process to stop smoking is different for everyone.  you have to find the missing link as to what works for you.  i love swimming.  i wanted to be good at it.  smoking is such an anti-social habit now that you can easily avoid even being around it and constantly reminded.  the hardest habit to break is the social one.  nicotine is highly addictive but the body gets over it. 
i will never smoke again because now i have something else - triathlon.  what else has changed ?  in the first two years alone i have saved $9000.  so is this money in the bank or paid off the mortgage.  afraid not - it paid for the bike and all the lycra and spandex now hanging in the wardrobe.  there are the usual suspects that make this a massive positive.  not dying is a biggie but for smokers that is never a reality until it happens.  it is nice to have a sense of smell and taste.  for me it is the sense of relief.  i am no longer at the mercy of an addiction.  i can get on a plane without worrying about how long the flight is.  i am not an outcast and i dont have that nagging constant worry.  the only person that is responsible for this is me.  there was no assist.  mum and dad nagging me made no difference.  if anything that would piss me off.  i hate being told what to do.  when i gave up for a year my mum said my personality changed.  what a stupid dumbass thing to say.  your lifestyle changes - not you.