Friday, May 28, 2010

HBF Run For A Reason 14K Race Report

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this was the first year for this event and it was very well organised.  10,000 people turned up and it will grow in the future.  i had two problems - the start and the finish.  firstly they had us in a much too narrow area and when i ran over the start it was at a very slow jog that then became a walk for about 90 seconds and until i reached the first corner.   and as it turned out the race wasnt 14k but 14.484k.  because it went over the freeway and through the tunnel they couldnt measure it correctly until there were no cars.  i didnt find out until the next day as the last sign i saw said 13k and i never looked for another one and missed the sign that said 14k.  why would i have been looking for it ?  it did explain why it felt like FOREVER to the finish line.

so i had put some k's in training and was feeling pretty good.  mostly 10k training runs and i had only ran once during the week with swimming as usual.  the only thing i was worried about and i am the same no matter what the sport and that was the distance.  the longest run for me was last years 12k (hilly) city to surf.  so i didnt know if the legs would hold up.  i had three goals.  1. to finish it.  2. to run it in 84 minutes or 6min k's and 3. to do in less than 84 minutes or as fast as possible.

like i said my start was slow and i have mentioned before that i need to get a little more aggressive.  especially instead of hanging back and having a good old chat to people.  once i turned the first corner it was okay and my legs felt good.  had the new playlist and felt a rythmn building.  then out of nowhere a dickhead slams into me from behind.  there was no drink station so i dont know what he was doing.  i was very lucky not to fall or twist my leg.  with the ipod you dont hear it coming.  i called him an idiot as pure reaction so then he abuses me.  wtf ?   it really took me awhile to resettle but i didnt stop running.  the run along riverside drive was nice and the weather had held up and the rain had disappeared.  we then turned and headed up a slight hill that takes you onto the mitchell freeway.  this section was on angle and irritated my right knee.  luckily it wasnt too long and i was soon heading down and into the tunnel.  i have only ever driven through the tunnel twice and i thought it would be fun to run through - 1.6k of it.  it was at first and people were yelling and chanting but then it just became hot and smelly.  why do people not put deodorant on before running ?  now i was about half way and still feeling okay.  i felt like i was running at a decent pace and time wise i knew i was in the ball park.  i took a powerbar gel with me so i sucked that down and grabbed some water as i ran by a station.  from here it was up onto the graham farmer freeway and then a loop  and down to the belmont golf course to run along the river and by the burswood casino.  the hill was minor and i took it easy going up and faster coming down.  now i was passed the 10k mark and into some unknown territory.  the next two kilometres were the hardest for me.  not only bodywise - my legs and hip were starting to hurt but it was windy - very windy and hard to breathe.   i just wanted to get away from the river or get some people to run beside me and bock it.  it finally got better as the course turned and we headed towards the causeway.  i knew that when i reached it i was pretty much home.  i started running faster and pacing it out.  once over the bridge the longest 1000m began and without knowing it i swore then that it was taking forever to get to the finish line.  we had to run around the WACA and into the rear entrance and onto the ground.  as we turned i started sprinting and past quite a few people.  figured i was just about there and needed to make up for the slow start.  as i finished a guy came up to me and said that he had ran behind me and practically followed me for the whole race.  should have ran beside me to block that wind.

final result.  net time 1.20.52.  this is just friggin awesome - for me.  to run 14.484 k's and to run it in 1.20.52 is just a bonus.  caught the train home and took a nap.  could stand up without a groan by about tuesday.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

birthday girl

46 and truly fucking fantastic.  i use to worry about getting older.  it was just depressing.  but since i started this swimming and triathlon adventure i no longer care because most of the time i do not feel any older.  i dont know what 46 is meant to feel like and i guess it is different for everyone.  all i know is that this sport has given me back my energy and belief that anything is possible. 

so in honour of turning 46 i got on my bike and rode 100k.  i liked the idea that i could do it and i wanted to know what it feels like - forward planning for mission half iron.  it was cold and took awhile to warm up but the day was a classic blue sky autumn day and no wind.  i decided to do my 35k lap followed by a 30k lap and a repeat of the 35k lap.  i need to take my nutrition seriously.  all i took was a bottle of water, bottle of powerade and a protein/carb powerbar.  a 100k ride gives you a great deal of time to think.  i thought about the past, about family and about friends.  i write blogs in my head.  but mainly i thought about how happy i was to be able to do what i was doing.  i did think about the future.  i have decided that i am going to plan a trip to hawaii for ironman 2011.  i want to see it.  then i may take a side trip to visit my sister and family in portland.  maybe they will meet up with me in hawaii.  and maybe i will buy my next bike on the trip and spend all my time at the nike outlet store :)  hopefully the aussie dollar will stop its nosedive.  how did the bike ride turn out ?  well my neck and shoulders hurt first, then my feet were friggin cold followed of course by the bum and bits hurting.  the legs - which you think would hurt first - were the last to go.  the last 10k was just plain fucking uncomfortable.  i had to ride 500m past my house to make the bike speedo click over to 100k.  avg 26k 3.5 hours.  room for improvement. and i was STARVING when all done.

since there is just me (excluding great gifts from sister, bil and nephew) i always buy myself a birthday present (or two).  turns out i am very good at it and also very generous. 
i have struggled with a decent pair of goggles since speedo stopped making the opal range.  i ordered these sable goggles from the states and while expensive i LOVE them.  bonus - they look very cool.

the last time i bought a pair of ugg boots was in 1995 after my china trip.  i had forgotten how awesome they are in winter.  but beware.  there are some crappy brands out there but i got the 'ugg australia''ones.  they are the original 30 year old company and not only make the boot but also treat and prepare the leather and wool.   no-one else does that.

and finally (i said i was generous)  i bought the t-hub.  this phone is very cool and i love it.  it is more like a mini computer.  it has access to the internet.  check it out at  it is the first non-triathlon thing i have bought in ages.  i wear the uggies to the pool so they dont count.

happy birthday to me.

Monday, May 10, 2010

plan plan plan

Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential -- Winston Churchill

Plans are nothing; planning is everything.-- Dwight D. Eisenhower

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. -- Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week. -- George S. Patton

i love having a plan.  it gives me focus.  so i am going to randomly list the top things i want to do or change in everyday life (in no particular order) followed by my swim/bike/run plans.

1. take the mole and casey walking at least once a week.
2. wine free week days.
3. only watch quality tv.
4. declutter my house.
5. join a running group
6. swim with a masters group.
7. get into strength - weight training.
8. save $$$.
9. have patience to cook good food.
10. plan a holiday.
11.  do yoga or pilates on a regular basis.
12. learn more about my bike.
14. race to win not just finish.
15. have fun.

for the 2010/2011 triathlon season these are my basic goals.

the open water swim series has five events.  starting in november and going through to january.  the first is at rockingham followed by mullaloo (hillarys),  champion lakes, leightons and sorrento.  the first three are also triathlon courses.  if the weather is warm enough i will do all of them but champion lakes.  i do not want to swim in that stinky brown murky water again.  i would rather swim with the fishies.  i swam leightons and sorrento this year but only the 1.25k.  now i want to do at least 2 out of the 4 as 2.5k swims and most likely it will be at leightons and sorrento.  there are plenty of other open water swims and i find these quite easy to do physically so a few others could be on the cards.  especially the west coast 1000 as i LOVE swimming at cottesloe.  i will sign up for the 1600m this time. and there is always the busselton jetty swim - 3.9k which is also THE swim for the IM.  if you do the jetty swim it is NO wetsuit allowed - EVER.  the IM is always wetsuit legal.  they have a shorter distance swim which would be great to do.  i firmly believe it is a HUGE advantage if you have trained (in any capacity) on the course prior to race day.

this year i am going to join triathlon australia (wa) and race for points.  it will be fun and i will save money.  i will also get points if i finish top ten - this is doable.  not all events qualify for points.  all five triseries sprint events do.  venues are rockingham, hillarys, langley park (od), champion lakes, hillarys.  disgusting champion lakes will be a maybe.  there are another two olympic distance events other than langley park.  my number one goal will be to do all three.  the first one is in bunbury and it will be cold.  this is where my parents live and i went to high school.  my brother and his family also live there.  i wonder if any of them will get out of bed to come cheer.  dad probably will.  then the point walter od in march (this year was without the swim etc) is set to change locations and go to closed roads.  other than that i will pick events that i enjoyed from this year.  i loved the cottelsoe ocean challenge but that clashed with the first triseries event at hillarys.  the first power station event has a super sprint (1000m swim, 30k bike and 6k run) and i like that course.  i also enjoyed the enduro event at same location.  i had fun this year signing up for just about everything.  but now it has to be about quality and performance.  and endurance.  because my number one focus is that this all leads to the busselton half ironman in may 2011.   and i have lofty goals.  i want to do a 40m swim, 3 hour bike (flat course) and just over 2 hours for the run. i want to bring it in at 6 hours.  or maybe 6.15. 
somewhere i read that life is over when you no longer have any dreams. so i also want to do a marathon.  and there is the ironman.  they say to win an ironman is to finish it.  that is my ultimate goal.

mothers day 7k fun run

i completed the mothers day classic fun run last year and prior to it i had not run further than 5k.  in one training session prior to any triathlon i may have run 8-9k but i am not going to count that.  this is two laps around lake monger on mothers day to raise money for breast cancer research.  nothing better than running for a cause.  each lap is 3.5k and you can choose to do either 1 or 2 laps or to even walk 1 or 2 laps.  last year i was nervous because i knew i had to run it and 7k seemed like a mission.  i remember during the run that various things were hurting - my knee then my hip then i didnt think i would make it through the finish line without having a chuck.  i did it in 42mins exactly and on reflection that was a pretty good time  - for me.

so twelve months later was there any improvement ?  during the week i had ran 6k monday, rest tuesday, 10k wednesday, swim 2.5k thursday, ran 2.5k friday.  my legs were tired on friday so i decided to rest them a bit.  since i have the hbf 14k run in two weeks i wanted this to be a 'B' race.  i love my saturday swim but friday my shoulder started to hurt and this is not from swimming but sitting at a computer all day long.  i took some drugs and headed to the pool.  but i really couldnt swim and this really pissed me off.  i managed 2.5k of mainly kicking and breast stroke.  then i decided i needed to get a bike ride in since the last time i rode was the 75k 11 days prior and who knew if i would want to ride after the fun run and rain was forecast.  it was a wonderful 36.5k at an easy 26.5 avg pace. 

i hardly slept at all saturday night.  my shoulder was on fire and nurofen plus was not my friend.  well it wasnt exactly nurofen plus but a bobo brand that i will not use again.  i did apply a heat pack and i think that made it worse.  when i woke i really considered not going.  but i got up and took some real nurofen plus and rubbed some nurofen gel into and by the time i got in the car i was feeling okay.

it was a chilly morning and i was one of the first there.  bumped into beth and we chatted waiting for the start.  this year the start and finish line had moved and i think this worked really well.  the only thing that was a negative was how long they had us waiting at the start to begin.  i didnt want to get to the point where i needed to take a pee again.  i knew i was a faster runner than beth and we both had ipods so when the horn sounded i just took off.  the first lap was a decent pace and just about getting a nice groove.  i remember looking at my watch and knew i was tracking for an okay time.  and i wasnt being passed alot either - which was new.  i should have noted the split.  the second lap didnt hurt too bad.   i passed some people that had zoomed by on the first lap.  i was glad to see the finish line and about 30 metres out anna (who i race in triathlons) passed me.  DAMN.  i didnt know she was there and had no idea she was behind me.  i felt sad and then thought fuck it and sprinted to the line.  pegged her by two seconds.  i dont know if she knew it was me but she will be pissed when she sees the results.  or maybe she will not give a fat rats arse.

went home and pigged out.  i was starving.  didnt notice my shoulder until later and i think the drugs wore off :). 

Results Time 37.27.  PB by 4.33.  Whoo Hoo.  5.21 pace.  Age Group 26/156.  Gender 147/784 Overall 271/1071. 

i was happy happy happy. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the great escape

i have made the odd reference to work and how i recently changed jobs.  to keep a long story short i changed jobs three years ago and moved into resources.  i had been with the same company for five years and worked my butt off but had an extremely bad lifestyle.  to make the change i had to leave and i decided to get in on the mining boom.  by the way i am an accountant but not your run of the mill pin stripe suits and coke bottle glasses.  i can actually communicate and i think i have a personality.  so the first company i went to was huge but had issues and it was too far from home.  for the next two years i worked for another large and listed company.  the part of the business i was involved in was mainly manufacturing wagons and hoppers for  BHP and RioTinto and maintaining their locomotive fleet.  interesting stuff but the company had probably the worse culture i have experienced.  bullies and arrogant engineers, the GFC and major redundancies. just bad news and extremely depressing. i survived all the changes and managed to be included in their future plans so they were slightly peeved when  i left.  then i come to this job.  away from resources and into an industry that i thought would be fun, rewarding  and still allow me the time for swimming and triathlons.  i am reporting to a role that i should be in and i feel like i have gone back in time to when i first started out.  their systems are so poor and redundant that i just stutter with amazement.  and yet i can make no changes.  i was given a job description that does not resemble what i have been 'allowed' to do.  so i made the call.  and as it turns out another role that i applied for at the same time as this one is still open and after two meetings they offered me the job yesterday and i start next thursday.  being under the three month probation i only have to give a weeks notice.  hallejuah.  there are no guarantees but i have a good feeling and i think karma has led me here.  i see an advert on seek and it is with a recruitment consultant i knew and really liked.  i call and it turns out to be a job i had already applied for.  everything falls into place.  this company is part of a very large group but still has that close knit feel.  the guy who built it up over 15 years and then sold it still manages it.  i am now going to crush things and move earth.  fingers crossed and wish me luck.  i think i have managed to dodge something very bad.