Monday, March 29, 2010

Still A Virgin (Point Walter O.D) Race Report

so this was meant to be the BIG race.  due to the storms and run off into the swan river they cancelled the swim leg.  hence i am still an olympic distance virgin.  without the swim it just isnt the same.  the whole race it felt like something was missing.  it was weird.  instead we began with a 3.5k two lap run course including a nice hill at the end of each lap.  the girls were the very last wave so it was going to look like i was at the back of the pack.  i was also now at a very big disadvantage.  instead of having the added advantage of a decent swim, a good bike leg and then catch me if you can in the run  i was going to be behind from the very beginning.  and who knew whether i could even run 13.5k in one day.  for the first run i paced behind my arch nemisis friend silke.  i knew if i stuck with her i would be tracking for a decent time.  including transition to bike the run was 19.57.  5.42 pace and in 14/18 place.  not disastrous bad .  so i have been riding this bike course for awhile now and i made the decision that for all the hills i would not get out of my seat and climb hard.  instead i got in the right gear and climbed while staying seated.  i needed to save my legs.  i got way ahead of silke and when it was flat, with or without the wind, i worked that section hard and stayed aero as much as possible.  it was a good ride.  the best out of all the training sessions.  including the bike to run transition the time was 1.24.10.  28.51 km per hr pace and in 10/18 place.  i had a few minutes on silke.  when i took off on the run my first thought was that my legs felt okay.  better than normal.  but still i was worried if i could hold out over 10k.  i felt stronger and knew that the training was paying off.  the first lap was okay and i got into a rythmn.  my shoe was too tight and i stopped to pull at the laces and that worked.  then my timing band was too tight so i also stopped to adjust that.  when i ran up the hill at the end of the first lap people called my name.  i was totally surprised.  it felt great to get some encouragement.  it was a couple of girls that i normally competed against in the sprints and silke's friend pip.  awesome.  silke was still behind me and i kept expecting her to pass me but in the second lap it looked like she was struggling.  i wasnt being passed by anyone now and i didnt seem to notice the heat and strong wind the second time around.  i even passed a guy.  i didnt need to stop to drink.  as the end grew near i knew i was going to beat silke and i knew i was doing okay.  i got a bit excited and i think i sped up and then i had to concentrate on getting my breathing back under control.  very weird.  then i caught up with this guy who was run/walk/run/walk etc.  we actually ran and chatted while we ran up that last hill.  hope he didnt slow me down but he did take my mind off the pain.  he was using it as a training session for the half ironman in five weeks.  he needs to train more.  anyway i ran up that hill and across that line and it was just friggin fantastic.  i could not believe i did it and that i did it in a decent time.  final run was 56.37.  that is 5.39 pace.  WTF !!!!!!!  that is just amazing - FOR ME.  over 10 friggin kilometres.  in 14/18 place for the 10k run with an overall time of 2.40.44 and 12/18 age group place overall.  gender position overall was 54/74.  beat quite a few guys but i dont have those stats.  and i was ahead of silke at every stage.  everyone mentioned at the end of the race that i looked strong in the run.  pip said i must be stoked with the race and i was but i was also in shock as i never expected such a positive result.  then to top it off i win more free shit during the spot prize draws - a really cool backpack.  i am still trying to digest just how well the bike and the final run went.  my legs are sore and i am tired.  started the new job today and that was an added stress level.   

so i have one more sprint race for the season at hillarys.  not sure if i will do a final race after that at the power station. maybe i should as it was the first race of the season.  and i will get to use my wetsuit at least twice this year.  maybe end the year where it all began.  for me i am yet to complete an olympic distance triathlon.  but i am starting to really believe that i can do it.  seriously it was friggin fantastic result.  whoot whoooo.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hand of Fate

the plan this year never included an olympic distance event.  i thought a year of doing alot of races at sprint level would be a good base.  then next year i would move up to an o.d. event.  well it seems my original plan  is what i am meant to do.  on monday we had a massive storm and homes were damaged, a huge hail storm with hundreds of cars now looking like they were in war zone and windows totally smashed.  we had not seen rain since november and it poured down.  it came lapping at my back door as it just couldnt drain away fast enough with the ground being so dry.  the swim for the event is in the swan river - close to the river/ocean opening but still impacted by run-off which the health department has deemed as a risk until tuesday.  bloody nora.  so it will be a run - bike - run.  the first run will be based on the average time it would take to complete the swim so i am guessing 5k.  i am sad but not as sad if this had been my number one A race that i had been working towards all year.  i only decided eight weeks ago that i thought i would be able to give it a go.  i will still get to test my fitness and in ways that i just dont know how i will go - i have never ran then jumped on the bike and then gone for another run ?  i am never tired after the swim leg so will the legs hold up especially since i have always been worried about the last 5k anyway ?  i love the challenge of the swim.  boo hoo.  and i have the new wetty and all.

i have one hour left at this place of misery called UGL.  i have been here two years and people have not even bothered to say goodbye.  after the storm on monday i had to sit in an office for two days with soaking wet stinking carpet. i have felt tired and feverish all week.  like fighting off the flu.  i swam tuesday 2k and it was a struggle.  ran 5k wednesday and that felt good.  first 2.5 was a  warm-up then ran 2.5 in 12.52.  i felt strong and the calves held up.  thursday i canned the swim and rode 30k at 29 avg.  that felt good too although one pedal has loosened and my shoe was moving around.  bike shop dude must of done something as it was the same sunday and i forgot to fix it.  now i am just waiting to go home to either crash on the sofa or clean.  i baked morning tea for this miserable lot and i dont know why.  had lunch with gweeds to celebrate my freedom from the depths of misery.  i have really wanted to sleep this week.  the kinda tired when you just dont want to open your eyes.  even though you dont think it or feel it the stress of changing jobs is very much real and can be quite significant. while i dont feel stressed it is there - in the background. and probably impacting my sleep.  i havent been dreaming about the race which was/is a good sign. 

tomorrow i will have a nice relaxing swim at the pool and take a 30 minute bike ride to stretch the legs and check all is in working order.  after that it is make like a couch potatoe. 

i know as soon as i walk out the door i am going to start feeling better.  a new chapter.

Monday, March 22, 2010

jedi (leave) report 21/03/10

no report for last week.  it was a ho-hum week that was all about getting to friday and a weeks holiday :).

monday - up early and off to rockingham to get new boots for the car.  back and finally got motivated to clean and polish the car.  took me all afternoon but a clean car is pretty nice.  rest day from training.

tuesday - i have no plans for this week other than training and this may explain why i am feeling disconnected.  i love plans.  i hate riding with traffic and since daylight is now longer in coming this is an issue. to avoid traffic i didnt leave until 8.30am (after work and school traffic) and instead of usual route i decided to ride out to gnangara rd and back down to vale.  it is 15k circuit with a pretty good head wind and a long climb.  took me about an hour for two laps avg. 27.5.  so then one thing i really wanted to do was de-clutter this house.  instead i got in the car and drove to midland and bought a weight bench with leg extensions.  hehehe.  then i raced home and headed to the pool.  swim plan was a focus on technique and was as follows -
Warm -Up 400 IM (swap free for b/fly)
Main - 10x50 alternate free/choice drill each 50
400 kick (200 with board, 200 without)
400 pull (200 free, 200 free with paddles)
5x100 kick - f/br/bk/df/f with finz
5x100 pull - f/br/bk/f/br
CoolDown - 300 free
Spent the afternoon setting up the gym and then did a mini intro workout.

wednesday -  so i have decided i quite like sleeping in until 7am.  i got back to the de-clutter the house project.  went to the pool and the plan this time was to focus on some threshold work.  this workout was given to me and i quite like it.
Warm-Up 200m each free, non-free, pull
400 pull with paddles
3 x 300 free - descending
10 x 100 odd easy non-free, even hard free 
CoolDown - 200 IM 

later in the day i took my heart rate monitor for a run.  now i have read some on using this nifty tool and need to format something more solid.  but i was curious and set it with the standard age heart rate and then ran 8.5k.  results were - time taken 53.18 minutes, 132 Average, 156 Max.

thursday - i am peeved off today.  yesterday i made the stupid decision to firstly clean my blinds and secondly slightly change my running style to focus more on the balls of my feet rather than my heels.  getting the blinds down tweaked a muscle in my shoulder and my calves are sore from yesterdays run.  dumb.  the only time i hurt myself is cleaning or gardening so i will not be doing that anymore !  went for a swim and managed 2.5k.  switched half way to focus on the kick because it just isnt worth it.  then i had a bike ride planned but the wind was probably as bad as it gets.  my heart wasnt in it so i took time out and watched a movie.  and sulked.

friday - rejuvenated today.  up at 7am and rode my circuit but made it a bit different.  it was designed to avoid all traffic and it was great.  no cars but my local neighbourhood roos.  43.5k 28 avg.  this made me happy.  then i went shopping.  no swim today.  i was hoping for a run but no chance.  the swimming championships are on for delhi and pan pacs so i started watching that in the afo.  and what i noticed and loved about it is that everyone wears the same suits.  guys in above knee swimmers and girls with normal speedo top and above knee pant.  it was strange seeing them walk around in normal swimmers for warm-up.  FINA really fucked up but have got it right again.  it is all about the swimming.  highlights so far was skippy winning the 50m fly after coming back from being a biggest loser contender - just about anyway.  he retired and ate his way to 50 kilo of extra weight.  then there is eamon.  aside from the fact he is from perth, he is hot and he can swim and he can also cook (he won masterchef ).  and then he is hot.  the commentary was excellent.  talked about eamons power to weight ratio.  he weighs 78 kilo and beats guys (french dude) who has the wing span of a plane and weighs 98 kilos.  the secret is that if eamon has the power it is easier to drag 78 kilos through the water than 98 kilos.  interesting.   watched biggest loser masterclass as craig alexander was a guest motivator.  even the trainers were in awe.

saturday - back in the pool for my usual saturday morning swim.  after a bit of rest my shoulder felt about 90%.  swim was hard but felt good.
Warm-Up 400 FS Alt 100's swim/kick/pull/swim
8x50 kick with finz
8x25 FS max 10sec RIB
100 choice easy
Main Set
4x200 FS 80%
100 choice easy
4x100 FS 80%
100 choice easy
4x50 FS max
100 choice easy
CoolDown - 200 IM

then it was off to purchase the bar for my weight bench and take FAT casey to the vet for her booster shots.  dr steve wasnt busy and loves a chat.  then it was back home to de-clutter more, take the bike to the local bike shop to get an upgrade on the computer.  i now want cadence.  more swimming championships whilst cleaning.  picked bike up and then mowed the lawn back and front.  didnt have the energy for whipper snipping the edges.  tried to go for a run but the smart part of my brain won out.  back home for a wonderful soak in the tub with some epsom salts, lush bath bomb and a glass of wine.  in bed by 9pm.  wild times.

sunday- up at 5am.  off to point walter and a 3 lap 60k ride.  taking more energy to be motivated.  the weather was okay with a bit of a head wind.  results were 62k, 26 avg, 2.24 time.  really peeved that the cadence didnt register. i will have to get shop guy to check unless i can bothered reading the manual.  the plan was to run 5k after the bike but i was rooted.  i also planned to take the westuit for a swim so i headed off to leightons.  and what a good decision.  the water was flat and the weather warm.  all the nippers were out training and since most of the successful triathletes in australia grew up as nippers then this is a great thing to get your kid into.   so i got the suit on okay although it still freaks me out all the pulling and puffing.  easy enough to get off.  swam about 1k with a bit of chaffin at the neck so will use some glide.  then the other shoulder felt weird and i think the sleeve was a bit twisted.  will take it for another swim next saturday at sorrento.  home and rested.  short run of 2.5k before dinner and an early night.  legs were okay but decided not to push a 6k run. have an 8am massage appointment tomorrow (before work) and it is going to be good in a painful way.

total distance for week - swim 12.5k, bike 135.5k, run 11k. now for a week of taper.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

50 Tips for A Fast 2010

i read this in a pommy tri magazine and it really appealed to me so i have listed it and hope it helps other people while staying as a reminder to me.

1. cut out the booze.  boohoo no more wine :).  it seems it impacts your liver which can prevent you from hydrating to your max potential.
2. learn to repair your bike.  my plan is to be best mates with the lbs owner.
3. take one recovery week in every four of hard training.  to be honest i think the body actually tells you this or is it just me ?
4. get an aero helmet.  you will know i am serious when i start wearing one of these.
5. keep a training diary.  looking for a method that works for me.
6. get off the treadmill and out the door.  luckily the weather here is great and i dont own a treadmill - yet. i also hate gyms.
7. try training with a power meter. when i win lotto.
8. make a race plan for 2010.  hard when our season is just about over.  however i am making a winter training plan.
9. mentor someone trying their first triathlon.  this would be fun.
10. use a swim snorkel.  although the number one issue with most swimmers is breathing this highlights any other weakness and identifies which side - left or right.  it is on my shopping list.
11. try out a tri club.  i have thought about this many times because i believe the guidance, encouragement and motivation will be invaluable.  however i will have to give up 4-5 hours in travel time per week.
12. get a bike fit.  this is a priority for me but hard to do because at this stage i am not sure who to trust.
13. learn to tumble turn.  swimsmooth recently had a great blog about this.  i believe that as long as you streamline at every turn then tumbleturns are not essential.  unless you are trying out for the olympics.
14. cut out one vice.  okay well the booze was number one so what else is left.  diet coke ?
15. drink more green tea.  i wish i could but i have never drunk tea or coffee.
16. analyse your race performances.  i always look at this info but with my accountant retentive tendencies this requires that i set it up in a perfect spreadsheet.
17. get more sleep.  i like this one and should go to bed right now.
18. get a wind resistant winter soft-shell cycle top.  if i ever move to the uk then i am sure this will be essential.
19.  find a swim training buddy. this i need.  someone to get my butt moving in the pool.  i have been swimming alone for two years and it is amazing i have stayed motivated.  like i said - it is all about the swimming.
20. drink milk after hard sessions.  good stuff.  carbs and protein.  just add a banana, strawberries and some sustagen. mmmmm.
21. upgrade one part of your bike.  need that lotto win again.
22. organise your own group training sessions with friends.  this would be so competitive.
23. swap training with a mate for a week.  doing something new or different would be interesting but i think i would end up doing less.
24. do your run training with a gps watch.  this is on my shopping list.  i want my garmin.
25. check protein intake.  i generally follow the csiro diet which has a high protein component so i think i am okay.
26. download a bike route.  keep boredom at bay.
27. eat foods high in nitrates.  beetroot juice.  a sandwich or burger is not complete without beetroot.  but the juice ?
28. ride a sportive.  will have to move to france or italy for this but  why not ?  they have wine there right !
29. go hairy.  i dont think so but apparently leg hair cools you down or can warm you up and is natures natural leg warmers. 
30. clean your bike more.  i do this.  love a shiny clean bike.
31. race abroad.  this is a most definite plan.  where and when ?  maybe phuket.  also planning on a goldcoast trip.  either noosa or mulloolaba.
32. improve your transitions.  i have come to the realisation that you need to train for these just as much as everything else.
33. enter an ironman.  this will happen but not in 2010.
34. go on a training camp. this would be friggin awesome.
35.  race for great britian.  when hell freees over.  but since i am also a british citizen who knows.  no friggn way - aussie all the way.
36. race cycle time trials.  they have a group in perth that arranges local road time trials.  add to list of things to do.
37. eat something within one hour of training.  refer number 20.
38. learn to fix a puncture quicker.  dont know about quicker.  i think i need to practice just fixing it.  i havent fixed one since i was a kid and you burnt a patch onto the tube.  current plan is to call a taxi but i guess that will not work in a race.
39.  get a coach. i really want to do this.  not for a long time - just long enough to get the intensity and quality at the right level.  feedback.
40. strengthen your core.  not only does this look good but it helps everything.
41. reflect on the year.  in another 3 weeks when it is over then i will.
42. get an underwater swim video of yourself.  i did this at swimsmooth and it was worth every friggin penny and i cannot recommend it enough.  you will be surprised.
43. subscribe to triathlon plus.  even though it is a pommy magazine i really like it.
44. focus on your weakness.  running.  after tri season ends i have three races lined up.  i plan to join the local marathon club and follow the run less, run faster plan.  and continue to accept that running is a serious sport.
45. talk to yourself.  this is okay as long as you do not answer back.  use your inner coach.
46. run hill sprints.  see 44.
47. select your races carefully.  this year i raced everything that was on offer.  i will have a different focus next year.
48. improve your pedaling technique.  hopefully my new cycleops fluid trainer will assist over winter with this.
49. bring out the swim toys.  i have all these (except snorkel - see 10).  favourite toy is my finis paddles.  these are not to build strong shoulders but improve your stroke technique.  and they work - if you use them incorrectly they come off in the water.
50. run a 5k series.  will have to google the local clubs and see what is on offer.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Champion Lakes TriSeries Sprint Triathlon Race Report

The Baby Lake
Elite Males Draft Legal Race

this is a tri-series event so all the major local players would be out. most of the girls i know opted out. not sure if it was the venue or just coincidence. the tri-series events are for championship points - as long as you are a member of triathlon australia and so the competition is usually pretty tough. i have the misfortune or luck of competing against loretta wesley. she won the age group o.d. worlds last year (sept) at the gold coast and then followed it up by winning the long distance worlds in perth in october. this was meant to be your standard sprint but turned into a 750 swim, 25km bike and 5km run. the website had misleading and conflicting info about the bike leg (which is frustrating to someone who likes to be organised) and when i arrived i queried an official and he confirmed that the bike leg was 4 laps at 5 km per lap. and this was the same at the race briefing. i am not a fan of this venue. it is the local rowing regatta facility and is a man made lake. they have the main lake with the rowing lanes that is about 2.5km long (i know this because i ran it) and then there is a side lake about 1km long. so maybe it was the bad open water swim i had here earlier in the year or the fact that i was tired. the transition area had grass covered in yellow sand so it was really messy. the bike mount and dismount area was small. the run was hot and boring. when i did the open water swim we were in the main lake. but for this event we were off in the baby lake. the pics show nice blue water but this is a lie. it is brown and ugly water and i really hate it. even though i had an easier training week i was not full of beans. it has been a full on season and maybe this was one i could have left off the calendar. whatever the ups and downs i think it was still a good effort considering that i had to work my butt off to get a decent result. the swim sucked. i knew it when i was doing it and the only thing that i can blame it on is that i was tired or that i just really hate this water. it is brown (have i mentioned this ?) and with no visibility and i just don't swim well here. give me the ocean - sharks and all. time wise it was okay and only 30 seconds behind the the pack. i was glad to be on the bike and it was fast ride. not much wind and just flat and fast. i passed quite a few girls and the odd male. i knew i passed two girls from my age group. when it came to the end of the third lap i checked the computer and distance was 19.6. WTF ??? i had to make a decision. i knew they said four laps but i was at 20kms and only three laps. so i figured if i did more i could live with that rather than do less. so i turned around for another lap to bring it up to 25km. but it seemed i was right as i could see most people chasing me followed. being confused over this is very stressful. i now accept that my bike ride is my strongest leg and i pushed it. when i went to run my legs were fucked. but i ran it out and it was boring and hot and the longest 2.5 km to the turn around that i have ever run. very few people over took me and i was slow so that tells a story. i passed the yellow jersey holder for the 50-55 female age group points leader. i know the last 2.5km was faster. no one in my age group passed me so that was lucky me thinks. i am not going to dwell on the swim. the time was 1:40 - thanks to the extra 5k i didnt come in under 1:30. loretta (winner age group and third overall) was 1:19. she has competed in this sport all her life and is strong in all three disciplines. can i ever get close ? what will it take to get twenty minutes faster ? am i doing okay considering this is my first year ? i always hang back and watch the award presentations and hope that my race number is drawn and i win a really cool prize. finally last week at the enduro event i won a beautiful beach towel. triseries have even better stuff. i was thinking of leaving as it was hot and dragging on. the dude said they had three prizes left - a heart monitor and two wetsuits. shit. i had to wait. and then my number was called and i got a polar heart monitor !!!! SWEET ! i dont have one and wanted one. i will always stay for the prize draws. i have something to think about with this venue. do i look at the ugly brown water as a challenge to overcome or do i just say fuck it and move on ? we will see.
I LOVE free stuff.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

jedi report 7/03/10

Monday - it is a public holiday but i have to go into work because i am a responsible person (even though i quit) and it is month end and it isnt a public holiday in sydney. i will however take next monday in lieu and i will arrive late and leave early :). still on a high after yesterdays great result at the 2xu.

Tuesday - work was weird. everyone (but me) is unhappy. swam 2.6km. nice endurance recovery swim.

Wednesday - up at 5.30am and rode 25.5km on bike in very misty and humid conditions. had to slow down to shoo a kangaroo off the road. very cute but very unpredictable. ran 8.5km after work. i didnt time it as i was just aiming for easy and relaxed but it took about 50 mins. again i was surprised how good i felt in the last 3km and no knee pain at all. picking up for those feet worked. have ordered a heap of books from amazon on running and can hardly wait till they arrive. i love parcels. also got my roadid in the mail and it is cool. the plot thickens on lost.

Thursday - another ride of 25.5km avg 27.5 with a wind factor. felt good. no mist and no roos. i have been naughty on the internet again and ordered a cycleops indoor fluid trainer for sirlancealot. it includes a mat, dvd, sweat cover and block. total cost in Oz approx $820. from (including shipping) $438. this is going to be so cool. now i have to clear out my furniture and make way for an indoor gym - who needs furniture. swam 2.1km. some drills and some intensity. legs were tired so saving some energy for enduro event on saturday. slept well.

Friday - work. rest. sleep.

Saturday - see enduro race report.

Sunday - i didnt want to but something in my brain made me do it. i got up at 4.30 am and drove to point walter for a brick session. i didnt think i was going to do it and surprised myself coming in for the 40k ride just a minute over what i normally do. i would have tried to do a third lap but the saddle was hurting the bum bones. i then ran a slow 5k with a sprint up the hill at the end. i was truly knackered and had stingy eyes with the salt from my skin annoying them. dropt the blades i sold on ebay off on the way home and then after some seriously packed toasted sangas i napped. then i napped again. managed to finally get up and do some chores and say hello to the doggies. i think i then napped. day off tomorrow. note to self - start taking camera places for pics to post on blog.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day at the Beach Enduro Triathlon

this one was different. instead of the normal swim - bike - run and your done format this was swim - bike - run and then do it over two or three times - your choice. so being a 200m swim, 10k bike and 2k run i thought three times would be a bit of a challenge with excellent transition practice and a nice warm up to my first olympic distance at Point Walter in three weeks. i totally loved it. it was fun and felt kinda raw and natural. very stripped back like the beginnings of this sport when you just showed up with your speedos, bike and a pair of runners. but in the age of technology and gaining an edge most people (including me) then decided what they could and couldn't live without and that was interesting. the other crucial factor was location. i couldn't imagine doing this anywhere else other than at the beach - it gave it that adventure feel. the day was beautiful, the water warm and the wind average. the swim started in deep water and was 200m straight down, left around a buoy with a run up a sand hill and down into transition. the guy who runs these events likes to save money which is cool because i love his courses and we would have a very short season without him. he saves on the transition mats and for this he only had one. so your swim started from the end of your run and included that transition and the run up the sand hill, 200m down the beach and then into the water for the swim before running back up the sand hill and into transition again - only stopping when you ran over the mat with your bike. the bike only included your transition to run. so while we got the three split times the swim included more than just being in the water.

the swim
for me i always just wear a tri top and shorts so then you are good to go for the whole event. i was surprised how many people were seen changing outfits. in the 70's they were still swimming at the olympics without goggles (legends) but for me this piece of equipment was essential. to save time you could just keep them around your neck. the one mistake i made was to only wear a swim cap for the first leg. i have long hair so i was distracted by it and made sighting frustrating. next time i will have three fresh caps and will put one on while running to the swim start. but if you sport a buzz cut then you can throw the cap away. i am happy to say that although it was announced as a wetsuit swim no one bothered. the other factor here is being wet alot and having grubby feet alot. you could add water to clean your feet in transition and if you have sensitive skin then glide up or throw some talc around. i decided to do my weekly clean after the event and not worry about the beach sand and grass. if i had gone one more circuit i think glide would have been in order. on a personal note a 200m is not a good swim for me. i am a negative split swimmer and this distance doesn't give me enough time to find my rhythm and i didn't swim over people like i normally do. so note to self to practice sprints. also peeing while swimming is an art that i haven't quite mastered.

the bike
i do love riding my bike. this course was flat and fast with a couple of turn arounds and a bit of a headwind by the time the third leg started. i have tri bike shoes but clipped in and out each time. this decision depends on how good you are at doing the leaping fly thingy. i was wary that each time you were a little more tired, still wet and care should be taken. if you drink/eat alot and want to save on weight then keep your supplies in transition and switch them over. for the bike legs i was only 22 seconds slower from the first circuit to the last. only other bit of equipment added here was the mandatory helmet and my sunnies.

the run
this was straight out and back on a path with a few very small beach hills. and this was the only leg that was not distorted with transition times. again applying the k.i.s.s. principal (keep it simple stupid) i opted for just my runners and my cap. sunnies already on which are crucial for me as i am short sighted and hate contacts. the race number (belt) only had to go on for the last run leg but it was funny to see how many of these were floating around at the beginning of the first swim. beware any areas in your shoes that can cause blisters. i wear socks for 5k and above but not for this. personally this is my weak leg and i have been trying so i was happy to see that my third run was my best by 20 secs. very positive leading up to the point walter o.d.

in summary i had a great day out. i even managed to race with a couple of guys and while i kept getting ahead in the swim and bike they would catch me in the run. until the end when only one did. and i swear every time i came into transition from the bike this girl was sitting on the ground putting or pulling something on or off. if she had been organised she would have been miles ahead of me. so if you get a chance to do one of these then i recommend keeping it simple. and bring back the speedos.