Sunday, February 28, 2010

jedi report 28/02/10

Monday - my finance manager at work is made redundant.

Tuesday - i dream of being made redundant. had a sucky swim.

Wednesday - i had a job interview and it went well. second interview for other role will be next tuesday. worried now as to which job is best and the logistics of which one i could get and not accept v. not getting and losing both. visit from sydney gurus cancelled. bodes well for redundancy. Run 6km. 2.5k 13.41 = 5.28 3.5k 21.03 = 6.00. in my defense it was 40 degree heat.

Thursday - i will not be made redundant. visit from only one sydney boss and he didnt come bearing good news. i do not trust any of them. and the things i could write about but it will all be irrelevant soon. swim 2.5km and it was excellent. girl that also competes in triathlon showed up and i spent the session lapping her and it felt good.

Friday - wanted to get up for a ride but had a crap night. it never got below 25 degrees and even the doggies slept outside. BIG FRIGGIN NEWS. i have a job offer. Woot Whoo !!!!!!!! i am now staring at my phone waiting to hear back that i can hand in my notice that i have nicely typed up and signed. and there is none of the words that sound like regretfully or thank you or opportunity blah blah blah. seriously i am staring at my computer (typing this really) but i cannot focus and just want it to be over. i have 25 minutes until people start leaving and i hope one of them isnt the boss man. it wasnt and i hand in my notice. he tells me to think about it over the weekend and i will but not in the way he thinks. ha.

Saturday - still in shock over new job. WOW. have a casual and relaxed swim. foxtel man comes and installs IQ which is awesome. have a nap and then go register for triathlon tomorrow. it is stinking hot and very WINDY. go for a short ride late afternoon. try to sleep.
Sunday - see race report. whhhooo hooo.

2XU Womens Sprint Triathlon Race Report

well this was the one that began it all twelve months ago. so before i go into the race details these are my stats from last year - taking into account that it was perfect race conditions eg: no swell, NO wind and 29-30 degrees. 750 swim, 21km bike, 5km run.

Total Competitors 253 My Position 234 (no DFL :))

Total Age Group 26 My Position 24 (still no DFL:))

Swim 17.10 Bike 54.46 Run 35.18

Total Time 1.47.14

last year this was my first ever triathlon after completing the 8 week training course at challenge stadium. i had been nervous but okay about the swim, had my trusty $400 mountain bike and knew the run was going to hurt. i just about choked at the beginning of the swim and had this mad crazy panic attack. the only thing that saved me was all the swim training i had been doing, the decision to do breast stroke and ego. i would rather drown than flunk out in the swim. i remember getting to the first buoy and thinking that things might be okay. i also remember the dark, deep water and how far out we had to swim and it was freaky. during the bike i was upset about the swim but did my own thing. in the run i kept beth company as she had come off in the bike (gravel embedded bloody knees) and we managed to keep each other running. so since this experience i have struggled with my open water swimming and had a fear of this course. but this just shows you what experience and getting right back on that horse can do. so here is what happened a year later.

i was probably less nervous than i thought i would be. could have done with more sleep but the weather had been crazy 40 degree heat and tough to sleep in that. but no thunder storms this time - just full on wind. the weather news later said 21mph e/n/e. it was easterly going out over the ocean so it looked calm but the bike ride would have cross winds and no advantage either way. a flat course that was going to be hard work. it was really blowing. it was going to heat up to 35 degree. 1000 women were racing in three distances. i was in the very last wave so at least most of the novice etc would be off the course by the time we got out there. had to wait over an hour before we started so caught up with arch nemesis buddy silke and her friend pip (who i raced last week at cottesloe). elizabeth hasnt been seen since the od event at langley so she maybe injured. saw beth from last year but she has gone weird - some issue about getting beaten by an old chick me thinks. beth is in 30-34 age group. guess i would be peeved about that too. so i sit and chat to this other really nice girl and then another as we line up for our wave. i had been out for a swim and the water was perfect and i actually felt pretty good. i prefer deep water starts but this went okay. i started okay and was amongst the pack but i am getting used to this. however i did get a kick in the face but not enough to hurt and i thought okay well i have heard about that happening and just kept going. past the kicker anyway. i could not believe how okay i felt. a swimmer next to me got my heart rate up and i really had to concentrate and keep relaxed and it WORKED. i also remember thinking that it wasnt that deep or dark that far out ?? i cannot explain how good this felt, in this race and at this location. i get to the first buoy and then wham - the waves hit. i have to mention here that my sighting was spot on. when i got to the first buoy i was so close that i practically swam under it and the bonus of this was i passed half a dozen girls as i scooted around it. anyway as luck would have it my favourite side is to the left and as the wind was onshore (?) or blowing out to sea i could swim without getting a mouth full of water. (i wonder how i would go if i lived on the east coast ?). i saw one girl getting hauled into the rescue boat. the distance across to the next buoy was only about 150m and then as you turned you really knew what open water swimming was all about. this was tough swimming into the chop. i had to concentrate and work so hard and i felt like i wasnt even going forward. i also tried to draft but i would keep passing them. i also got water up the nose and in the mouth a few times. i was getting really pissed off. here i was feeling great, swimming beautifully and the friggin conditions were beating me. so i really kicked the arms and legs into action and the shore started to get closer. then the waves got smaller and i got faster. i knew as soon as i got out of the water what it feels like to be at the front of the pack. i couldnt believe it. it felt awesome. the time wasnt that great but in the conditions it probably was. and i wasnt even tired. i am stoked and no matter what else happens i have had a fantastic race. but for the first time ever i am hanging out for the run. the bike was horrible. the crosswinds were dangerous. you couldnt use the aerobars as the winds would come from nowhere and really knock you around. going around one roundabout was a nightmare and the first time i have ever been a little freaked out. hills are easier. i saw silke and i had a good distance between us. i knew then my swim was good. i was out with people i had never been close to but i had to work my butt off to not let them get away. finally got to the run and my legs were tired. i managed to eat a gel and hoped it would keep me going. i should have taken the water bottle as my lips were so dry and the first station was 1km away. it took till the 2.5km for my legs to feel okay. a few girls passed me but i then caught up with them and took it back. it was windy and hot and at one point i felt great and another i thought i was going to bonk. i passed beth and didnt look back. i finally had a good lead and was able to back it up with an okay run. silke saw me so far ahead that she got motivated and passed me just before the finish and one place in front of me by 5 seconds. she said that it was only me that made her do it. i am a little disappointed at myself for not fighting back hard but then again it is a nice compliment.

taking into account the conditions then the final result was outstanding. i had planned on being under 1.30 but not much you can do about the wind and it was truly hellish so till next year !!! i was competitive and finished in front of people that i have been chasing all year. i cannot explain how good that feels. the swim was truly amazing. still need to work at the run but i am consistently running under 30 minutes. silke's run was a blistering 27.44. so the end result -

Total Competitors 276 My Position 95
Total Age Group 25 My Position 8
Swim 17.36 Bike 49.04 Run 29.04

Total Time 1.35.46

Sunday, February 21, 2010

jedi report 21/02/10

the big news this week - i had a job interview. hallelujah. perfect location and role is more like what i want. fingers crossed that they are a good company with fun people. after the interview i had all these horrible thoughts go through my head about what i should and shouldnt have said. i really crucified myself. they came back and said that i am up for a second interview but the date and time hasnt been confirmed and that is a little strange. i also had a call regarding another job. it is less money but in a really good industry so who knows.
okay more importantly triathlon news. the training went like this -
Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - 2.2 km swim. i am sticking to the intervals from recswim and getting the heart rate up and it seems to be getting the motivation going.
Wednesday - 6km run. 2.5k 12.42 (5.04) this is very good. 3.5k 22.19 (6.22) this is very bad and it felt very bad.
Thursday - AM 25.5km bike ride. back to my usual circuit. 28.5 AVG. 53.35 time. PM. 2.5km swim. i have my 100's consistently just under 1.45 and i am getting down to three bilateral which is the ultimate goal.
Friday - 8.5km run. i need to increase the distance and it has been awhile since my last failed repeat effort. the first 2.5k was okay. 14.34 (5.49). half way through the 3.5k my knee started to hurt. quite bad so i walked maybe 20 metres. i was really pissed as i had been enjoying it. then i started to run again and instead of doing the marathon shuffle i picked up my feet. the pain went away. a revelation !! considering i walked a bit the time was okay. 22.15 (6.21). the second 2.5k i felt like i could run forever. it was very strange as i have never felt like that before. and considering i had already run 6k the time was good. 15.10 (6.04). total time 50.59.
Saturday - 3km swim. i love saturday swimming.
Sunday - Point Walter Brick. Bike 41.3km 26 AVG 1.35 time. exactly that same as last week. i was tired and it felt like work but i can feel my legs are getting stronger. the 5k run felt GREAT. i made sure i was picking up my feet as well. no more shuffle. the last 2.5k i was probably the strongest i have ever felt after a ride. 28.33 (5.42).
Total Swim 7.7 km Bike 66.8 km Run 14.5 km
after my swim on saturday i drove into the city and had the luxury of getting a shampoo/cut/blowdry. it was fabulous. walked around the city as it has been ages since i have been there. hard not to spend money - so many wonderful shops. i did go into lush and i did buy some bath bombs and my favourite fresh facemask. my stocks are low. home by lunch and food shopping. i hate food shopping. then i cleaned the house, washed the clothes, mopped the floor and died on the sofa with a glass of wine. after my trip to point walter on sunday i was back home by 9 am and into the garden. i pruned the back, swept, tidied up and mowed the lawn. i then went out the front and weeded and mowed the lawn and fertilised. i was knackered. managed to cook and have a well deserved glass of wine before falling asleep. feels good to have a tidy home.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

jedi report 14/2/10

i was tired this week which was a bit of a problem since i had a race on saturday. i need quality sleep and that means no wine. which is bad. very bad. so my training went as such -

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - swim 2.2km sprints and interval

Wednesday - 6 km. 2.5 km 12.54 (5.09) 3.5km 20.04 (5.44). happy with the 3.5km time and i am able to repeat effort.

Thursday - swim 2.2km sprints

Friday - SFA

Saturday - Cottesloe Triathlon (see race report)

Sunday - Point Walter 41.30km bike 1.35.44 26 AVG, 5km run (28.21) and wetsuit test at Leighton Beach. i get the buoyancy factor now. it felt weird but good. i managed to get it on and off okay even though it was 30 in the shade by then. after the triathlon yesterday this brick was a huge effort but worth it. the day warmed up to be 37 so i spent it in front of the tv.

i am now thinking of setting up a training log so i have comparison and tracking data.

the MAJOR highlight of the week was the return of LOST. what a great show. it gets better and better and the writers are twisted. i love how it is all coming together. i refuse to watch the shows that have an issue that get resolved every episode. all those stupid crime shows. BORING. i am just really pissed that heroes series 4 came back on and i didnt know as they moved it to a new digital channel. now i will have to wait till the dvd arrives on our shores. the other program that i take the time to watch is 24 (i have missed the last couple of series i think - but jack is back and he can do anything). then i will fess up to watching american idol. need something to tune the brain out. i did watch revolutionary road which was excellent. well written with talented actors.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cottesloe Ocean Adventure (Sprint Triathlon)

i had a choice between this event or the tri-series third race at hillarys. but since the women's triathlon and the final race of the year is at hillarys i chose this one and i am so very glad i did. this was an inaugural event and needed supporting. it was a massive effort by the organisers to get the road closures approved but since it is also a celebration of 100 years of cottesloe surf life saving the council was happy to do it. this is the location of the wake held for heath ledger. the conditions were perfect - calm water and a warm day. i was entered in the sprint - 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run. they also had a fun event and an ocean adventure - a 1km swim, 20km bike, 3km paddle and 6km run. i was in the last wave and they really held us back so most of the fun competitors were done. i love swimming here. the water was fresh but not cold. quite a few people were wearing wetsuits but i am glad i didnt bother. i started out the back and began slow and worked my way into it very quickly. i was stoked. i was relaxed and focused on my breathing. i put some effort in and passed quite a few people. woot ! i was actually sad when it was over. it was then a 30m run up the beach and a climb up 20 or so steps. so my time was 17.30 but this included the run and steps as the first timing mat was at the entrance to transition. so i think my time was at most 16 mins. the pics above show the groyne where we started, we then swam past the famous pylon (it is constantly getting re-painted by rival surf clubs) did a turn around at buoys (no longer there) to swim back to the pylon and a left turn to shore. then i dont know what happened to my brain in transition because i am normally super quick but i fluffed around and someones bike near mine fell off the rack and i hope it wasnt me. then at the mount line i had the pedal in the wrong position and it took me forever to get my feet organised. the guy at the line thought i was a nutter. the bike course was straight up and down marine parade with a side detour up avonmore tce and back down. it was advertised as a small hill but tell that to my legs. the first time it caught me by surprise and i paid for it with the wrong gear. the downhill part was short but a little hair raising. i slogged it out on the bike and it felt like hard work and i thought i was having a bad ride. a few weekend warrior cyclists kept coming on the course and that was kinda annoying. but as it turns out i was 3rd in age group and 13th in gender in a time of 43.36 AVG 27.5. so i was just a little happy with that. got into the run okay but took a slight wrong turn that maybe lost me 10 seconds. i said my transition sucked. the run was straight along marine tce cycle/walk path and up to the memorial and back. it had hills. they felt like hills but were more like little mounds. i didnt think i had a decent pace but i was comforted in the fact that very few people passed me. i then thought that maybe there were not many people left to pass me. the good news is that i ran under 6minute kms again - 29.29. but only just at 5.53. the bad news is that i was the slowest in my age group and way back in the field overall. final story was 5th in age group and 22nd in gender. but some more good news is that i checked the hillarys race the next day and saw that all my arch nemesis buddies did same distance in similar course (other than no hills at all) and posted much slower times ! total time 1.30.36. this was a great course and i loved the whole experience. i will be back.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

jedi report 7/02/10

this is the first weekly blog that sums up my week. to start i have to state that i hate my fucking job. now i feel bad about this because some people do not have a job. but i really hate mine. i have never hated a job more than this one. i dont like the people - i have nothing in common with any of them. i hate the building. i hate that i dont get to do any of the things i enjoy and i have no control over anything. the only thing i like is that it is 30 minutes from home and making me feel even worse - it pays well. i know i shouldnt complain but yes you guessed it - i REALLY hate it.

training went well this week. really well. i had been struggling to know where i was going with it all. one thing i always come across is that clocking up the hours is no replacement for quality sessions. a big mistake made by people training for endurance sports is to just put the hours in without any quality to the workouts. perfect example is my running - i was constantly training myself to run 6 minute kms. so i backed off the distance and ramped up the effort and had a GREAT week. missed one 25 km bike ride and resistance training session.

Tuesday - No bike. Swim 2.2 km. felt GREAT. stuck to REC Swim Program.
Wednesday - No RT. Run 6km. decided that i needed to see if i could run fast. First 2.5km 13.02 (5.12 kms), 3.5km 19.59 (5.42 km). this was HUGE. both runs proved i can run well under 6 minutes.
Thursday - No bike. Swim 2.5km. again a great swim and i stuck to the interval times.
Friday - made up for one missed AM bike. 25km at 28.5 AVG. this was a great speed but need to note wind conditions were perfect. Run 6km. a blistering 12.49 for 2.5 km (5.07 pace) and slightly slower 20.32 for 3.5km (5.52 pace). this is very encouraging and shows what you can do when you push it. seven seconds away.
Saturday - Swim 3km. again a GREAT swim. felt fantastic the whole time and i have my mojo back. nice endurance and sprint session.
Sunday - Bike 40km Run 5km. this is my big training session for the week and the point walter od event. it is the actual course. up at 4.30am to drive 45 minutes to site. it had been raining. headed off anyway and was very glad i did. rode the course and loved the hillwork. could have gone faster but as a prelude i did okay. 26 AVG. 1:32 time. run felt okay and my legs were pretty good. i think it was around 30 minutes and will remember to set stopwatch. the brick work is making me fitter.

other happenings is that i made my second last biggest triathlon purchase. was meant to be the last but have now decided that i will really need an indoor trainer come winter :). anyway i got my first ever wetsuit. or to be more specific i got a wetzoot. the budget was $400 and of course when i get to the shop my best option is the expensive one. zoot zenith wetsuit rrp was $799 and on sale for $499. guy at store met me half way at $450. got it from a local store ''total triathlon'' and the guy knew his stuff. i have this thing lately about supporting local small business (within reason). i have to practice getting it on and will go to the beach next sunday to test it out before end of month when i will wear it in womens sprint tri. i was excited about this next step.

last thought for the week is that i am tired of feeling guilty about the lack of housework that is getting done. i am amazed though at how much time i have saved by not doing it. the house is not dirty - it can just get a bit dusty and untidy. the garden is fine and i mowed the back lawn this afternoon. i just have to let the angst go. i have planned two weeks of no workouts at the end of tri season and i will make up for it then. the dusting and crap doesnt bother me as much as the general maintenance. i need to repaint and patch walls etc etc.

p.s. the pic is tonights sunset.

p.s.s. watched inglorious basterds and LOVED it. also sisters keeper. i am not a jodi picoult fan and this movie was made even worse since they left the best part of the book out of it - the same ending. and dont ever watch the ugly truth - i could have written the script.