Thursday, January 28, 2010

Australia Day (Point Walter) Triathlon 2010

i have raced this course before and i like it because it is the most technical course we have. hills everywhere - in the run, the bike and even the swim (you run 500m up hill to transition). although i had a terrible nights sleep due to feral family next door and the weather being either hot or hotter i felt okay because i am getting the afternoon nana nap technique down pat. up at 4.15am and ready to go. no wind and weather warm. got a good parking spot. this is crucial. met up with my arch nemesis buddies elizabeth and silke. got a good spot in transition and then pretty much just relaxed and chatted. then i spotted the bitch. last year during the 8 week training course at challenge i chatted to this girl (now known as the bitch) at the very first bike session. i was nervous being new and everything and standing next to my $400 mountain bike. so it was nice to talk and she said she had completed the course last year but missed out on the actual triathlon due to work. i commiserated with her. we also talked about swimming and how she hated it but loved running. i mentioned i loved swimming and hated running. now right there i should have known. after that chat she never spoke to me again but gave out that vibe - the bitch vibe. and the loser vibe. i was always way behind her and she knew that i knew that. so here i am at this event and i havent seen the bitch at any event this year and she walks by. the good news is she is fatter. okay i am human and female. so i am REALLY hoping now that i do well. the competitive spirit has poked its head out. we head down for the swim and we are the last wave which is a good thing as most of the losers - sorry novice and fun people will be done. we have to swim into the sun, current and chop for 300m. it is a deep water start. i swim out so i am the furthest from the direct line and foolishly tell everyone to come with me and that if we start out the current will take us straight back in to the buoy and we wont have to double back. why i am helping people ? it is a fucking race. WTF? the first part was a tough swim and i went through the struggles again but knew once i got to that first buoy i would get faster. arch nemesis buddies were again well in front of me but i still got out of the water at the same time. i was encouraged when i swam past two guys. what the ? they started more than five minutes before us. and they were fairly ripped fit looking dudes. i caught up with more as i was leaving the water so kudos to us chicky babes. now i had to run 500m up a hill. this is what makes this course interesting. on the bike and now for three laps and six hills. i played tag with elizabeth for awhile but she ended up 2 minutes quicker. its those big legs of hers. silke never passed me but wasnt too far behind. the course goes down one hill and then straight out and back about 4km before coming back up the hill, another smaller one and then winds around a bit before going down a big hill with a turnaround at the bottom before climbing back up and starting all over. anyway on the way back up the first hill who do i catch up with but the bitch. i couldnt believe it. she was in front of me from the swim. will have to friggin fix that. i got out of my seat and rode straight past her. it felt GOOD. i didnt see her again in the bike and it was a tough ride. aero bars went well but lower back started hurting so i just HTFU and continued on. the run. i set off not long after elizabeth and silke was right behind me. after about 500m silke ran past me but i ran behind her for another 3km before she got maybe 50m in front of me. it was warm out and i knew the run back up the hill to the finish was going to be a pain. then sadly about 1.5km into the run the bitch ran past me. DAMN. i know what i have to do. anyway it was still a great race and a fun course. the positive is that i had a pretty good swim, a great bike and for the second time only i ran the 5km in under 6 minute kms. this is huge and shows continued improvement. as it turns out i had a faster run than elizabeth so i need to keep with her on the bike. i was fourth in my age group. okay so there wasnt as many entered as usual but who cares. i was fourth. as for the chunky bitch there is always next time. she knew i was there and that she didnt beat me by 20-30 minutes this time.
Sprint 750 swim, 20k bike, 5k run
Time swim 20.50 bike 52.21 run 29.39
Total 1.42.50

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Open Water Swim Sorrento Beach

this is the last of the open water swim series. the weather is perfect and no wind. i am not excited but i dont want to not do it either. and for once it is only a 30 minute drive to location. i am still surprised every time by just how far it looks when the buoys are in the water. another deep water start which i prefer and we then swim, keeping the buoys on our left, turning left to head further out and then the biggest stretch before turning left and heading in to another left before a final small buoy and a right turn to the finish. we have the 5km swimmers with us juniors at 1.25km. the 2.5km and 10km swimmers are tomorrow. anyone who has not completed the 19.7km swim to rotto and is entered this year has to complete the 10km within a time limit to qualify. since i felt good at the leighton swim i follow the same format. i go for a short warm up swim and the water is quite cool but very clear. i get over the first shock and swim maybe 50m at most. back in to relax for the race briefing. they had shark sightings here about 10 days ago so the surf patrol are out and about along with guys on surf skis etc. we all head out into the water and it is hard to time it so you are not out too long but you have to be careful with so many people. i am in a pretty good position and get back to my granny floating skills when the hooter sounds. i am straight off the mark and it feels good. a little surprised maybe at the swell as it is quite bouncy. then come the stingers. i swear they got me over a dozen times. i kept thinking that is gonna hurt when i get out and please not my mouth or nose. i could hear the westpac shark spotting chopper overhead during the race and it was very distracting whilst also good to know they were there. i wish someone could watch me swim (maybe i could ask the chopper dudes next time) as i dont know if it is me swimming crooked or all the other #$%@& who keep crossing in front of me. i swallowed water three times with the swell so have to be more careful with the angle when i sight. i am more than ready for a 2.5km swim but will have to wait till next year when i will do the whole series. from the last buoy to the right hand turn buoy (300m) i spotted people ahead and thought fuck it - i am going to beat them home and i got the feet working and started the stroke working hard. i raced past them and then aimed for the next group of people. i felt good. i havent found out what the time was yet and while it felt positive the swell would have slowed things down. i checked my watch after waiting to hand my time card in (bummer you cannot wear during race) and it said 9.28. race started at 9.00 so it you take time off for handing card in i should be under my previous time of 29.13 at Leightons. ** Update ** time was 26.2. just a little excited about this result !!!!!!! THREE MINUTES faster than previous PB. and in fourth place :):) i have hope. pics are looking in each direction of the course. the flags at waters edge is the finish line. i think i can say that i am over my bad starts. two things have to happen. i need to get in the water prior to start even if it is for a 50m cruise and i get my head under water. i must start at my own pace. in triathlon starts i am distracted by what everyone else is doing. i havent worried about this in my last two swims and have been relaxed. i wont have to wait long until i find out if this is true. australia day triathlon is tomorrow !!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


i like hot weather. i prefer it from cold weather. but i will admit that yesterday was hot. not the hottest day i have experienced but it was too hot to go to the beach. or that may have been because my legs were too tired. or i dont handle the heat as well as i did - meaning i am age affected. i refuse to let age affect anything so i will not accept that this could be true. i am aiming for the olympic distance at point walter march 28. the course has hills in both the bike and run. so i have increased my training - especially the running. last friday i completed my first 10km neighbourhood run and my legs felt it. from then through to sunday i rode 100km, ran 27km and swam 11km. monday is my day off. i did a mini resistance training on wednesday. sunday i was on the bike at 5.45am and rode 50km with some gusty winds making it a harder ride than normal. i was thinking about going for a third lap but the training indicates that i should run half the event distance after riding the full event distance once a week. so i get off the bike and my back is stiff. that is not going to be a good look but hopefully the massage today will help. i do some stretching and put my run gear on and head out for an easy 5km. my legs were very tired. but my knee wasnt hurting like on friday so i was happy enough. it was getting warm and while i didnt set a blistering pace i did run the 5km and felt okay so there is improvement there. i was starving. i have a nana nap then waste 90 minutes of my life watching Bruno. i never saw his first movie. i do not think making fun of people is funny. i even dislike those crazy calls radio stations make. there was nothing funny about this movie and some of it was just plain horrible to watch. then it just got hotter and hotter and could feel the house warming up. the dogs were having no part of going outside and by then i was too tired to do anything but run the bath and lie in it - a chilled glass of wine at the ready. watched lance race in adelaide. they were moving at 49km/hr - lap after lap. i do that going down a big friggin hill.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Open Water Swim Leighton Beach

this is part of my plan to resolve my swim issues. by swimming in the open water as much as possible. since i do not have a training partner and all the wise people warn that you must never swim alone i need to enter events. luckily they are cheap. so this is race 4 of the 5 race series. i know leighton beach well having grown up swimming there (although i remember big, massive waves but that may have been because i was 2 or 3 foot tall). and jesse (my first golden retriever) and i spent many hours relaxing slightly further up at the dog beach. to be honest i woke up and seriously thought about not going. i had the fear back and again said to myself that it was good i had the fear because then i could overcome it. there is nothing in particular that i am fearful of - maybe and probably failure. i think about sharks but not when i am swimming. besides no one has ever been eaten swimming in an open water event or a triathlon so i dont worry about it a lot. i get in the car go. it is hot already and there is no wind so it should be perfect. i should be excited. i see the buoys driving in and it looks a long way and they look like they are miles out. it is calm with a bit of swell but nothing major. a lot more people have turned out for this event even though there is no 10km. the course is rectangle with the first leg close to the shore then heading out. it is 1.25 loop. so i am sitting there getting a bit nervous so i decide to go for a swim. it is actually quite warm and i feel like i need to cool off. the water is chilly at first but then just perfect. i have a bit of a swim and feel good. the race is deep water and we are to start with the 2.5km folks. i get out and try to relax. i change caps and goggles and get ready to swim out for the start. i feel okay. i am out the back of the big crowd and we have two minutes to go. i practice my floating skills. i am 10m from the start buoys when the horn sounds. and i start swimming. freestyle. slow to begin with but i keep going and never look back. i am relaxed and enjoyed it. bumped into a few people who crossed my path and i need to work on my direction skills - i think i go off course when breathing to non favourite right side. and maybe control my sighting more but overall a fun swim. now i am pretty happy i got out of bed. time wasnt much faster than at champion lakes but i think that was impacted by the swell. it was harder work when we had to head out to deeper waters. i did see the lead 5km guys come past. it was like they had flippers on. now i am really looking forward to the next swim. i am getting better and that is what it is all about. 29.13m.