Friday, September 6, 2013

where the bloody hell are you

i have been testing myself to see how long i could go without posting to my blog.  it has been quite easy for two reasons.  ironman training and not having anything to say unless it is about ironman training. the sad thing is that the training has not been going well.  the weather does not help.  this year just seems wetter and colder.  i dont feel like i have the same amount of energy or focus.  i have had constant problems with my back.  it is okay when i am actually training but it feels like crap when i wake up.  as long as i remind myself that it will feel okay once i get out of bed then i am good.  otherwise i just dont feel like getting out of bed.  i even bought a new bed which was like sleeping on a board but i have now adjusted and i think it helps.

each day just seems to blend into one so it is hard to think back and remember anything that happened which is remotely worth mentioning.  i thought my garmin 310 had died and was stressed out by that.  it wasnt picking up current or average speed on the bike but seemed to be working fine while running.  i googled it and tried everything to locate a solution.  in the end i happily decided that i must get a new one and went online and bought the 910 (which i secretly wanted all along).  the next day i was in my local bike shop and happened to mention it to mark who told me it was the battery in my duotrap sensor.  apparently the sensor on the bike is read first and gps second while on the run the garmin looks at gps first and foot pod second. who knew ?!   so a $2 battery fixed the problem but i had already forked out $400 (this includes the quick release).  fuck it.  i will sell the 310 on ebay and enjoy my new toy.  now you have to admit this is pretty fucking exciting stuff.

did i mention i am training for an ironman. when sleeping i dream about sleeping.  i love sleeping.  and eating. i really love eating.  i bought two pairs of asics kayano online from the states.  you can no longer ship any asics internationally anywhere.  my sister is coming home in october (which is FANTASTIC) so she is bringing them with her.  i paid less for two pairs than you would pay for one pair here.  major fucking rip off. 2xu is an australian brand but i can buy any of their gear cheaper overseas than i can buy it here.  anyway i am really looking forward to getting my new shoes as they are in sexy hot colours.  i am determined that even if i am a crap triathlete i will still look good while being crap.  

well i gotta go and head to the pool.  i  may have forgotten to mention this but i am training for an ironman.

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