Monday, July 1, 2013

risking more than others think is safe

if you read my last post you would know that i have signed up for IM Cairns 2014. this means that i will be doing two 140.6 ironman events within 12 months and/or two 140.6 events six months apart.  why am i doing it ? two main reasons.  i want to know if i can do it and do it well.  this means managing my recovery and training so i arrive at the start fit and healthy.  the second reason is that time is finite.  i will be 50 next year and who knows what will happen.  i dont want to keep doing busselton every year and i am not going to wait 18 months to do another ironman.  i dont want to play it safe anymore.  i want to take  a calculated risk.

training for busselton starts in a few weeks.  currently i am doing sweet fuck all.  i need a good rest and i am taking it.  the plan and training programme for busselton is not going to be anything like last year.  before it was all about survival.  now it is about performance.  it is very liberating to finish an ironman.  you know you can go the distance and so the choices you made before no longer apply.  the race plan will not be the same as last year.  everything will be different.  the only thing that will remain the same is my bike.  damn i love that bike.  right now it is stripped and at the carbon repair guys workshop getting scratches and chips fixed.  some are natural because i ride the bloody thing alot but two others appeared  to have happened while in cairns.  it might have been when it was transported from T2 to T1.  i might have mentioned before but the aerobars received a big knock and the derailleur was knocked and a screw came lose.  tiny little one. it will be like new so i am excited.  it had quite a bit of wear and tear after only 18 months.

awhile ago a triathlon website posted a question asking whether you had an m-dot tattoo and if so what it meant to you.  for the people who had a m-dot tattoo or a tattoo is was quite interesting as they answered the question asked.  however for other people it seemed that they ignored the question and just gave their opinions on tattoos in general or what they thought of m-dot tattoos.  i am just like other people and give my opinion on other peoples choices all the time.  i shouldnt because it has nothing to do with me and it doesnt impact me what other people do (if it did then it would be a different matter).  even in my last post i commented about a couple who wore their triathlon australia racing gear everywhere they went and another couple who didnt train and didnt finish.  it is none of my business if they waste their time and money or look silly.  after busselton i went and got two tattoos.  each one is on the inside ankle.  one is a blue m-dot and the other is the chinese symbol for year of the dragon.  probably two tattoos that people will find the most ridiculous.  and yes it is the symbol for the year of the dragon and not soup.  so to answer the question what they mean to me ?  that is not that easy.  i look at the m-dot and i find it hard to explain what it means. it is not easily described.  the year of the dragon is easier as that relates more to who i am and where i fit in the universe.  i was born in the year of the dragon, i did my first ironman in the year of the dragon and it was also the year of the water dragon.
so the m-dot is blue.  it is also blue because i hate red and prefer blue.  simple as that.  you dont get an m-dot to tell other people you have done an ironman.  most normal people have no idea what the symbol means.  some people have restrictions on when you qualify for an m-dot tattoo.  like you should only get one when you have done kona.  that is ridiculous.  if that is what the tattoo would mean to YOU then that is what you do.  i just know that when i look at it i feel pretty good about myself and it reminds me why. i did something no-one expected.

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