Friday, May 24, 2013

lets talk about cairns

just over two weeks weeks till race day.  or 10 days until i get on the plane.  my training has not been stellar but the plan was always to just go and enjoy it so that is what i am going to do.  i have done all my big rides and runs so i am quite confident that the race and distance will not be an issue.  however this is my very first event where i do not drive to it.  so while i am okay with most of my gear i have been a bit stressed about the bike.  but that is also coming together so i have relaxed a bit more.  

the swim

this is also the first time that i have been involved in a race where they give you warnings on the marine life.  they are listed in the athletes guide as follows - 'you should be mindful that waters in Far North Queensland can be  home to crocodiles, sharks, stone fish, oysters and barnacles on rocks, stingrays in shallow water, stingers and box jelly fish'.  triathlon australia have changed the rules applying to this race to allow everyone to wear a wetsuit.  we swim in shark territory here so i am not too worried about that.  stonefish are only a problem if you step on them and they are usually only found around rock pools.  it was a stingray that killed steve irwin but i think these are the bottom dwelling ones and you just need to shuffle when walking in shallow water.  crocodiles are a bit of a worry as they take you deep and save you for dinner later - once the water has made you nice and tender.  stingers and jelly fish are dangerous but not always deadly and they sweep the water prior to the race so hopefully there will not be alot around.  otherwise the only really notable thing is that the water is actually not going to be crystal clear blue.  the swim is in a bay or tidal flat area and is more murky and brown than anything else.  i have been told it is very much like the swan river.  the swim goes off in waves and we start prior to the 140.6 event.  one lap for 70.3 and two for 140.6.

the bike

this course is why i am doing the event.  

i have included a link.  the first part of the ride is pretty normal streets etc but then the great views begin.   we ride to a turnaround point while the 140.6 competitors will continue on to port douglas before coming back to the turnaround and going back up to port douglas for a final time.  so nice and easy out and back.  i am really looking forward to this.

the run

the event is set up with two transitions and it works like an ironman for the 70.3 as well.  we are given bike and run bags and we use the change tents.  T2 is 21.1k away from the finish line at T1 so it is a point to point run.  apparently most of the run is through the cane fields so not that exciting until you get closer to cairns and the esplanade.  strangely enough i am looking forward to the run as well.  i dont know why but i feel like running.

so while i have no lofty goals for this race i would like to keep my under six hour 70.3 finish time intact.  i flyout on tuesday and flyback the following tuesday. i have organised a rental car as i am staying 20k out of the main town area.  i am not sure if this is going to be great or not but the resort is totally beautiful, right on the beach and i have a one bedroom apartment.  i can sleep and do fuck all.  i have also signed up for the green island open water swim on the thursday.  i wanted to organise a trip to the great barrier reef but i wasnt keen on the tourist boats.  it would also be a really long day and i didnt want to wear myself out.  it is a 1500m swim over the great barrier reef.  you can swim or maybe race and check out the fishies etc at the same time.  the boat takes you to the island and returns at 2.30pm so after the swim you can explore the island or just do nothing.   check it out !  i am going to make sure i have a nice clear pair of goggles.

Green Island Great Barrier Reef

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