Thursday, May 16, 2013

it has been awhile ...

okay so i have been a bad blogger AGAIN.  and this is just going to be a bunch of random things.

  •  molly dog is still alive and doing well.  we have been able to defer chemo as her cancer has not progressed and her quality of life at the moment is still excellent.
  • it was my birthday yesterday. next year i move into the 50-54 age group which you think by process of elimination it would be easier to improve on my placings.  nope - i get to compete against the girl who won kona in this age group.
  • i upgraded my phone to a samsung galaxy 4 and it has become my best friend.
  • the top five things i think about when riding my bike are -
    • what can i eat when i get home.
    • will i have time for a nap.
    • i hope i dont get hit by a car, truck, kangaroo, pedestrian or a mad bitch on a horse.
    • i really need to update my ipod playlist.
    • my butt, legs, back,shoulders, feet, something hurts.
  • i am going to cairns in 3 weeks.
  • my training for cairns has sucked.
  • i was addicted to sons of anarchy and now i am done with that i am addicted to game of thrones.
  • i have told people that if you do the training for ironman then on the day it is not so bad.  i do neglect to mention that the training is not easy.
  • my front garden is beautiful.  the back garden is an overgrown nightmare.
  • i love coconut water.
  • macca and pete jacobs are racing at cairns.  i will be participating.
  • i need a holiday.
  • i signed up for an ocean water swim around the great barrier reef.
  • this is it. i have nothing more to add.

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