Thursday, March 21, 2013

a delayed race report from rockingham

this was the shortest race i had entered in 12 months which made the last time i did a sprint distance race the very same race.  does that make sense.  anyway last year i was excited about it because it was the first time i was able to compete healthy and with all my iron.

the weather looked a bit dodgy and i didnt wake up and exactly bound out of bed.  after suffering at mandurah i made sure i didnt thrash the legs during the week and was hoping to feel fresher.  i knew i wanted a much better run.  so another long drive but i arrive early and get prime parking.  

this course is always said to be flat and fast.  well it is flat but if the wind picks up it is not so fast.  set up my gear and then hung around what seemed like forever waiting for our wave start. at this race we are always the second wave which i like.  you are at the front of the race rather than behind and you dont feel like a back of the pack competitor.  tim and rae were racing as well as pip so said hello and caught up while waiting.  

i felt crappy at the beginning of the swim but soon settled.  while i have felt great swimming my speed has disappeared.  this course is closer to 900 metres than 750 so the times appear slow.  but i felt good and even though the return back was quite choppy and there were some stingers around i was happy with my swim.  it was a wet suit swim and while i bought mine i decided i couldnt be bothered with it.

quick change in transition and out onto the bike course.  so while the swim is too long the bike course is short and only 18.5k.  the wind had picked up and i thought it would be windy on the way out and fast on the way back but as it turns out it was the other way around.  coming back was like riding into a wind tunnel. i felt okay on the bike and just tried to go as fast as i could.  usual suspects drafting and always when the officials are not around.  must have eyes in the back of their heads.

another super fast transition.  no socks and elastic laces.  havent done that in a long time.  so this is where i really needed to maintain a decent pace.  i knew rae was behind me so i had to at least run the same pace.  i really wanted to push it.  it felt like longest 5k i have ever run but i was really happy with the result.  not so much the time in itself but that i worked harder and got a much better average pace  than at mandurah.  i also managed to stay ahead of rae (i am sure she wasnt too happy about it) and came in 6th in my age group.  i was only taken out of 5th by 10 seconds.  that girl really ran me down.  the top four were in  another league.  tim ran past me.  he said it was great having us in the front wave as he had something extra to run down !

so i ended up having a pretty good day out and gave me some confidence back.  hung around a little while after but did not stay for the presentations and spot prize.  they really string it out and i had an hours drive home.  it seems strange this year.  only two races in perth and both over and done with for the year.  feels like i have missed summer.  

now for some serious 70.3 training !

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