Thursday, February 14, 2013

the year of the dragon that was

2012 was the year of the dragon and i am a dragon so the year was going to be my year.  it is hard to think back and remember that i started the year needing an iron infusion and now having completed two 70.3 races and my first full ironman i realise that it was a big year and a pretty good effort.  sadly it was also in may that i was told molly dog has cancer.  while she is doing really well everyday is a gift.  

after busselton i felt like i recovered okay.  i went for a group ride two weeks later and while it was a hard ride (normally it is an easy day out but we went as one with the faster group) i felt okay but i think it was too much too soon.  i also took my road bike and basically it fucked with my lower back.  since then i have struggled and some days i feel okay and others i have felt like crap.  things are coming good now and i am getting some consistency back.  i have had 4 weeks out of the pool which i always planned on.  five years of swimming 3-4 times a week was even burning me out.  running has been slow.

over christmas and new year i had two weeks off work and i worked on the house every day.  i cleaned out every room and cupboard.  i painted the ceilings in the main bedroom and living area.  i will never do that again.  i also painted the walls in each room.  i changed the colour scheme quite a bit as i really needed a change.  the main living/kitchen room is quite large so this was a project in itself.  i also scrubbed the floor tiles and i have to admit this came up really well.  i bought quite a bit of paint and ended up with two tins of jellybeans as dulux was having their special.  5.6 kilos of jellybeans.  hope this doesnt cost me in dentist bills.

so lance finally came clean - just not in the way we wanted.  what do i think.  i think he is a nasty prick, a liar and a cheat.  i was like everyone else and i believed.  i read the books - more than once.  even when i thought he might have taken drugs i justified it by saying it was a level playing field.  everyone took drugs.  but once he was banned for life i started reading all the negative reports.  i read tyler hamiltons book.  he is also a liar and a cheat and he only ever came clean because he got caught.  but i also read books by journalists who have fought for years for people to see the real lance armstrong.  the drug cheating doesnt bother me as much as the personal attacks and nasty tactics lance employed just to win.  he never was and never will be a true champion.  a true champion would have stood up and said this is wrong.  he will be punished in the court of public opinion.  i dont think he should be banned for life.  10 years will be enough so by the time he can return he will past any possibility of making an impact.  when he spoke to oprah about being able to run a marathon he was just about to say what else he wanted to do and oprah interrupted.  you could see him getting excited.  he really wants it so he shouldnt have it.  and when he is 50 and turns up at some event i have no doubt that he will not be welcome.

so i have neglected this blog.  i just needed a break.  i have a race report to write and results to update.  i feel like i am getting back into it.  i have another race this week and the shortest one i have done in over a year.  hopefully it will be fun and not as much suffering.  however this year is going to be the year of suffering.  i intend to push myself.  i think with all the training i do i should be getting slightly better results.  i need to train smarter.

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