Wednesday, December 12, 2012

in the aftermath of ironman

in the aftermath of ironman i am doing something i havent done in quite awhile.  i am enjoying a glass of wine and eating bacon. even better the bacon is part of my fettuccine carbonara that i cooked for dinner.  something i only have when i have really done some hard work and earned it.

so back to the race.  after saying goodbye to dad, stuart and mathew i wandered into the recovery tent and i was so disappointed.  i had visions of the best pizza ever, a really cold masters choc milk and icecream but not the creamy stuff.  the iceblock kind.  all i got out of that was really bad pizza and a cold can of passiona.    the chicken noodle soup was pretty good though.  luckily i had a choc milk back in my room so that is where i headed.  i picked up my finisher t-shirt and then went and grabbed my trusty bike and run/bike bags.  with the car being across the road this wasnt too hard.  

back at my hotel i unpacked the car and threw my wetsuit in the bathtub while sculling my choc milk.  i was still a bit hungry but couldnt be bothered going anywhere so i just ate anything i had that didnt have sugar in it.  something bad was going on in my shoe so i took them off and operated on the massive blister on my left big toe and also let the fluid out of the rest.

after my shower i put my skins compression on and just lay on the bed.  i was so tired but sleep was just about impossible.  all the caffeine and sugar was going to make me struggle to sleep.  

since then my recovery has been outstanding.  easier than after the 70.3 in may.  i didnt do much the next day  other than go pick up my last special needs bag and visit the merchandise store for a finishers hoodie.  i did a drive through of mcdonalds and got two gourmet breakfast rolls and more choc milk for a feast.  barely touched the sides going down.  i did go for a swim in the hotel pool but it didnt involve a swim cap or goggles.  i drove home the following day and now i am back at work.  adventure over.

so - what is next.  i did not sign up for next year.  i need to get things done and after four years of constant races (which includes 2 x 70.3 and a 140.6 this year alone) a winter off will be beneficial - to not only re-charge the batteries but to get the house organised and get a bit of balance back.  i still have some races over summer and cairns 70.3 in june so i wont be lying on the sofa.  however i will get to do things that most people take for granted.  i can enjoy a glass of wine every now and then.  i dont have to worry on a daily basis about my food and am i getting the right recovery done.  i can buy clothes that are not made of lycra.   i might actually have some extra cash.  sleeping in on a sunday is possible.  i can go shopping just to wander around and look at stuff.  my house will be clean and my clothes will stored in the closet and not in the ironing basket.  my garden will be weed free.  i can stay up past 8.30 during the week and 9 pm on weekends.  i can go out with friends.  i can ride my mountain bike - for fun.  i can take the dogs to the beach.  
my blog can get a refresh and an update.  i can think about something other than ironman.  anyway you get the picture.

in case you are wondering - yes there will be another ironman race for me.  it will either be a race in early 2014 or i will go back to busselton at the end of 2014.  i think i always knew that this would become my new path.  the first ironman is such a learning curve.  i have so much i need to go back and improve on and while i didnt make any big mistakes i want to correct the small ones.  i have ideas already and i love the fact that i will know what to do next time and have that extra confidence of knowing what to expect.  i have time to work on these things and i am really excited for the future.  

it is strange not training every day and with my legs feeling like they are back to normal i have to behave myself and rest for at least another 10 days.  i had a massage last night and mean mel says my legs felt great and she is surprised.  but i didnt win the prize for worst feet.  apparently tim won that hands down.  tonight i think i will soak in the bath and enjoy that glass of wine i keep talking about.

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