Saturday, December 8, 2012

commit train pray

well i committed and then i trained.  so now it is time to pray.  i have to go to sleep in an hour and a bit so i can get up at an ungodly hour to go swim around a jetty, cycle for a bit and then run 4 x 10k laps.  a lot of things are going through my head and i am struggling a bit with nerves.  i was nervous at my very first triathlon and it took quite awhile for me to be at ease. i wonder if this is partly why i do triathlon. the fear factor.  i think after my first 70.3 things improved dramatically.  i tell myself i have to trust in my training and i have to have trust in my experience.  i have given myself the very best chance of success.  they say it becomes 10 % training and 90% mental.  i know i will be fine once i get in the water.

my beautiful trusty crisis bike

this has been quite a journey.  i could look back to the chunky girl who struggled to run 2.5k at the end of a 300m swim and 10k bike but i am not the only person who has ever come from that level to be on the verge of doing their first ever ironman.  it took me 4 years or so.  some people go from the couch to ironman in 12 months.  everyone has to go through their journey in their own way.  it is the same with the decision to do an ironman.  you have to have your own reasons why because that will determine what type of experience you will have and whether you do the training.  i did the training.  it seems so long ago that i have to remind myself constantly so that it gives me the confidence to do what i have to do tomorrow.  whether i did the right training will be answered in the second half of the marathon - along with my nutrition plan and hydration.  i know i am not going to go too hard in the swim.  it will be the easiest part of the day so i am going to enjoy it.  i am going to aim for  around 80% effort on the bike because i know i need to run a marathon after it.  the second half of the marathon will also determine if i have the mental toughness that i believe i have.  

i dropt my bike off earlier today along with the bike and run bags.  i think i have everything i could possibly need.  there is nothing new, just the stuff i used in training.  it was quite a scene down there today.  i rode down at 6 am as well and people were everywhere - either riding or at the swim practice.  water looked great which it always has the day before so hopefully third time lucky it will be the same on race day.  forecast looks good.   being around all the ironman folk can be quite intimidating.  i keep reminding myself (courtesy of 'go long') my body did the training - i belong.  is it bad to feel a little better when you see someone who obviously forgot to drop a few kilos ?  anyway.

again -  i have done the training and all i need now is to stay calm and execute the plan.

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