Thursday, December 6, 2012

arriving at ironman western australia

the day is almost here and i cannot believe how fast 12 months flew by.  i finished work last friday and since then have really been chilling.  over the weekend i got the final main taper workouts done.   everything was starting to feel better and easier.  my legs feel a little stiff but over the next few days i will stay off them and get some good stretches and some easy yoga done.  i feel like i havent done any training and that i have no fitness.  it feels like my last big workout was months ago.  i am hoping my taper doesnt start to kick in the day after the race.

monday and tuesday  i got all my gear organised and i have a lot.  i plan for everything and every contingency and i bring two of everything.  i finally got to wash my car.  i was up early wednesday and packed the car and this time got the bike and dogs in the right way.  the bike stood up behind the front seats with the front wheel off and the dogs had their own little area behind the back seats.  it was a stress free drive that included stopping off and getting new tyres on the car.  molly, casey and i hung out at the park opposite for the hour it took.  dropt the dogs off at the folks place.  hope they are okay.  molly still needs some treatment on her eyelid.  then it was a short 30 minute drive to busselton.

previously i have stayed at the abbey beach resort and i really liked it there.  the rooms are really nice and worth the price.  but i couldnt get in this time and i was waitlisted.  i found out when it was too late that they did get me in they just forgot to call and let me know.  i wasnt too worried because i was booked in at the broadwater beach resort which i thought was a very nice place although a little more costly.  well it sucks.  it has been the only downer so far.  i was meant to have a king size bed and no one can convince me that two singles pushed together are a king size bed.  then the room as an odour.  like the inside of an old wardrobe.  i complained about both and i hate making an issue. they could move me but it would cost me more money.  it is always hard when your expectations are not met and this was meant to be a treat for me and a bit of  a holiday. i bought some air freshener and it has helped.  they need an upgrade.  the rooms are looking very worn and most certainly not worth the money paid.  on the upside it is very quiet and i am downstairs.  

i am 100 metres from the beach and the wonderful path that runs adjacent.  so i went for my last 30 minute run and got rid of some of the angst.  that was wednesday.  then yesterday i decided to not get my last swim in at the beach practice session but went to the local pool instead.  a nice little 25 metre indoor.  afterwards i relaxed before going down to check in and pick up my race bag.  i wanted to get this out of the way early and stay  off my legs.  i wasnt the only one with this in mind and there was a bit of queue but it moved quickly.  weigh in fully clothed was 58 kilos so on target there.

in every sport there are dickheads and triathlon is no exception.  now people can do whatever they want but i have to admit i felt i didnt dress appropriately.  i did not have any compression gear on and i wasnt wearing either a shirt or hat from any previous event i have completed.  and i have to laugh at the amount of people out riding in full competition gear.  i know that you need to test run stuff but i do this before i arrive at the event.  and at most a short ride the day before.  is this wrong or should i be out riding the course with a sperm helmet on.  anyway i get a giggle from it all.  

i am taking photos today.  till tomorrow.

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