Tuesday, November 27, 2012

nutrition and the dilemma of what to wear

everyone who goes down the path of long course triathlon has to develop a nutrition plan.  if you dont all sorts of bad things can happen.  i have read a lot of race reports and nutrition gets a mention every time.  some plans are so damn complicated you need a university degree to keep up while others are as basic as they come.  nutrition is the fourth discipline of triathlon.  recovery is the fifth.  

i have elected to adopt the 'kiss' principle of 'keep it simple stupid'.  i know that i need to consume 1 gram of carbs per kilo of body weight per hour and i know the approx amount of calories.  i also know how much fluid to take in.  i have the motto of  'drink a little a lot'.  i use gu gels and i drink gu brew.  on course they will have gatorade and i dont have a problem with that.  i use shotz electrolytes.  i usually have a couple of cliff bars or similar.  i like eating bananas.  i need to remember to drink my shotz before and after gels otherwise i can get a bit bloated and i think my body isnt processing the gels well enough.  

i can be bad when running and not eat or drink enough and this is where drinking a little a lot will be important.  i plan to continue with the gu gels/shotz/brew up until the 20k mark.  then i will stop the gels and start to include  the magic elixir of coke.  

i have three other tools in my little bag of tricks.  i always carry nurofen plus, gastro stop and salt sticks.  depending on how things go the only one i will use is the salt stick tablets.

i still havent quite decided if i will have a special needs bag or not.  for either the bike or the run.  i am thinking a frozen red bull and maybe a long shirt for the run.  i really want to keep this simple and aside from the fitness benefits training does give you a huge opportunity to figure all this out.  the only variable that has me thinking i will need emergency items is the weather.  if the weather is hot things can change and training over winter doesnt give you the chance to test it all.

when it comes to the decision of what to wear i have opted for comfort.  this event is not about time.  the only result i am interested in is enjoying myself and finishing.  it would be naive to think that i dont have a goal time in mind but i keep this in a box that i dont open until it is time.  having a personal focus ensures i dont do anything stupid and burn all my matches too early in the day.  i tested my wetsuit over a longer distance on the weekend and it  went well.  i will probably just wear my swimmers over my sports bra.  the big thing here is to apply lots of glide and avoid chaffing at all costs.  i am wearing my tried and tested bike gear.  that means my endurance 2xu bike shorts with the great padding.  i will wear one of my oldest but most comfortable bike jerseys and my zoot armcoolers.  i have to decide between the effect of being a little warmer but protected and avoiding sunburn/ sun stroke or being able to sweat freely and have the feeling of being cooler.  you cannot underestimate the impact of the sun.  the arm coolers are great and even better when you throw water over them.  sunscreen does not stop you getting sunburnt.  i am also going to wear my triathlon bike shoes without socks.  these are bigger and will be better if my feet swell in the heat.  i have pretty much assumed that the day will be hot.  somethings may change if this turns out not to be the case.  

in transition i will be taking my time.  i will re-apply sunscreen and deodorant.  i dont want to stink all day.  i want it to feel like it is just another training day.  for the run i am wearing my run gear.  a pair of short A400 skins, my nike running singlet and nike hat.  i have a spi running belt that i can carry a few goodies in.  this will include blister bandaids and my little drug supply as above.  i will rely on the aid stations for everything else.

it would be nice to be able to do the event in one outfit but the two factors that swayed me to go for a change is the risk of sunburn and while my ugly seat is amazingly comfortable i still want the added padding on the bike.

there is nothing here that i have not used before as we all know the golden rule if racing - never try anything new.  i am a little worried on the nutrition side of things.  training is never exactly the same as putting it altogether on the day.  i know i just have to be disciplined and things should come together.

it is officially taper time and it feels weird.  i feel like i am not doing anything but getting fat. i am also really really hating work at the moment. i just want to be away from this place.  i could easily just pick up my bag and walkout of here.  the girl that works here - actually that is a lie as she doesnt work she just fucks around all day.  well she is annoying me beyond belief.  i am not talking to her as i may say something i will regret.  i am really paranoid about getting sick.  i know i will start to relax once i am done with work.  2.5 days.

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