Thursday, November 22, 2012

ironman run course and an update

42 kilometres.  this i have not done before and especially after a 180k bike ride.  so as it is for most people this will be the really challenging part for me.  but as my dad recently reminded me i need to focus on each part and not the whole.  and for me it is 4 x 10k laps.  i never refer to it in its entirety.  they have changed the run course again this year so i hope it keeps the great atmosphere that it is known for.  it basically heads out west along the coast to a turn around and then you run back past transition to another turnaround.  again staying adjacent to the coast.  you collect 4 bands as you complete each lap.  the course is flat, probably hot and maybe a bit of a breeze.  if the bike is hot and windy it will be a little tougher.

as we know i do not have a huge run background.  i have never done a half marathon as a stand alone event and i have never run further than my longest training run (last month) which was 27k.  my programme was written with my history taken into account.  it had a bigger focus on the bike and doing longer bricks off the bike.  i also changed to running alot more on the treadmill and this certainly had an impact on me being (touch wood) injury free at the end of ironman training.  another huge positive is that my cadence has improved and along with improved fitness i am running faster.  i dont know if this will flow through to the big day but i have felt great doing short bricks after my longest rides so i can only take that as a positive.

my plan is to run as far as i can for as long as i can and see how much i can handle past a half marathon.  i will then walk the aid stations and just take things as they come.  i am expecting the end of the third lap and beginning of the last lap to be the most difficult.  after that i am hoping that the adrenalin will kick in and bring me home.  my dad and brother are going to track me live and drive down from bunbury when i get close to being half way through the run.  hopefully i will get to see them before and at the finish line.  i am worried how i will cope and this is where the mind will play a more significant role.

from speaking to other people and knowing that one of the biggest challenges is getting to the ironman start line fit and healthy it seems i have done well to get through training without a major injury (again touchwood - i am starting to get paranoid about this and people with colds/flu etc).  i think i have trained smarter and i have put a great deal of effort into my recovery.  sometimes i get a little annoyed when people say to me that i am lucky and i guess luck does have a part to play but so does the many hours i spend preventing injury.  i stretch, i do yoga, i suffer ice baths after long runs and a few long rides.  i use compression and i rub arnica cream into aching muscles.  i have a massage every two weeks and trust me this is a most painful experience and not cheap.  i get physio when i need it.  after trying everything i could google i finally got my pf under control.  that was a long haul.  

this is my last week of any real sort of training.  my two biggest weeks feel like forever ago.  this week has been tough.  i am over it all.  i am tired and sick of the smell of sweaty lycra and unwashed drink bottles.  work has been busy and molly dog has been back at the vets.  i started panicking last week about my swimming so put some big swims in and then signed up for an open water swim this saturday at coogee.  it wont make any difference to my fitness but swimming 2.5k in my wetsuit in open water will be a huge confidence booster.  i worry that i havent done enough.  i ran my last long run yesterday - 20k.  i was meant to do a 2.5 hour trainer ride today  but i have (again) swapped it for a ride outside.  i dont feel like i am ironman fit.  i really should be pretty happy with my training.  i never missed a bike session.  only two runs were cut short by 15 minutes otherwise they all got done.  i did miss a few swims and some of the ones i did do were crap sessions as my legs were fucked.  upon reflection i hope i will appreciate all this a great deal more.  especially when i am out on the course and hopefully not suffering as much as other people.  

the fun news today is that i managed to get in and sign up for cairns 70.3 ironman in june 2013.  i took a chance and did not enter busselton 70.3 for may 2013.  the bike course is amazing and i have never been to cairns.  i had already booked my flight using frequent flyer points so i really did take a chance. 


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