Thursday, November 29, 2012

an open water swim at coogee

last week i entered my first stand alone open water swim since this time last year when i did the rotto swim thru.  i had this moment of panic that my swimming hasnt been enough.  that i had spent too much time just plodding along because my legs were always knackered.   i had also never swam in my wetsuit over 1.9k so it needed to be tested.  my last swim at mandurah i felt i had struggled to breathe and the wetsuit was too tight.

these events are organised by swimming wa and are usually pretty good.  but this one took ages to start as they struggled to get the course buoys right.  the first wave was the 500m swimmers who do the course with a chaperon.  this is fantastic for getting people into the sport.  they dont start any other wave until the last 500m swimmer is back.  

the second wave was the 5k swimmers and i was in the third wave for 2.5k.  i felt good and the wetsuit felt okay too.  the water temp was around 21 degrees, very little wind or current so perfect conditions.

heading out to the deep water start i felt good and the previous warm up swim had felt okay too.  the gun sounded and off i went.  it was a great swim.  the first lap was just finding my rhythm and place amongst the swimmers.  as usual i was very slow but began to pick people off and pass them.  i was also swam over by a few of the 5k swimmers.  there were no stingers at all so it really was perfect conditions.  as usual we had the surf lifesavers patrolling the water and the westpac helicopter had been overhead checking for marine life.  

on the second lap i decided that i needed to practice swimming more to my right.  i swim bilateral in the pool but only to my strong left side in open water.  but i was so comfortable in the water and my breathing was going so well i swam the whole second lap bilateral.  this is a huge confidence boost for me and the swim overall did wonders for my confidence.  my wetsuit felt good the whole time and if there are any trouble spots i know where they are.  i really had time to think about my technique and observe.

swam past a few people to the finish line for a decent 53 minute swim.  after this i headed off to claremont for a double swim day and did an hour session with the squads.  i went surprisingly well and know that the endurance miles have been done.  got home and on the bike for a 90 minute ride followed by a 50 minute run.  and for once i managed to get home just before a massive storm (with hail) came through.

just about to finish work and head off to the pool.  i am officially on holidays for 10 days.  whaa hooo.

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