Thursday, September 27, 2012

giving 100% all of the time

is it possible to always give 100% ?  or can you split the effort ?  i feel like i have gone through life never having really given 100%.  is it actually possible to do it or is your perceived best effort really 100%.  how do you define what is actually 100% ?

the reason i have been thinking about this is of course ironman training.  for me 100% would be not missing a session, meeting all the training goals of each session, eating well, recovering correctly, yoga workouts, massage, strength and core sessions etc etc.  for a person who works full-time this is unrealistic - or is it ?   

i completed my degree part-time while working full-time at some fairly demanding roles.  i always felt disappointed because i found it difficult to give 100% and achieve the marks i probably would have if i was just a full-time student. or is that just an excuse ? or maybe i would have had the same result anyway because instead of work as an excuse i would have been hanging out with my mates at the tavern ?  i dont think i have ever really applied myself 100%.  my mum would give me a hard time when i was younger but i dont think it was because she wanted to encourage or motivate me.  it was just one more thing to criticise  me about and make herself feel a little bit better.

my training is going pretty good and i am hitting all the session targets as far as time and distance.  i havent missed any run or bike sessions and only a few swims.  but coach ironman has included targets regarding cadence for both the run and bike.  he has also included some weekday hill rides.  it is difficult for me to get to hills during the week - i already start work an hour late on those days and i live in the swan 'valley' - you know, the flat part.  the cadence target is just ridiculous.  the range given is what elite or pro cyclists (something i clearly am not) maintain over distance.  but that is a topic for another blog.  so while i am going 'pretty good' am i really giving it 100% ?

crowie won kona and broke the course record at the same time.  so you would say that winning is the best result and he probably gave 100%.  but did he ?  was it the perfect race ?  he got cramps towards the end so did he neglect his nutrition or did he go just that little bit too hard on the bike ?  does 100% effort always mean you will get a good result ?  at the time you may feel like you are giving 100%. so is that the answer - that you can look back and think i could not have done anything else under the circumstances.  or under the circumstances did i cop out ?  i have ten weeks to go.  i hope i can give it 100%.

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