Monday, July 23, 2012

the long ride

i really enjoy riding my bike.  especially the crisis bike.  it is just a beautiful bike to ride and it feels fast. i always do my longest ride sunday morning and i try to change where i ride up every few weeks so i dont get bored. i dont mind doing laps but i have ridden around the swan valley and the vines enough that i know most bumps in the road.  i know where all the kangaroos live and the ducks swim.  so this weekend i headed off to the  freeway bike path which is a well known ironman route - it is long, flat and car free.  

i drove to the south perth foreshore and parked the car.  got all the gear on.  seriously winter is bullshit for all the crap you need to wear against the wind and cold.  i hate wearing long gloves.  it makes it harder to feel the bike and everything else.  i had my supply of gels and cliff bars, three bottles of fluid, an ipod loaded with new music, my phone and spares tubes x 2.

i really hate the bike path from the city to the mount henry bridge.  it pisses me off every time i ride it.  the bike path is old and in some sections not very wide.  you get the most traffic here.  people walking or running, folks out on old bikes just going for a casual ride and the ones i hate the most.  male cafe bound lycra clad fuckwits on bikes. i dont understand why they insist on riding two or three abreast on a path that is a metre wide (on their side).  they dont even attempt to move across when passing.  and at this time with the tour de france on they all think they are riding in the fucking peleton.  i have no explanation as to why i think this but i am sure that they think they are hot shit as they pass me whilst riding into a headwind but doing a bradley wiggins and sitting off someone else's back wheel on their 10km ride to the most trendy cafe for coffee and a fucking croissant.  

there are roadworks just after the bridge and this is a bit of a hassle and slows the ride down a bit as the bike path takes a detour.  but once past this it is fantastic.  the path is near new and really smooth with very little traffic.  it is not the most exciting route as it heads adjacent to the freeway but it is long and relatively safe. 

the plan was to ride 65k south and then turn around and ride back for my longest ride to date.  around the 50k mark i started looking for a big tree to take a pee.  at the same time i did a costume change and off came the long gloves and leg warmers.  i was really enjoying the day.  the sun was warm and the wind quite mild.  this ride is well known for having a nasty headwind or cross breeze on the return back to the city but i didnt think it would be a problem.  i was a little bit wrong.

after having a bit of a stretch i headed back and it was a bit of a slog.  i have ridden into more headwind on this ride before but still it wasnt pretty.  i kept thinking that once i got past the exposed pathway it would be easier but then it just became like a wind tunnel.  the only good thing is the speed concept is a wonderful bike to ride into any type of wind.  it just cuts through.  about 30k from the finish i was struggling.  my neck/shoulder muscles were killing me.  i need to relax on the bike and not ride all tensed up.  my  knee was annoying me.  my cleats had been adjusted slightly and from past experience i know this can be the cause so i will change it back and see what happens.  then there is the seat.  this has improved and i have to decide whether i persevere or spend more money looking for a better option that may not be any different in the long run.

on the bike path along the freeway - the part i hate i nearly collected a dad and his little girl on her bike.  the dumb dad came off an over pass and didnt even look to see if any bikes were coming along the path.  i had the right of way.  i swore at him and then felt bad because of the little girl.

i was pretty happy to arrive back at the car.  i should have stretched but just wanted to be home.  on the drive all i could think about was a hot bath and food.  something warm and filling that i didnt have to prepare.  so i stopped by dominio pizza and got one with the lot and a hawaiian.  i didnt worry about unloading any gear.  straight into the house and immediately wolfing down some pizza.  it was seriously some of the best fucking pizza ever.  130.3k average 27.9km per hour.

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