Sunday, July 8, 2012

imwa week 23 - up and running

the week went something like this.


woke up feeling shitty.  like i was getting the flu - AGAIN.  made an appointment to get a flu shot.  did nothing more than vegetate on the sofa after work and fall asleep while watching the tour de france.  legs felt tired after big weekend rides.  left over pasta for dinner.  blah.


tired when i woke up and still feeling fluey.  crappy day at work.  headed to the gym and felt pretty good nailing the following interval.

warm up - 2k at 6 min pace
10 x 400m with 90 sec rest in between
first 5 at 5.40 pace, next 3 at 5.20 pace and last 2 at 5 min pace
cool down - 1.5k at 6 min pace
total 7.5k

shower, eggs on toast and back to the sofa and the tour de france.


had an early morning trainer session planned so i could swim after work but still felt crappy.  watched breakfast tv instead.  left work at 10am to go get flu shot.  glad i cancelled my plan to swim.  worked my butt off doing a 70 min spinerval tempo session on the indoor trainer.

defrosted and  re-heated spaghetti for dinner while watching the excellent sbs coverage of the tour.


still feeling the effects of the flu shot and arm is quite sore.  swimming still off the radar but was really looking forward to running.  a pyramid session on the treadmill.

warm up - 2k at 6 min pace
400, 600, 800, 1200, 800, 600, 400 at 5.10 pace with 400m recovery in between each set at 6.15 pace.
cool down - 1.2k at 5.40 pace
total 10.4k

took time out to go to the supermarket and grab a big fat juicy steak and secret ingredients for my special coleslaw.  scoffed this down after stretching and a nice warm shower.  and again while watching the tour.  i love the tour but wish i could stay awake long enough to see the stage finish.


bit peeved that i still dont feel 100%.  really need to swim today. work was boring and i was really tired.  got home and fell asleep on the sofa.  is the body trying to tell me something ?


rained overnight and the crisis bike had a flat tyre - i think just the co2 disappearing from the previous weekend puncture so got the roadie off the trainer and headed out for group ride at 6.30am.  it was COLD.  i was the only girl to show in a small turn out of 5.  still struggling to breathe and snotty nose.  i think one of the guys thought he was chasing down a breakaway group as we raced along for a quick 40k.  i kept going for a further 30k after they departed for the coffee shop.  legs felt good.  decided against swimming and got crap done around the house instead.  a quick trip to the supermarket before doing the following session on the treadmill.  a good week for running.

warm up - 2k at 6 min pace.
6 x 600m at 5.30 pace with 90 sec RI
cool down - 1.5k at 6 min pace
total 7.1k


i really didnt want to get out of bed.  i had quite a few conversations with myself.  i would have done anything to be able to sleep in and watch tv.  it was cold out and wet but the rain looked liked it would now stay away.  i told myself to just HTFU and get on with it.  on the road by 7.15 am.  rode for 115k over 4 hours.  got really blustery cold winds towards the end.  kept thinking of how nice my nice warm house would be when i was done and the chocolate pancakes and the berry banana shake.  had a nana nap and then more crap done around the house - including washing two dirty bikes. back to watching the tour and a really scrumcious lamb roast for dinner.

so a good week for the bike and the running went really well.  my foot is feeling better and recovering quicker.  now i just have to get back in the pool.  next week i am changing the whole program around and really mixing up the days.  an experiment to resolve the big weekend cramming workouts and find me some time to do something other than train.

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