Wednesday, July 18, 2012

imwa week 21 - focus on the positive

i read somewhere this week that people tend to forget what is good in their life and just focus on all the things that they dont like, are unhappy about or on the things that they dont have.  and in doing this it makes them even more unhappier and miserable.  and it is true.  we do focus on what we dont have rather than what we do.  so i have been trying to catch myself out and reverse the way i look at things.  i was getting a bit down with my swimming and really dwelling on how fucking useless i am.  but when i think about it how many people can swim 3k in an hour ?  or have attempted and completed some of the ocean swims that i have done ?  i could focus on what i havent been able to achieve but instead i should be proud of what i have completed and how far i have come since i started this adventure.  

you would have to living under a rock to not know the tour de france is on at the moment.  i love watching it.  but this year i have been disappointed.  frank schleck has gone after testing positive to a banned substance.  there are constant rumours about the sky team and i just dont put much value on a win achieved off the back of another team mates wheel. and a team mate that has come from nowhere to now being able to beat the best in the world on the toughest climbs in the world.  it is hard too because last year was a great race. it was there for cadel to win or lose and through his own efforts he won it.  i might be biased but those last three stages were brilliant.  i guess it doesnt help either that the olympics are only 10 days away and many riders are already focused on that.

we had another fatal shark attack.  five in ten months.  a surfer was taken off wedge island up near lancelin.  it attacked from below and basically bit the surfer in half.  a jet skier tried to come and retrieve the remains but the shark was still there and came in and took the rest and swam away with it.   it was a great white.  most people dont want them culled but when you ask them if they swim in the ocean they say no.  it doesnt impact them so they support the shark.  i dont want them slaughtered.  i just think the numbers need to be reduced.  once the shark passes puberty they have no predator so the numbers have increased.  maybe people will change their minds once events are no longer held here and business and tourism suffers.  

last sunday i did the 80k waroona cyclosportif again.  it is very hilly and i learnt that i need to ride hills more.   it is a beautiful ride though and nice to do in winter rather than the heat of summer.  the group i was with (all guys) were very kind and we stayed together the whole way.  i only had a problem staying with them on the uphill and found the flats no problem.  the last 5-7 k of the ride is a very nice downhill and as i was enjoying the free ride i came past these young kids sitting up on a small hill outside their house.  it was here i was treated to a good old fashioned brown eye mooning.  it was quite a surprise and very funny.  

training is ticking along as usual.  

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