Tuesday, June 12, 2012

finding my mojo

i have finally solved the problem and now have access to my blog at work.  i know it is wrong to be working on personal projects whilst at work but i really fucking hate my job and i dont care.  it is boring beyond anything i can imagine.  but i have decided to commit to it until the end of the year and until i have crossed the finish line at ironman western australia.  i dont want a job that requires my attention or long hours and i need one that is flexible so i just have to suck it up.  plus i have also just convinced everyone that you have to bring cake in if it is your birthday and we have quite a few birthdays coming up.  the downside is this may also be part of the reason why i feel so flat.  i have lost my mojo AGAIN.  i accept that the news about molly has played a big part in how i feel and i feel very sad.  plus i felt a bit flat last year after busselton.  then the weather really sucks and i think i just need a holiday.  

my training has been very up and down and this makes me feel bad too.  a catch 22 situation really.  i keep missing sessions or moving them around and trying to catch up.  this week i have really planned things out.  from what i eat to what house stuff i get done.  i moved the television out of the bedroom.  i have set up the roadie on the indoor trainer.  i got the crisis bike back from the miracle guy and you cannot tell where the damage was - amazing.  i missed a swim yesterday but that was because a major storm hit the city.  i did run in the morning but i still should have got on the trainer in the afternoon instead of the swim.  now i have a swim to make up.  

the good news is that i have a training plan for the ironman.  actually i have found someone who i have confidence in and i believe knows what they are doing who has a training plan.  i dont think of him as coach and while he will be providing me with a 21 week program, weekly feedback and advice that will be the extent.  it will still be up to me.  i am very excited about this and i think that once i get into it my full mojo will return.  i am relieved because i dont know enough to do this on my own and if i am going to do it then i want to do it well.    next week i go to see coach ironman for a bike fit on the crisis bike.  i put this off as my past experience has been shitty and expensive.  but coach ironman has a good reputation for doing this and we have spoken of my past bad bike fits and i feel confident that this is going to be a good thing.  it will be set up for comfort and riding long.  we agree on that.  i will also be doing a max heart rate test.  i have a five test program that you do and then average the results to give you your maximum heart rate without actually taking your heart to its maximum rate.  it will be interesting to see the two results.

i am looking forward to the weekend.  it will be sunny weather and my first ride back on the crisis bike since busselton.  one thing i havent missed attending is my saturday session at swim smooth but i need more than one session a week if i want my swim fitness back.  so i will be at the pool after work tonight.  i really will be.  

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