Wednesday, June 27, 2012

imwa week 24 - back to basics

i dont know what has happened but it feels like the planets have shifted and i have been jolted awake.  it just might be due to the fact that i signed up for ironman 70.3 mandurah yeserday.  now that on its own isnt that big a deal - it will be my third 70.3 and i feel confident over the distance.  what has probably got me going is the fact that it is only 16 weeks away and after that only 7 weeks before ironman wa.    all of a sudden i have realised that this is serious and i better get my butt into gear.

last week my training was up and down.  i had one of those weird aura migraines again and that set me back a bit. i think alchol brings it on.  specifically spirits.  i dont have a bourbon very often and the last time was over a year ago. probably around the time i first experienced one of these head spasms.  so another thing i can no longer enjoy.  

so with my re-focus i have begun a new swimming campaign.  i got really pissed off last week at my swim smooth session.  i should be faster and i should have improved.  i think i lost focus and with the iron issue drifted off into just swimming junk miles.  so i have put aside my current swim plans and gone back to my old ones.  i am back to tough interval swims, mixing up the strokes and a bigger range of drills.  i have also updated to a finis tempo trainer and will use this for pace and critical swim speed sets.

for the bike i have some really tough spinerval dvd's and that has me motivated to get on the indoor bike (which i am doing).  otherwise i am still getting two rides in every week and i will have my bike fit finished tomorrow.  i have also signed up for the Waroona Cyclosportif.  

everyone knows how boring running on a treadmill is and the road kept drawing me back.  but my last 10k really hurt the PF so i must only run on the treadmill.  so again i looked at what i was doing and the fact that my running has NEVER improved.  this week i started running intervals on the treadmill using my garmin and setting up custom workouts.  this is fun and not boring at all.  and i have discovered i really can run faster than i think i can.  this is going to be interesting.

all that remains is yoga, strength and the million stretching exercises i have to do to control one issue or another.  i will have to get back to you on this one.

i have an update on molly dog.  molly had her chemo treatment on her eye lesion a month ago.  it made her eyelid very droopy and was quite scabby.  we went back to her special vet on monday and he was VERY happy with the result.  it has healed up now and is not as droopy but he thinks it is fantastic result and unless i find something else unusual on her skin or the lesion changes (i have taken pics) then molly doesnt have to go back for two to three months.  this is excellent and gives me time to save more money for the next battle.  molly has no idea that anything is different except maybe for the extra pats and hugs and being able to get away with everything and anything. 

this may be a re-hash of topics of a similar theme but i felt the need to touch base and draw a line in the sand so i know where the real training begins.  it really is time to get serious and focus.

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