Friday, May 4, 2012

the night before busselton

it seems like such a long time (again) since i have posted anything.  i feel like i am constantly on the go and even now - the night before my second half ironman i still feel like i am chasing my tail.  the reality is i am just grateful to be here.  sometimes i feel like i have a really good race in me and i will improve on last year and other times i feel like i will just be glad when it is all over.

i have done all the work.  how good was that work i dont know.  my feet are good and although the pf in my heel is still there it is much better.  i have had problems with my lower back - first time for everything and my physio really had no answer.  i am not too worried as it only seems to bother me when i am sitting at a desk - like now.  if it becomes a problem my plan is to just accept the pain and move on.  after that 100k hell ride i did the weekend before i had the iron transfusion then i figure i can deal with anything.

the bad news is the weather is not great.  this could really throw any chance of a pb out the window.  the good news is that it is warm and NO WIND.  however it might be a bit chilly tomorrow and it will rain.  i dont care as long as the wind stays away.  my ride this morning was very foggy (terrible when you rely on prescription sunnies !) and you could barely make out the jetty.  good shark weather - sorry we are not allowed to say sharks.  it is good marine life weather.  they have changed the swim course.  instead of swimming out 900m alongside the jetty we have a mad 200m dash to the first turn and then we swim parallel to the beach for 900m.  this would have us swimming straight into the sun so any cloud cover will be a bonus. we then turn around and swim back - only 100m from the shore.  this means that if any 'marine life' come our way it will be easy to get us out of the water quickly. 

today i have relaxed some and had an easy swim in the hotel pool.  i love staying at the abbey beach.  my big treat for the year.  i went to the dunsborough bakery for lunch but it wasnt as good as last year.  i checked out the expo which was the same as last year and really not that exciting.  the goodies this year are the same.  super thin towel but a nice reebok tshirt.  i love the atmosphere at an event like this.  lots of really cool bikes and some very fit looking people. 

i feel like i am more relaxed compared to last year.  or it might be that while i am just as nervous i am more confident.  i know what to expect.  i have competed in wind and rain and i can handle it.  but you know every race brings up something different.

so stay tuned.  i do have a plan for afterwards.  the wine is in the fridge and the epsom salts are sitting next to the spa.  i will try and post twitter updates and pics.

the body is evil and must be punished.  or as macca says 'eat the pain'.  (i have no clue what that actually means !!) 

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