Monday, May 21, 2012

in the aftermath of busselton

so it has been two weeks since busselton and i had my first workouts on saturday with an early morning group ride followed by a session at swim smooth.  the weather has been outstanding and i really enjoyed being back in the water.  especially since i have had a nasty flu for the last ten days.  it has been horrible and bad enough that i actually spent my birthday in bed sick !  how sad.  anyway the last two weeks have been great as i caught up on some stuff around the house and then just did normal stuff.  like wandering aimlessly around a shopping mall, i got a haircut, went out for dinner and had a glass of wine !  and i have been taking the girls walking so often they now think it is a regular thing.  still there is alot to do around the house.  and that brings me to my decision not to be as generous to myself this birthday.  instead i am focusing the resources on all the upgrades and improvements that need to be done on the house.  besides there is nothing triathlon related that i really must have at the moment.  i know - amazing.

my other project is trying to decide what program i will adopt for my ironman training.  i have 29 weeks till the big day so time is on my side but i want this finalised by the end of this week.  i have quite a few options and some are free and some cost too much money.  i am very conflicted at the moment.

some very distressing news is that the crisis bike sustained an injury at busselton and is in for repairs.  i dont know how it happened and can only assume that a bike knocked/hit it  while in transition.  the thing with carbon is that water can damage the integrity of the carbon and any deep scratch or chip has to be sealed and repaired before using again.  luckily there is a guy in perth who works miracles with carbon bikes.  this is another advantage of owning more than one bike.

so my final thoughts on the race at busselton are -

the swim sucked.  but it wasnt just the conditions.  in the last 12 months my swim fitness had dropt off dramatically from when i was swimming at state swim and constantly swimming intervals and at threshold pace.  the iron problem compounded this issue big time.  so my goal is to get my swim fitness back. 

i have no complaints about the bike at all.  other than to ask opinion from people who are actual technical officials as to what i am doing wrong to get penalised for drafting or blocking.  i am still not sure what my actual offence was but blocking is probably best guess.  i am not sure how my painful back impacted the total result or when it comes down to it how the tough swim and decreased swim fitness impacted the overall result or did i actually go too hard on the bike ?  who knows but it was a fucking good bike ride.

i was disappointed with my run.  i really thought i would run faster than last year.  so again did the fast bike and tough swim have an impact ?  i dont think i was as relaxed or as rested as i was last year.  in the end this may have left me a little worn out for the run. 

so now it is time to move on with the ironman journey.  it is going to be an interesting ride.

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