Monday, April 16, 2012

dont you just love a taper

yes i am still here.  it feels like i have been away for ages.  i made it.  20 weeks of training and racing and now busselton 70.3 is less than three weeks away.  yesterday was my last really big day. i rode 120k in just over four hours.  it was a perfect day for riding too.  afterwards i thought i would lie down for an hour or so and instead slept for three.  it was really hard to then get up and head off to the gym to run 10k on the treadmill.  but i told myself it was the last thing on the build list and so i did it.  i am tired today and so very glad i have made it this point. 

overall i have been really lucky.  yes the low iron issue was fucking horrible and still being down after the infusion didnt help but i was lucky that i kept training and i think i have come out the other side stronger.  fingers crossed - i have no major injuries.  i do have pf in my right heel but it is manageable and other than that my feet have been really good.  i think i have put my legs through alot more work and they have held up much better than last year.  i dont think i could have done anymore.    the last two weeks were both 16 hour builds and my two last long runs went really well.  i surprised myself.  i did switch my shorter runs to the treadmill and this really helped. 

i keep all the numbers.  last year i only started my spreadsheet as a 15 week training plan while this year i had a 20 week plan.  the comparison over the final 15 weeks are -

last year                                  this year                                       plan
swim 86.8k  - 37.4 hrs           swim 90.2k - 36 hrs                     swim 106.7k - 39.5 hrs
bike 2402k - 86.8 hrs            bike 2522 - 87.7 hrs                     bike 2539k - 84.8 hrs
run 374k - 35.9 hrs                run 406k - 41.1 hrs                       run 472k - 45.1 hrs

so compared to last year i was quicker and rode more on the bike however while i ran more i was slightly slower.  somehow i managed to swim more and in less time.  in comparison to the actual plan i only missed a few swims, i pretty much rode the distance just not at the average speed planned (29 v. 30k per hour).  my running was down and this was due to the week of the City of Perth OD race followed by the iron infusion.  with everything that happened and the races i managed to complete this is a pretty good result.  the 20 week comparison is -

actual                                                 plan
swim 122.8k -  49 hrs                        swim 147.2k - 54.5 hrs
bike 3336k - 117.6 hrs                      bike 3206k - 107.3 hrs
run 499k - 50.6 hrs                            run 586k - 55.4 hrs

the total training time was the same for actual and plan - 217 hours.  so while i was down on the swimming and running i made up the time on the bike.  and this is a very good thing.  the bike is king.

while i do have the taper weeks to complete we all know that is the easy part.  someone last year told me as a first timer to really have fun and enjoy the experience and i am so glad i did.  you dont really understand what you are getting yourself into and the training is an adventure and the result just a plan to finish.  you dont get to go back and experience that feeling all over again.  this year has been tough and not fun at all.  i am just happy to still be here and now looking at having a good race.  i think i have a pretty good result in me but who knows what can happen on race day. 

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