Tuesday, March 20, 2012

imwa week 38 - fark it is only 7 weeks till busso 70.3

time to get serious about the busselton half.  only seven weeks to go from LAST saturday.  i am at the pointy end of things.  this week is  week three of a three week build.  then a week of recovery followed by the two biggest peak weeks and then taper time !  but i also have a sprint race at the end of the three week build followed by the karri valley triathlon during the recovery week.  and karri valley is not normal.  a 1.5k swim, 60k hilly bike ride and a 12k trail run should be interesting.  i think i will taper some for this event. 

touch wood but so far everything is going okay.  i am back swimming with the swim smooth squad and trying to pick the pace back up again.  swimming did suffer the most from the iron incident.  my goal is to swim more than i did last year in the last 8 weeks of busso training.  

the bike is going well but i would like to do more.   during my mid week ride my goal is to push a bigger gear than the one i feel comfortable with.  i want muscular endurance.  my group ride on saturday morning is all about a high tempo ride.  and winning the sprint to the coffee shop.  sunday is long and i am now aiming for consistent 120k rides.  i need to sort out my seat and position and set up the aero bottle.

and then there is running.  my dream goal for this year is to do the training and remain uninjured.  i would also like to not miss any sessions and run more than i did last year.  so far so good.  my feet are better this year with the new shoe set-up BUT i am having a small issue with a bit of plantar facsitis in my right heel.  what i have come to understand is that it all comes back to my calves.   lots of ice and heat and massage and stretching.  i am stretching everyday and trying to get in a couple of yoga sessions every week and it is working.  my heel is improving and my legs feel better.  and my fortnightly massage is just a miracle session and worth every cent.  i have also ordered a trigger point therapy kit and i am hoping that i havent wasted my money.  my long run is up to 17.5k this week. 

as usual not much is getting done around the house and i have just bitten the bullet and accepted that i will wait until the half is done with.    all this is not incredibly exciting and life does feel like it is just going through the triathlon cycle - eat, sleep, train and repeat.  but i have learnt it needs to be an organised triathlon cycle otherwise it will all fall apart.


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