Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hillaries sprint race report 2012

during the week i thought about pulling out of this event but i am really glad that i didnt.  while i didnt have a great race i did have a great time.  you really do learn something new every time you line up for an event and this one was no different.

preparation - flog the legs

this i did very well.  i was tired all week and just could not get going.  every session was a struggle and the    reason  why i thought about pulling the pin.  but as the week progressed i did start to feel better.  i ran close to 18k on thursday night and decided to get my long ride in saturday morning.  this was 90k into a gusty fresh crosswind.  nice punishment.  my sister was arriving from the states after the race on sunday so i had to get the house organised.  this meant time cleaning instead of resting up on the sofa.  felt okay race morning and while my foot was bothering me i figured i would make it through.  the conditions were the best i have seen at this course in a long time.  very little wind.

the swim

the water had very little chop and looked great.  since i really enjoyed my last open water swim i figured this would be okay although i knew my legs would feel heavy.  i am pissed off that i wasted good conditions and had a shit swim.  it was a wetsuit swim and i had planned on this as a good opportunity to get back into using the wettie.  as it turns out it had tightened up while lying on my sofa and i struggled the whole way to breathe.  i pulled at the neck trying to get water in and it loosened up but it never improved.  it also didnt help that i got a pretty good kick to the mouth.  i think she cut across in front of me and then just gave a kick.  i grabbed her leg and thought about yanking her back and smacking her in the face too.  but i checked and i still had my teeth so i let her go.  when you get a smack from out of nowhere your reaction is to hit out and even though i may have wanted to i would never do it.  i had swallowed some water and had to stop for a bit.  i then thought that this had fucked up my whole race.  but a bit of advice that crowie had given his sister-in-law popped into my head.  he just said that when something negative happens you have to let it go and just move on. so i did.  time 18.34.  very bad.

the bike

i was tired getting onto the bike.  it took me the first lap to warm up.  the second lap i was swapping positions with some young tri wa girls and by the third lap the wind had picked up and i just wanted to be done.  i passed alot of girls and really tried to make up for the bad swim.  but still my legs were tired and i didnt have a fast bike. not for that course and those conditions.  in my age group i was fifth fastest.  i did  pass one of my age group competitors who only races the short distances.  she has fresh legs and usually beats me by a few minutes.  i came in before her in rockingham and i really wanted to do it again.  i had gained four minutes on her on the bike.   my lip had also grown on the bike and i could feel this fat section on my top lip right in the middle.  i just tried to make sure i wasnt drooling while having a drink. 

the run

i have to say both my transitions were super quick this time and i was happy about them.  the wetsuit came off easy and i changed my laces over so while i still put socks on i didnt have to worry about tying laces.  the first half of the run was slow and painful.  my foot hurt a little but i knew that would go away.  my Achilles was bugging me a bit and i could now really feel the fat lip.  it is an out and back course so once you turn around you can see who is chasing you.  i was probably only 300-400 metres in front of the girl i wanted to beat.  i had promised myself that if i could i would really push it in the run and i needed to increase the pace to stay in front.  so i went from running 6.00 min training pace to 5.15 pace.  it hurt and i felt like stopping but i really have had enough of people passing me just before the finish line.  the last 2k of this run made my whole race and i was very pleased with myself.  i know that compared to other people my time is very average but i proved to myself that i can hang in there and i can push myself. 

groovy girls

what i have loved about the last two events is seeing the girls i know at the finish line and going over what happened to each other over the course of the race.  sometimes you cant get a word in and it is hysterical and so much fun and every one is totally pumped.  i love that the rest of the girls do so well but whatever the result it is just about meeting personal goals, having fun and a great race and personally  i am stoked that i am now a consistent MOP person with the odd flash of speed on the bike.  it is just fantastic that i get to be a part of it.  this race i bumped into a girl i had chatted to at the busselton half last year.  she is super nice and is a breast cancer survivor.  she also did the full ironman last year and so i am in awe.  hope to catch up with her again at busselton.

the wrap up

i grabbed some ice from the medical people and when i finally got to see my lip it was fucking huge.  people would pay good money for that look.  i wanted a picture but it is really hard to take one of your mouth without then getting a close up of what is up your nose.  final result - i was 7/15 in my age group with a total time of 1.30.39.  not a pb at this course but who cares.  i had fun.  this was the final race in the triseries.  next week i am in karri valley and i better get some legs back for that.

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