Tuesday, February 14, 2012

imwa week 43 - moving on with being normal

it has been one week since my iron transfusion.  such a simple process for something that was so debilitating.  i arrived with plenty of time to spare at the clinic.  filled in the paperwork and handed over my iron ampoule's.  the nurse took me into a room with other girls sitting in recliner chairs and iv poles next to them.  more paperwork and they set up the iv, stuck a needle in me and before i knew it i had iron being dripped into me.  i was incredibly tired.  i think the ride from hell on sunday took more out of me and i was also probably just farked from all the stress.  to finally be getting the help i needed things fell in a heap for me.  the haematologist came and spoke to me and gave me a very interesting and complex article on iron depleted athletes written by a doctor from perth.  he is a cyclist and was very interested in triathlon.  within 90 minutes i was done and given the all clear to go home.  i was under orders to not do anything strenuous for 48 hours as there are side effects - flu like symptoms and you can give yourself severe joint pain.  so i went home and watched daytime tv and had a nap.  part of the paperwork had a list of eight symptons of iron depletion.  i ticked every single one.  food cravings explained my lust for bread.  seriously i could not get enough.  i had a blood test three days prior and i asked what my iron level was - it had been 18. they said it was 54 but the doctor said that the exercise that i had been doing would give a false high and it was probably much lower.

they say it can take up to two weeks for any improvement.  i felt an improvement by friday and when i woke up on sunday i felt like my old self for the first time in two months.  it was like i flew out of bed and raced around getting organised for my ride.  it was AMAZING.  my first workout back was a swim on friday and it was great to be in the water.  i went for a 45k ride saturday morning and for the first time in months my legs actually felt tired.  weird.  it was windy towards the end and the crisis bike seat was really pissing me off and it was creaking.  this drove me nuts.  i decided to go swim on my own rather than with the squad. not quite ready for that and i need to test my ability to push things.  i had planned a run later in the day but i flaked out.  i think i got a bit too ambitious.  so while i had some energy back sunday my legs still felt fatigued.  i rode 100k on the freeway bike path.  50 of it straight into a headwind and i got a great workout done.  when i got home i thought i had some energy left to get some things organised around the house.  and i did but not before another nana nap.  so while i am feeling better (and every day it is an improvement) i would not say i am back at 100%.  however from a mental perspective then that has been incredible.  it is like a fog has lifted and everything seems easier and lighter.  i can concentrate and i want to do things.

so going forward i feel like i have neglected this blog and just done enough to keep it ticking along.  hopefully now i can get back to the fun and interesting.  wahhhooo  - i am fucking back !!!!!!  let the hard work begin.

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