Wednesday, February 29, 2012

imwa week 41 - i am fine

hallelujah - i am now fighting fit.  after THREE MONTHS of struggling every day and feeling like CRAP every day i am now well.  i have my iron back.  getting the levels checked tomorrow but i can feel they are back to normal.  the virus or bug is gone.  i got some antibiotics and killed the fucker BIG TIME.  i am so good i am almost dangerous.  i think once i am off the antibiotics i can say 100% BACK.

so in summary what is the damage to my training for busselton 70.3 ? (which happens in just under 10 weeks time btw).  over the last two months i managed to swim 38.85k - this is very bad and about half of what i should have been doing.  i had some really bad weeks with only one swim.  this was the hardest discipline to do with low iron.  i biked 1480km which is pretty good and i am happy with where i am at.  this was the easiest area to maintain.  i ran 176k and this was up and down.  the bug i had made this very difficult but i hung in there and luckily i am back on track just as the plan starts the main build.  the good news is my feet are feeling great and no problems there - touch wood.  i did the best i could and considering one week reached 13.5 hours of training and another 13.75 i think did okay.  nearly forgot the two traithlon events i managed to finish as well.  but i have to say that the last three months have been the hardest and most difficult experience i have ever encountered.  it wasnt just about the impact on training but the lack of motivation for work and life in general.  it was difficult and depressing.   to feel that unwell for that period of time fucking sucked BUT at least i recovered and for that i am grateful.  there are alot of people out there going through much worse and have no hope of getting better.  

so now i just want to get out there and get this show on the road.   sadly i still have a very neglected house and garden but that will change over the next few months.  this weekend is labour day long weekend and race four of the triseries events at rockingham.  it is a recovery week and i will not taper anymore than that.  it will just be what it is.  the bike course is flat and fast so i might just really see how fast the crisis bike can go.  i am having friday as a rest day and heading into the city to get a few inches cut off my hair.  it is getting too long again and i feel the need for a fresh start.  i will still ride with the group saturday morning as this is just fun - hard work but nice to train with people.  then in the afternoon i will have my first session back with swim smooth since early january.  i will be slow but at least i will be able to breathe.  tomorrow i am up at 4.30 am for my long run and excited that i actually now have the energy to want to do this.    i am back.

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