Sunday, January 8, 2012

IMWA Week 49 - action required

not much to report.  i am trying very hard to maintain my training but i am so fucking tired.  tired of everything.  tired of having the problem and tired of trying to fix the problem.  my iron dropt from 78 to 18 (over six months).  the normal range is 20-200.  so i have depleted iron stores.  and because my haemoglobin is also low i have iron deficiency anemia.  do not trust doctors and make sure you are the most well informed patient.  iron supplements will take months to bring your iron levels back to normal.  and eating food high in iron will just make you fat and give you one more thing to be depressed about.  the first doctor i saw thought this would be the most appropriate treatment.  i told him what i do in my spare time.  i am sure he never took me seriously.  when my normal doctor returned from holidays i went back and straight away she said she would send me off for an iron infusion.  yah my troubles would soon be over.  nope.  cant get in until february 7.  having low iron is not just about the lack of oxygen in the blood and the impact of that on your training.  if fucks with your mind like you would not believe.  you are in a constant battle to keep going.  being tired makes you tired and no matter how much you sleep you are always exhausted.  so tomorrow i am going back to my doctor to find another solution.  i cannot let this win.  i want to be happy again. 

later edit - no other solution available and any doctor who does this i cannot get in to see until late feb/march.  good health system.  so i am on the waiting list for a cancellation.  i have accepted that i will just have to suck it up and do the best i can.  what doesnt kill you will just make you stronger and all that crap.

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