Thursday, January 12, 2012

IMWA week 48 - and then comes acceptance

okay so we all know that i am due to get my iron back on february 7.  i have the ampoule's here with me.  i am counting down the days which are 25 and a wakey.  it is going to be a long 3 weeks or so but today i feel like i am getting better at dealing with it.  i do get really mad sometimes and i know it is the frustration and lack of energy.  i think if something did not go my way i could get really ticked off.  then i am having to deal with the side effects of iron supplements.  nothing that a bit of prune juice cant solve if you get the picture.  very fucking annoying.  you feel like a keg about to explode. which could be inconvenient. 

tomorrow i have sprint triathlon.  my plan is to just take it easy.  like i have a choice ha ha.   i want to fly under the radar.  i dont care where i finish.  i dont want to talk to anyone about my iron problem unless they are already in  the loop.  i dont want to drown or choke on the swim.  if i dont relax i will have trouble breathing and breast stroke might be an option.  the swim is going to be the hardest part as it is difficult to control your oxygen intake etc.  if i get overwhelmed by fatigue i will be fucked.  the key is to relax.  i have decided to use the crisis bike and just go all out on the bike.  i know that i will not get the result  if all things were normal but i do know that it is still there.    it is a very narrow bike course in some places and the race is sold out.  so alot of dangerous cowboys.  i will have to be careful.  i will try and hang on in the run.  if i stick to easy 6 min pace i should be okay.  it will be a good morale booster to finish.  it will also be a good test to see if doing the olympic distance event in two weeks is a possibility.  i am going to have to pull out of the busselton jetty swim.  it is too big a swim and my training hasnt been enough.  i really wanted to do this before ironman as it would be a huge confidence gain to have completed the swim before the event.  i might do the easier 2.2k cottesloe to swanbourne instead. 

that is pretty much it for this week.  wish me luck and btw - prune juice tastes disgusting.

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Anonymous said...

OOPS....missed this entry to wish you luck but am pleased to read you completed the race and had FUN!! Well done! Never had prune juice but i love prunes!!