Monday, January 23, 2012

IMWA week 47 - i am hanging in there

i had a great week of training.  i am still stuck doing base training but at least i am building on something.  i think back to this time last year and my legs were always tired but now i am doing more and they feel great.  my running is coming along and i have really worked on my technique in the pool.  i want some positives out of all this.  when it gets tough i keep reminding myself that it is character building.  13.5 hours for the week.  5.5k in the pool (needs to be more), 245k on the bike and 26.5k running.  mind you the house and garden are a total mess and dont ask me about anything on tv after 8.30 pm because i didnt see it. 

so this week is going to be very relaxing and very easy.  the forecast for sunday is currently 40 degrees with 28km p/h southerly winds.  this is bad.  very bad.  i really dont have a plan other than to rest up, hydrate as much as possible and come up with a plan to stay cool on the run.  i think they will need ice and sponges for the aid stations on the run.  i am tossing around some other ideas and will test them out during the week. 

i went back to my podiatrist this week and it was a very positive visit.  trying out a few different things with my shoes and so far the result has been awesome. 

i also went for my very first group ride last saturday.  mark (lbs guy) had said it was going to be a beginners group and only 30k.  so i thought great - a nice little recovery ride and an opportunity to learnt the ropes of group riding.  now that was a lie.  it was 45k and half the time hard work.  i was uncomfortable having to trust the riders in front and it was very strange having to worry about things other than yourself.  but i really liked how the ride kept you honest and no slacking off.  i LOVED the fact that i wasnt riding the same bloody course.  new roads and some hills.  this i will be doing again.  it was also very nice to be with people and i was very dissappointed that i had to rush off and could not enjoy my first post ride coffee shop hang out. 

only 14 sleeps to iron day.  the end is in sight.  on every run i go past a new park they have built.  it is based around a big hill that has three access points.  a nice set of stone steps, a set of logs to make steps and a flat pathway.  i am looking forward to the day i can bust my butt running up and down the three of them.

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