Thursday, December 15, 2011

IMWA Week 52 - bite me non-believers

so the countdown begins.  i have gotten over the enormity of this decision.  which is easy to do when the actual event is a year away.

in recent weeks i have tossed around the idea of getting some level of coaching.  as usual if i am going to do this i want to do it right and give it my best shot.  but as i suspected the ones who are interested just want your money and the ones you want dont want you because you are too old and slow.  you are not worth putting on their resumes.  i get it.  so one more thing i have to do on my own.

i have stumbled upon a very good motivating tool.  everytime i dont want to get out of bed or think it is too hard or i lose sight of the big picture i am going to think of all the people who have ever doubted me or put me down.  i know who you are and i have never been sure why you didnt believe in me.  i know people get jealous of other peoples  achievements and to put that person down makes them feel better.  satisfies their lack of whatever.  you really should just be happy for the person.  ANYWAY - i am going to think of your pussy-arsed attitude everytime these friggin legs are hurting.   

lack of iron update - rang today to get my tests results and the girl said that they were normal and no action was required.  well i didnt believe her so i asked if i could get a copy.  she could not email it but i could pick a copy up or have it posted.  so i drove 30 minutes in the friggin heat and crappy traffic.  receptionists cannot be trusted.  my haemoglobin is 'quite low' and the Fe studies are not yet in.  the doctor dude wants to see me again.  fuck.  this is bad because the principal function of haemoglobin is to combine and transport oxygen from the lungs following inhalation, and then deliver it to all body tissues, where it is required to provide energy for the chemical reactions of all living cells. carbon dioxide (produced as the waste product of these reactions) is transported to the lungs in the blood and is then released when we exhale. i need a normal Hb in order to swim, bike and run.  if it is due to an iron deficiency then i can get infused.  i am not sure what the plan will be if it is anemia.   


Anonymous said...

who is the non-believer putting you down? People that make nasty comments to people do it to make themselves feel better so you are right.
As for the Iron situation...i thought lack of iron could also mean anemia. your iron is normal so why do you think it might be anemia? is the fe study for iron?

When will have the rest of the info and how low was your BP? or do you just have veins that roll?

Keep me updated, this sucks.

Anonymous said...

oh low Hemoglobin, if low enough could mean anemia.

Anonymous said...

OK so i was wondering why i thought low iron could mean anemia. i guess it was something i just knew but anyhow anemia can be due to low iron but your iron is good. It can also be from low b12 and a few other things i forget already. so basically anemia is secondary to something else and once the dr can figure that out then you can get the anemia under control. I know b12 shots are the bomb!!

i hope this is all explained and fixed by something simple.

jenez_world said...

my fe studies or iron results have not yet come in. there is a difference between iron deficiency and anemia and anemia is usually something more than just low iron stores. my bp was 90/50.

gojovincenzo said...

Hey, it is vjohnson from the trifuel site. If you are looking for a coach, lets talk!! I, like you, can't believe the cost!!! I can help you out. An IM should be a memorable, positive experience, in which you race to your potential. Give me a shout if your interested,, if not I can't wait to hear how your swim smooth session went