Friday, December 23, 2011

IMWA week 51 - no one said it was going to be easy

on the health front it is not the best news.  i do have low iron which has caused problems with my haemoglobin.  it is too low and trying madly to recover.  lots of immature blood cells apparently.  both are not low enough to warrant an iron infusion or blood transfusion.  while i should be happy about that i am not because i will have to let my body do its thing and that will take time.  so i am still taking a tonne of supplements and eating food that is high in iron.  i have to be careful that i dont eat too much and end up fat.  i have to admit that when the doctor spoke to me and said that nothing could be done i was not happy.  in fact i have been miserable ever since. 

i guess the only good news is that i will probably clock up close to 10 hours training this week.  it has been very hard and would not be possible if i was working.  being on holidays i can rest.  but i am not getting much else done and the house and garden need attention - badly.  yesterday was a very bad day and i was totally exhausted.  i am extremely positive person but this is testing me.

and then there is christmas.  i can hardly wait until it is over.  i have spent far more alone than with family so i usually am okay with it.  but for some reason this year it bothers me.  kym - you dont need to comment because i know if we were in same country it would be different.  being single should not make my family responsible for what happens to me.  since my brother was married 25 years ago he has spent every christmas with my sister-in-laws family. even when i have stayed over night xmas eve so i could see my niece and nephew i have never been asked to join them.  i tried going overseas at xmas time and that was fun.  mum and dad are on their own and after eating an atrocious meal (mum cannot cook) they just have a nap and watch tv.  although they have started going to my cousins house.  i really do not like her and it is probably mutual.  i would rather have my teeth pulled.  i have never had a big xmas at my house or cooked and prepared a xmas feast.  i have thought about it but i live two hours away and i dont think anyone would want to come here.    i will probably take the crisis bike (i do buy myself the most excellent gifts!) for a nice long ride to the beach and if i dont need a nap then i may get some work done in the garden.  ho ho ho !


Anonymous said...

It does make me sad that you can't spend every Christmas with us. The one that you did was the VERY BEST ever for us. Altho I have Tom and Lucas I always get a little sad to not have "MY" Family around. always have and always will. Can't say I could do Xmas with Robyn and Helen etc either. I like Robyn well enough but not to spend Xmas with so can understand why you would not wish to do that.

Mum cant cook among other things but maybe after i take care of their place you could go there next year and cook the Xmas feast? It's an idea. Or you could come here?

As Lucas will be here tomorrow Xmas eve about 9pm I am doing all my cooking the 24th for a change. dont know why i have never thought of that before. Less stress on Xmas Day. Susan and Pete are stoppig by to exhchange gifts.

yes Stuart and Sue have always gone to her Mom's and doubt they would have ever done different if I had lived there all this time.

Tom's Brother was here and he mentioned how bad he hated Xmas for many of the reasons you stated. He will go to his Parents but he is not that excited about the whole deal. MIL has a cold and FIL mailed us all to tell us about it and how they went to Urgent Care...for a cold? they gave her stuff u can but at the pharmacy. Maybe she needs some Xmas attention:) Poor Mark.

I am sorry they can't fix your Iron and HB. It would be a frustrating thing to deal with so i get why you are upset. Try to rest and dont worry about house/ will be there tomorrow.

My most exciting part of Xmas this year is to see Lucas.

jenez_world said...

thanks dude. i am lucky to have you, thom and lucas. dont stress out too much and enjoy the day !