Saturday, December 31, 2011

IMWA Week 50 - Alis Volat Propriis

she flies with her own wings.  that is going to be my motto for 2012.  tomorrow i am heading out early on a  long ride to the beach. i am planning on enjoying it as much as i did last week and this will bring my weekly training hours past 11 for the week.  i had a bad day on wednesday and just slept.  i am trying to figure why some days are so much worse than others.   

anyway i have had plenty of thinking time and i have come to some conclusions.  firstly i love training.  i really enjoy it.  i dont know if it is so much the training or the fact that i just love swimming, biking and running.  i could train and not compete and i would be happy.  secondly i have decided that i really prefer the longer distance events.  when i first started out i entered every event around and raced alot.  most of them were sprint distance and for my level of fitness they were perfect.  i actually miss the casual nature of the events at the power station and point walter.  when it was just about finishing rather than where you placed.  what i have decided is that i really have no current interest in the shorter events.  and finally i read an article the other week about how if you want to track your progress you should focus on you and the clock rather than whether you get on the podium or what other people are doing.  the podium is no good because you might be racing a weak field (and i have medals to prove it).   other people take your focus from what you should be doing and you start thinking more about their training and what they are doing etc.  funnily enough the only comment to this article was to ask what chrisse wellington was doing ?  duh !  so this leads me to a realisation that i enjoy events more when i dont know anyone.  it is just me, the clock and my targets. so my goals for 2012 will be to set my own PB against the clock and where i come in the field will be irrelevant.  my results pages will change.  when it comes down to it i am not suited to the individual competitive nature of triathlon.  i just wanted to do it because i love the discipline and challenge, i love swimming, biking and running and i wanted to make new friends.  and maybe i like wearing lycra alot.  why can it not be that simple. and fun.  and just for the hell of it.  my training will reflect this new approach. 

my other big wish for 2012 (besides improving my time at busselton 70.3 and finishing at 140.6) is to find a new job.  i am either going to look for another senior role or i am going to think about going in a completely different direction.  i have to do something and i have to be serious about it.  i need to put in just as much effort on this as i do triathlon.  maybe i will win lotto.  wishing.  the other big issue is my house.  it needs work - nothing major but i am a perfectionist.  but i have decided that most things i can maintain for another year and once i have given my everything to the 140.6 i will promise to take time off and do it all.

so i guess that is it for 2012.  a new approach and a more relaxed view.  happy new year.

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