Thursday, December 8, 2011

i have gone and done it now

i know in the past i have talked about the various things i would like to do or the events i would like to enter.  and i am well aware that i dont always stick to the plan.  next year i was hoping to finish another 70.3 at busselton and then visit my sister in the states followed by another 70.3 at port macquarie in november.  this would then be followed by the 140.6 challenge cairns in july 2013.  so what has changed ?  mainly work is too unpredictable.  it is a big risk to hand over the cash (and there is very little of that), do the training and then not be able to travel/go. 

i had decided against ironman western australia because it would mean training through winter and in someways i wanted to be different and take a chance on another course.  but at 8.15 am this morning i found myself nervously trying to log on and register for 2012.  it sold out in less than an hour.  but i got through and i am doing an ironman in 52 weeks.  yah !  OMG.  fuck.  i have already had moments when i am crapping myself.  so why the change of heart ?  well firstly it is local - no travel and i know the course.  i will have two 70.3's under my belt on the course and completed the full swim course when i do the busselton jetty swim in february.  i think i will have enough stress without worrying about travel arrangements and flights etc.  i want to do a 140.6 in 2012.  it is the year of the dragon and i am a dragon so the planets are aligned.  i want to have it out the way before i am 50.  i will be 48.5.  i need to get this done. it needs to get ticked off the bucket list so i will know if i want to do more or will i be happy with doing lots of different events eg - xterra, mtb etc. 

the interesting part is that very few people think that i can actually do it.  when i tell people the response tends to be along the lines of 'do i understand what is involved (alot more than what they fucking do) and do i honestly believe that i am capable of doing it ?'.  it appears that i am one of a select few that believe i can.  i dont understand why anyone would think this.  so far i have not failed at anything i have set out to do.  this is a massive challenge but if i do the right training and get the preparation organised then i have every chance of success.  it is amazing what the body can do.  but i guess at least the most important person believes (me) and now i have a point to prove.  i am going to quietly go about my business.  i dont need negative people freaking me out.

this is really going to be worth a new tattoo.

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