Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the girl has no iron

things are not good in jenez world.  the week following my long ride on the new crisis bike i became extremely tired.  i took a few days off hoping that this would solve the problem.  last thursday i went for a run but i couldnt make it around the block.  i was short of breath and just felt like crap.  the next few days i would plan to do something but then i would just bail on it.  saturday i rode 20k on the road bike and it felt like a 100.  i wanted to get off and walk the bike home.  so i slept thinking that this would solve all my problems.  i was worried that i had finally over trained myself.  then i would wake in the middle of the night unable to sleep and with restless legs.  sunday i only managed a 30k ride and it was hard work.  at this stage my last swim was a week ago.  i kept making plans to go to the pool (and i have done this all week) and then bailed out at the last minute.   i rested again and then headed out for a 5k run on tuesday.  i made it to 3.5k and i only just kept up with the fat girl running ahead of me.  i was now also depressed.  any exertion left me breathless.

so at this point i was very worried but after consulting google i had a pretty good idea what was wrong.  i have no iron or very low iron supplies.  all the symptoms are there.  i read alot about triathlon and this is one topic that doesnt come up often and yet it is so fucking important.  iron transports oxygen in the blood and in the muscles.  inadequate iron in the body can impair aerobic metabolism by decreasing the delivery of oxygen to tissues and reducing the capacity of muscles to use oxygen for the oxidative production of energy.  which in layman's terms means i am fucked.  it can takes weeks or even months to recover.  i would not wish this on anyone.  if you hurt your foot you might not be able to run but you can still bike and swim.  this does not let you do anything.

so today i went back to the quack doctor and it was determined that perhaps i should be a doctor.   i was sent off for a blood test to determine iron, HG, B12 and folate levels etc  - not that i can afford to give any of the stuff away.   as it turns out it was a bit of a task to get the blood out of me - very low blood pressure so they stuck me twice.  in the meantime i am now an expert on inadequate iron levels.  i am taking spatone everyday with fresh juice - vitamin c is the bomb for absorption of iron.  i am also taking tablets and drinking a daily berocca.  my diet has changed over night.  red meat every day - but very lean.  the tannin in wine and tea is bad.  lucky i dont drink tea :).  i have taken to drinking Guinness - to be sure.  it is quite interesting which foods work and which ones dont.  there are heme types (red meat, liver etc) and non-heme (spinach - depending how you cook it, beetroot etc).  then there are inhibitor type foods - tannin, calcium etc and of course foods that increase absorption - namely vitamin c.  bit if a dilemma when it comes to breakfast.  i have iron boosted cereal with yoghurt. 

the prognosis - i find out friday what my levels are.  if they are bad i will demand that i am immediately infused with iron.  this has risks but i dont give a fuck.  i must swim, bike and run.  they dont really know but i will not wait weeks to recover from this.  i REFUSE to allow this to happen.  the good news is that i feel much better today.  i will feel even better tomorrow as i go on holidays until the new year.  the bad news is that i will not race this weekend in the opening event for Triseries competition.  this is not what i had hoped for but i will not blow the whole year on one race.  i am learning to think of the big picture.  stay tuned. 



trifitmom said...

i am so sorry. i do know plenty of folks who had to get infused.

jenez_world said...

thanks. i am trying to stay positive.