Monday, December 5, 2011

a crisis bike and a rotto swim

i feel like crap today and have done for the last week or so.  train one day feel like shit the next.  i am over it.  i did not think i would make it to work today but here i am.  went and had my echo cardiogram last week and will find out the results tomorrow.  they did say at the time that everything looked normal. 

i have my new bike.  now you would think that this would be a time of much excitement and celebration but for some reason i didnt feel great about it.  i felt guilty and a little embarrassed by it.  when i gave it some thought i realised the guilt is because in these troubled times spending that much money on a bike just seems irresponsible and excessive.  this purchase broke the triathlon fund completely.  then i realised that in some ways the bike is my mid life crisis.  it just feels a little ridiculous that a 47 year old middle aged woman should own a bike like this one.  like the guy who goes out and buys the sports car that is totally age inappropriate.  but perhaps the difference here will be that i will ride it and i will make sure that it is used for the purpose it is intended.  hopefully i will do it justice.  in the meantime this bike will be referred to as the crisis bike.  i have had the seat changed to a fizik (part of the deal and the one in this pic is ugly)  and over the next few weeks i will slowly lower the bars as i adjust to a more aero position. 

i had a few short rides during the week but yesterday i took the crisis out for a much longer ride and in hot and windy conditions.  it was friggin  awesome.  i really thought i would struggle and be a bit scaredy cat being aero but it was so much easier riding into the wind and the cross winds were okay.  i also thought that i would be uncomfortable after my first 45k lap.  this bike fits me better than my roadie.  my shoulders never ached once.  they always ache on the roadie.  i think the seat needs to come up a fraction.  this bike is fast but sometimes it feels faster than i can ride it so i need to do the work to do it justice.   yesterday i surprised myself just how quickly i adapted to riding it - i thought i would have to change bikes for the second lap.  i would not recommend someone buy a bike like this without experience and without owning a road bike as well.   i rode 90k and i love my crisis.

This was not the location of the swim ! Pity.....
on saturday i got the fast ferry over to rottnest island for the rotto swim thru.  an open water 1600m (or one mile) event put on every year by a local surf club.  speedy pip talked me into this and while i didnt have the best swim the beer was awesome and the company excellent.  i cannot believe this was only my second visit to the island.  what a wonderful place that most west aussies know as a second home.  it was very hot and the flies were sticky little bugars that did not taste good.  the water was quite cool and i was having a bad day.  i did not feel like swimming.  i was not well.  i was in the third wave with an estimated time of 30 minutes - which i did do last year at the cottesloe classic mile.  no wetsuits allowed - or if you did wear them you were not eligible for the cash prize.  it was my favourite deep water start so i was well adjusted to the temp by the time the hooter went.  it was choppy from beginning to end.  normally you think that if you have it rough one way you will get a break the other way.  no such luck.  i went off course a bit and wasted too much time sighting.  it was fucking ridiculous.  i would swim 20 meters and then check to see if i was any closer.  after the turn around i gave myself a few scares swimming through seaweed and thinking jaws was coming to get me.  hard not to when we have had two fatal attacks in the last few months.  it took forever to get close to the groin and the last turn.  by then i realised that i was not making any effort and had not given any thought to actually applying some sort of open water skill.  a few times i had a very feeble attempt at drafting but the feet just swam away or they were even slower than me.  in the final section to  the beach i did remember to use my legs and i actually sighted in what for me was the correct technique.  i have to stop making excuses and yes the swim was rough, the times were slower than normal and i wasnt feeling great.  i dont think i gave it my best effort and that is what pisses me off the most.  i think i can do better but i need to believe i can.  for the first time i actually felt light headed and weak in the legs when i stood up out of the water and it was like that for awhile after.  it really wasnt my day. 



Anonymous said...

the bike is very cool and did you name it crisis? I cant believe that was your 2nd time to Rotto so was the time you went with Lucas and I your first? I swear you had been before that.

so are you skipping Brisbane now? Also is an Ironman double the 70.3? Totally you can do it.

Dad told me about the latest shark attack...scary stuff.

when in 2012 are you coming here? I forget, i need to tell Tom so he can get work off. I need to think what i want for a new Tattoo!!


jenez_world said...

first trip was with you and lucas ! how crazy is that. yep brisbane is no longer part of the planand ironman is double 70.3 (140.6). yikes !
we had one guy taken off cottesloe and all they found was his speedos and another 1km off rotto - diving and his remains floated up to the surface and to the boat where his mates were !! other sightings have been 3-5km off the coast. i will now have to defer my visit until 2013. lots of time to think about a tattoo.

Anonymous said...

OK gotcha on everything trip/race wise. Yes you told me about the speedo's "only left" guy and Dad told me about some others. Sharks are hungry!!

This sucks about the Iron. did they take your BP or did you assume it was low due to small veins? I am on stand by to hear about the results of the tests. Hoping it is not too serious.