Thursday, November 10, 2011

which is the best photo ?

i usually do not like photos of myself.  most of the time i just dont look the same in photos as i do in person.  triathlon and event photos can be pot luck.  mountain bike photos are difficult and most of the time they set themselves up at a difficult spot and i really dont want a picture of myself pushing the bike.  however i think these photos are excellent and not just because i happen to look okay for once.  they have been taken by someone who has given it more thought and skill than the normal weekend hack photographer.  i really want to get these printed and was thinking of perhaps getting a decent size one.  however for different reasons i cannot make up my mind which one i like the most so since the voting gadget did not work leave a comment and let me know your choice !

day one - thru the bushes

day three - action jeni

day four - geographe bay

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Anonymous said...

They are all good but i love the first one best!!