Sunday, November 20, 2011

bunberri classic od race report 2011

this was a great day out and i had an awesome time.  i was a little worried with my training and recovery / repair time and i did not feel like i was fresh and full of beans.  i felt under done and under prepared.  this was going to be my second race at the olympic distance.  i was very concerned about the swim and everyone was having a great fun telling me shark stories.  my plan was to swim fast. 

i drove down to bunbury late saturday and had a terrible nights sleep.  kept waking up all the time and even when i may have been asleep it felt like i was awake.  i really cannot complain about the bed as it was mine and i gave it to the folks so i could sleep in it when i visited.  it is just way too soft and i paid for it on the bike. 

it was so nice only having a 15 minute drive to an event.  weather was going to be great although the wind was a bit fresh.  dad came down to watch and this course is perfect for the spectator.  you can walk down and watch the swim or move up to the boardwalk and get a birds eye view.  the bike course is six laps so you see everyone ride by on a regular basis and the run is two laps.  

i was amazed that i felt good before the swim.  none of the usual i think i want to throw up vibe.  got my wetsuit on and headed down to the beach.  it is about a 300m walk.  had a chat to dad and then moved off as i was in the third wave.  had a bit of a warm up and the water was murky and a little chilly.  the girls looked like serious competitors - probably having a last hit out before busselton ironman.  it was a waist deep start and i started at the back.  damn it was a fast start.  the front girls just took off.  this was one of my better starts and first back in the open water since may.  i still struggled to breathe and took a few moments trying to relax and float for a few seconds.  i made a real effort to breathe out strong but no matter how hard it was still quite shallow.  it was quite choppy on the way out to the first buoy and then easier back in for the first lap.  by the time i turned for the second lap i was breathing fine and trying to find someone to draught off but i kept swimming past them or they were terrible at keeping things straight.  i saw one girl turn at the middle buoy and it would have been quite a swim to get back on track.  during the last section i targeted people and picked them off.  i was really enjoying things.  raced out of the water, yelled out to dad and had a nice chat with a girl during the long run back over to transition. 

struggle to get the wetsuit off.  onto the bike course for six laps with a headwind on the way out and with the wind or a cross wind on the way back in.  i dont think my legs are fresh after cape to cape and riding 90k every weekend prior probably did not help either.  but i thought i would just put my head down and pedal.  i could feel that my lower back was going to be a problem and i hoped that it would hang on until after the bike.  during the last lap it was incredibly painful and i kept trying to stretch it out and telling myself to htfu and it would be okay once i got off the bike.

so i am on my third lap and heading into wind.  i come up next to a person i knew and just as i got my wheel in front two other riders come up as well as the officials on their motorbike.  they call my number and one of the two riders for drafting.  i was shocked and really didnt understand whether i was getting a warning or a penalty.  i had no idea what the other two riders had been doing and had not heard them behind me.  we had just turned a corner 20 metres back.  i thought that perhaps i had got a warning for taking too long to pass the guy next to me (who did not move back at all and i have to mention is good mates with the official who pinged me).  i was not happy at all.  i do not draft and do not like it when i see people doing it.  if i took too long to pass then fair enough.   i probably did not have the legs to do it quickly enough into the headwind and that could have been my mistake.   but i was not drafting.  when i tell people it feels like i am trying to convince people i am innocent but no one believes me.  your honour - really i didnt do it !!

this really upset me.  i slowed down and i lost time and then i did not know if i had a penalty or a warning.   for a moment i thought my race was over.  strangely after the incident i never had anyone around me again and i never past anyone either.  it was very quiet and lonely and my back was killing me and i was still fretting about what to do.  some more officials came by - different ones and i had a chat to them.  confirmed that i serve the penalty at the end of the bike.  more time lost.  at the end i stop at the dismount area and the official starts my two minute penalty.  i had a chat to her about the rules and even though i asked it ended up being longer than 2 minutes.  she told me that one guy gets caught all the time and he just figures it into his race time.  so wrong.  anyway this is a lesson learnt to be aware of your surroundings at all times.  you might be doing the right thing but it will not always look like that.

so finally onto the run and this is a nice course.  a 5k loop around the inlet and the scenery changes quite a bit.  i enjoyed running over the wooden walk way.  first lap people were still out there finishing up their second lap so it wasnt quite so lonely.  as i came around for my second lap saw dad and yelled out.  the legs felt good and i was on track to run the 10k under 60 minutes.   i slowed down a bit at the 6k mark but picked it up and came in at 57.42.  i was very happy with this.  i even ran past three people and no one ran past me.  for awhile i thought i was dead fucking last but as it turns out there were quite a few people behind me.

so even with my bike problems i managed to come in under three hours at 2.59.28 - just !!  my swim time was 35.27 and includes the 300m run to transition and T1.  i take too long in transition so my swim was probably close to being under 30 minutes.  the official bike time is 1.26.18 and includes my penalty and T2.  my garmin tells me my bike moving time was 1.19.12  and total time 1.22.22.  so my penalty was 3 minutes and not 2 as required.  there were five in my age group and i came fifth.  90 seconds behind fourth and 9 minutes down on third.  i can take comfort that if this did not happen my bike result would have been encouraging.

i am extremely stoked with my results.  i think it has more to do with just where i am at.  to be able to race at this distance and be comfortable - who would have ever imagined that !  and this was a fun race regardless of my penalty.   i am now taking this week off.  the only training session will be with mr swim smooth on saturday.  i am really enjoying the break too.  i have to attack the garden this weekend.  then it will be two weeks of solid training, a taper week and then the first race of the TriSeries events.  whoo hoo bring it on !!

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