Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the realities of open water swimming

i swim at this beach for training as well as open water swim races and triathlon.  my saturday swim group from swim smooth was down there the last two saturdays.  i didnt go because i believe it is still too early in the migration of the whales and the sharks that follow them along the coast.  wearing wetsuits would only assist in making us look like a pack of seals. 

when i heard that a swimmer was missing at cottesloe i said straight away that a shark had taken him.  they reported he swam everyday so he was a strong swimmer but even if he got into trouble they would have found him pretty quickly.  no one saw it happen.  he was 300m off shore which is a fair distance.  what is strange is that shark attacks in perth have only happened at cottesloe and not any other beach.  might have something to do with the reef. 

it must be terrible for his family. they have accepted that it was a shark and that he died doing what he loved.   for the rest of us it is scary and  frightening to let your imagination run wild.

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